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  1. Name - Chaghatai Khan Position - RB Ht - 178 cm Wt - 74 kg Hair color - black Foot - right Birthday - 9/15 Attributes at 20 - natural fitness, stamina, crossing
  2. IIRC the research guidelines states something like this. A player with value x for consistency will play x games out of 25 at full CA, and the rest at on average 10 CA lower (with random offsets up or down for individual games). Physical attributes should not be lowered though. I tend to think of the 10 CA points as a decrease of 1 point in every mental and technical attribute. That's not entirely accurate, but it's the best intuitive approximation I have.
  3. Made a quick check on the relation between the PA descriptions in the scout reports and the actual PA values. It does not match perfectly, but it seems to me that the descriptions reveal quite a lot. 1. Albert Lamour - 152 Star PL 2. Ander Iturraspe - 150 Star PL 3. Lothar Schuster - 159 Star PL 4. Ourdy Kitoko - 154 Star PL 5. Steven La Rosa - 162 World Class 6. Eduardo Inglese - 183 World Class 7. Frank Rober - 153 Star PL 8. Seb Geyer - 157 Star PL 9. Roberto Alinovi - 183 World Class 10. Michele Desideri - 149 Star PL 11. Guus van Grinsven - 155 World Class 12. Jason Duran - 153 Star PL 13. Kevin Schmid - 165 Star PL 14. Marcel Harrer - 139 Star PL 15. Marius Augustin - 175 World Class 16. Lars Barth - 163 Star PL
  4. It was claimed that PA does not affect asking price for players. By making exact duplicates who only differ in PA, you can isolate the effect that PA actually has on it (and it turns out it is huge). I have many times seen post that suggest that PA doesn't even affect PPA, that its only function is to limit CA growth and so on, but it seems that this isn't really the case. Of course reputation has a huge influence on asking price, as does for example contract details and the database-set transfer values you can find for each country in the editor. I've never claimed that PA solely determines asking price. To test some of your assumptions I made 3 duplicates of Denis Suárez, all with PA 200. One with his normal rep values and left in Barcelona, one with all rep values set to 1 and also left in Barcelona, and the last also with all rep values set to 1 but contracted to Mighty Barolles (a Liberian club). Scouting them with Ramón Martínez (HOYD of Real Madrid with 20 JPA/JPP), they all were rated as having 5 star potential (and 1.5 star ability). It does not seem that reputation plays a big role in the calculation of those numbers. Of course scouts in the game would have a harder time finding the Liberia based one and he would be way cheaper (free actually since it's an amateur club). =) It's true that young players with very high CA will tend to have their PA overestimated by staff, but generally it seems that PA is much more important than CA in the PPA calculation. Look at this for example: These are 9 duplicates of Adnan Januzaj with CA's and PA's corresponding to first and last name, respectively. Of the PA 200 players, the CA 110 one has a slightly lower PPA, probably because the assman thinks that the 90 point gap will be hard to close. But otherwise, the link between PA and PPA is very clear, whereas there is no clear link between CA and PPA. (Although the 110/180 probably has a slightly lower PPA than the two other PA 180's, because he is claimed to be a potential PL star player, whereas the two others are seen as potentially world class.) Sorry for the long and possibly sprawling post, and for not really being on topic. I think the CA/PA system is fine. =)
  5. They were all contracted to the same club, but they had a few 0 entries (personality, most of the hidden player attributes, all positions except their natural as STC). This was lazy of me, but I felt pretty confident it wouldn't make a big difference. I have now redone it with these attributes filled in the same for all five, and the results are pretty much the same (650-950K, 7.5-9.75M, 17-23M, 31-41M, not for sale, going from the lowest PA to the highest).
  6. Perhaps I'm dense, but I don't really get what you mean? In my example PA is the only real difference between the players (out of the numbers we can set in the editor, at least), and it makes a huge difference in terms of asking price. Unless I'm misunderstanding Alex' post, this is clearly in contradiction to the statement that PA doesn't affect asking price, even if the system doesn't know the actual PA completely but rather uses a PPA number derived from it and other factors.
  7. If that's the case, then how come I'm seeing this: The scouted players are five duplicates of a 19 year old CA 84 player on whom I have used the editor to set PA's corresponding to the numbers they have as names.
  8. His weak foot is rated 12, positions are: SW (20), CD (20), STC (12). Versatility, Consistency and Important Matches are maxed, as are all personality attributes except controversy. Injury proneness and dirtiness are 1. The attribute and position distribution is not that thought out and certainly far from optimal. Actually it was a clear mistake to have a positional value for SW added because without it his RCA (the CA corresponding to the attributes) is just 71. With more carefully considered attributes and a tactic made by someone like Cleon (I played him as advanved forward in the game's default 4-4-2 tactic with no adaptions whatsoever) I think the results could be even more impressive by far. Perhaps this abuse of the attribute weighting system is a bit silly because neither the game nor the data researchers creates pathological players like this, but I do think there is something slightly hilarious with having a CA 85 (or 71) central defender who is the most lethal striker of the EPL... I have also played around a little with creating a similar monster central defender. Here I find that it seems advantageous to set postions in the AM strata as natural. STC seems to be slightly worse, because Jumping and Heading have high weights for strikers.
  9. Actually, the difference between 1 and 20 in tackling for a pure striker in FM14 is about 2 CA points - similar to 1 point (out of 20) for his weaker foot and probably less than 1 point of acceleration. It's practically more or less a free attribute for them. ------------------------------------------------------------ Continuing my experimenting with abusing the system with positional attribute weightings to create low CA players with monstrous key attributes, I have now managed to use the editor to create a CA/PA 85 player who became the top scorer of the English Premier League with 29 goals in 36 games in my first test season with him.
  10. Off the ball is an unweighted attribute for goalkeepers. It "costs" no CA points at all for them. Generally, attributes that are not very important for a specific position will have a low CA cost for players in that position, e.g. marking is cheap for strikers and finishing is cheap for central defenders. Unless several of the "unneccesary" attributes are high, it's unlikely they will take up large amounts of CA. Of course, having e.g. a striker who is strong defensively is beneficial, so even then the extra cost may be worth it.
  11. I have on the other hand experimented a bit with low CA players with some extremely high key attributes. My main idea was that attacking attributes have very low weights for players natural in defending positions, so that natural defenders competent as attackers may possess extremely high attacking attributes while having a relatively low CA. So I created a CA 50 natural sweeper/DC with a rating of 12 as striker. By putting all defensive attributes to 1, I was able to max dribbling, finishing, composure, off the ball, penalties, free kicks as well as to put pace and acceleration very high. Naturally I maxed versatiliy and the other beneficial hidden attributes. I also gave the player a bunch of PPM:s I thought would be useful for scoring. The result? 29 goals in 30 matches in the second highest league in Sweden (English League 2 quality or so) as advanced forward in a rather unoptimized 4-4-2 tactic, and an average rating of 7.44. The second highest scorer was a CA 100 player (typical level for top strikers in this league), who scored 19 goals. Of course this was a very pathological player and another extreme experiment, but I do think it indicates that attributes alone sometimes really do matter.
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