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  1. @Experienced Defender i have deleted the game. it was broken and the tactic is also gone. i start a new save with another club. but thanks for the help
  2. Season 20/21 The season is over an we done it! we won simply every trophy we could. So i am a proud man! As u can se on the picture, we was lucky to win the title. 4-4 against Real, 4-4 against Liverpool and then win on penalty. 2-2 in the final and again win on penalty. that was a tough one! Now i need to look on the team, and think where i can upgrade my team.
  3. Season 19/20. We end up winning the league and the Tim Cup. I was not expecting that, but we only lost 1 game the whole season, and 6 draws. It was a very good allround performance. I end up winning the manager of the year, so i am very happy. I am exciting to get to the new season. Transfers 19/20. IN Nicoló Armini - from Lazio. - He played so well the first season, so now he is my main centerback with Romagnoli. Douglas Costa - from Juventus. - It was just a loan. He was very disappointed. Andrea Belloti - from Torino. - I bought him i january. He played so wel
  4. Little update from my Milan save. As u can see on the screenshot, we are number 1. We are unbeaten fra the start. i cant complain how is going. The second screenshot is my transfers. i couldn't get the players i want from the begining, but i am okay with that, as long we are doing great. Here can u see how it goes. we are storming forward!
  5. Okay. So u dont think the roles are bad for this formation? Maybe there are better roles?
  6. Thanks for your advice. I will look on that. Maybe change har mez, to CM(su) or B2B
  7. It makes sense. Just me that not use my brain. The reason for not have shorter passing was i like, when my players pass the Ball long sometimes. But maybe I should let Some players play more direct. Ty. I Will try this an return with Some results. Thanks for helping.
  8. Yes it is. In possesion: play out defens, Work ball into box, be more expressive In transition: none. out of possesion: Higher defensive line, use offside trap.
  9. Hello. I hope someone, can help me. I am A.C milan and the tactic i use is 5-2-1-2. MM: SK(su) CB:(def) BPD(st) CB:(def) RWB(su) LWB(att) DLP(su) MEZ(su) AM(att) DLA(su) AF(att) In possesion play out defens, underlap left, wbib in transition counter Out of possesion Higher LOE Metality: positive. I hope someone can help me to get the tactic more stabile and Maybe Even Better
  10. I an big fan of milan, so i Will start my final save Tonight. Nu plan is to be the best in the World. But there will be Some terms. I Will split my team up. So i have 3 groups for my wage budget. Talents and backups goes under the same category. The ned Group, Will be starter and important players and the last Group Will be starplayers. Each group will get 33% og the wage budget. The next thing, is Before i buy a New Player, i Need to check my talents, so if i have a Player that Will be good Enough or Maybe a season later, then I Will use Him instead of buying a New Player.
  11. i cant get A.C milan out of my head. so i will not continue with this fantastic club
  12. Also temptet to start with this Club I Think I give it a go. I Will post how is going.
  13. I still in the first Season. The date says. 31 december and it goes Really good. I got my first defeat in december, but it was to wolves. I also got 3 draws. Liverpool, arsenal and tottenham. The rest og the games are ofc. Won. Giroud is on fire. 20 games, 20 goals. But he is 33 and Barcelona and real Madrid looking at him, så i Think i Will leave. Tammy will get his place and i Hope i can bring Martinez from inter. Willian's contract will not get renewed, so my plan is to get sancho. I have 1,4 billion. Otherwise is to sell kovacic and bring pogba, Kai harvatz,
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