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  1. I have tried to find if there is a similar request but couldn't find it, currently I am trying to play a game more based on stats instead of attributes and one big problem that I face in such a career is that most of the stats of a player is deleted after the season is over. That means I have to determine my transfers as early as April. I think being able to search for the past year or past few years would be very useful in that regard. Also I think game could use a lot more advanced stats but I don't have specific ones in mind.
  2. after the new update, I get a black screen when trying to open up the game. I've done what has been suggested in this topic, after deleting the dll files now i get this ( https://gyazo.com/c8e9d48d8fbc60e1a153b2edd4bb8292 ) error and I don't even get to the black screen. What should I do? Thanks.
  3. Yeah that's what I am thinking, wm's sitting narrow and cutting inside could help me i hope.
  4. I manage a small club so i wanted to make use of my wingers the most. Also i thought it would be a good idea to challange opp. defence in a different way ( like a strikerless tactic)
  5. I am aiming to develop a tactical system which I have 3 players on the each wings (wb-wm-if if possible) and a ss to strike from the middle. What are your thoughts? How applicable is that? Would 2 IF+SS be enough to create scoring threats?
  6. I didn't post it to bugs forum as I don't have the game or any ss with me but my CHAIRMAN has just been transferred to another club and I can't make any board request (even changing budgets) until next election which is 2 years later. Did this happened to you?
  7. Newest patch with automatic reputation. I was regional in the beginning, then became national after promotion.
  8. I'm trying to do a journeyman game, I got promoted and resigned. Now I have a National reputation, I have applied to every possible job but none of the clubs were interested in me. How it is determined? Edit: in every apply, I receive the answer "laugh off interest"
  9. 1-Agents of Managers I think managers should also have an agent. Our agent changes with our current reputation(you wont have the right to choose your agent, otherwise it would be complex.) For example you can tell your agent "find me a club in england" or "find me a first division club" 2-More useful Director of Football You should be able to say your DoF "find me a central defender" or "our target should be signing young players". In this version DoF tries to make some random transfers. 3-More options in match Just like being aggressive in press conference, you may want to be aggressive during match and like serving a touchline ban, you could be kicked out of game for being too aggressive to referee and make your team more passionate.
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