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  1. Is this one under review? Still sore that my cup dreams were over because Dubravka took a pen when it should have been Wilson.
  2. Would there be this number of journalists at a Scottish League 2 pre-match press conference?
  3. Screenshot supplied, Blackburn had a player sent-off, rather than the 11th penalty going back to my striker after Armstrong had missed his second penalty of the shoot-out, it went to my goalkeeper instead of back to Wilson.
  4. I've never had this, but just had a shoot-out where the opposition had a player sent-off and instead of after 10 pens each it goes back to my first taker, it went to my goalkeeper while it went to their first-choice which has probably knocked me out of the FA Cup.
  5. This is what I was coming on for, loving the game so far, but you can’t work out anything from that graphic at all.
  6. Hi, can you be promoted from within on this? I started unemployed before taking over at Cadiz B. If you impress and the first team manager is sacked or leaves, is there anything within the game weighted to increase the chance that you’ll be promoted to the first team squad or is it just the same as being picked up elsewhere?
  7. Hi, not sure if this is feedback or a suggestion, but almost every pre-season schedule when you start a new game, you seem to go on a Pre-Season tour somewhere, come back home and play some friendlies at home or elsewhere, then the final friendly before the season starts you end up back in the country you've been on tour in.
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