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  1. In the last few editions of the game for some reason I've gravitated towards a first save with Sunderland. It's usually a fairly slow burner, having to dump all the overpaid rubbish out of the squad and slowly replace them, but this time it's started off pretty well (much to my surprise). The board only have a play-off place as my expectation, so unless my current run of picking up injuries manages to completely derail things then I reckon we should be well on course to achieve that. Best result so far came in the Carabao Cup though, winning 1-0 away at Leicester in the fourth round (the prize
  2. Howdy. Just bought FM18 so figured I'd stick my head round the door and say hello. Nice to see the old place still going.
  3. Sorry to hear that, mate. It's that much more shocking when something so seemingly trivial and second nature is taken away and becomes a struggle. Hope he makes a good recovery.
  4. There can be only one true choice. Sherwood for England.
  5. A good friend of mine is an Oxford fan. Delighted for him.
  6. I got sacked recently, took over a club, drew my first game then lost 11 on the bounce. I've been sacked a lot on both CM and FM. I'm generally quite rubbish with occasional interludes of success.
  7. Yeah, Blair Walsh's field goal miss was prime Newcastle.
  8. Must admit, I laughed when Norwich scored the winner. I love Rafa Benitez and I did hope he could turn them around (and relegate Sam Allardyce in the process) but that club will never work properly or have anything even close to success until Mike Ashley leaves. They're an absolute shambles and it looks like most of the players aren't that bothered, knowing they'll likely get moves away in the summer.
  9. I was at Anfield last night and, let me tell you, that was a special night. A proper European night atmosphere. It helped that Manchester United were rubbish. Without David De Gea - who may well go on to be one of the very best goalkeepers I've seen play the game - they would be in serious trouble this season. Liverpool could have easily won by four or five in that game and it wouldn't have flattered them. I'm also strongly considering legally changing my name to Emre Can. The man is that much of a hero.
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