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  1. Thanks again. I Will post a picture about how it goes later
  2. First a big thanks for Your advice. It makes sense. how do i know if a new player is the right player? Are there some guides for Pick the right player? its was only for the start. I played him as much as i Could last season. So normally he would play :-)
  3. @Experienced Defender This is my currect team for the new season.
  4. I have bougt cheisa, sancho and sane with one should play on the right side and witch role? That is correct. I havne’t changed it yet. I have tried in the friendly games to tweek, but i am not sure about the tweekz, therefor i seek help with you :)
  5. Sorry for late reply i have some trubbles in the new season. With Long Ball over me. I have a question. I want my playstyle to be possesion based. My roles are This Sk(s) IWB(s) BPD(f) CB(f) FB(a) DM(f) MEZ(s) DLP(s) W(a) IW(s) PF(a) which role are the best for the front trio in possesion based play? and what about the Mez? Can he en changed?
  6. The first season is over and the transferwindow has just open to the new season. First season gave the PL title and CHL title. In januar i struggle to get decent players, so i bought kluivert, and loan Jordan ibe, not the best transfers but we need some with on the squad. to the new season we have get some world class players. GK: Kepa RB: James/Azpillicueta CB: Dias/Tomori CB: Rudiger/Ampadu LB: Chilwel/Emerson DM: Kante/Camavinga CM: Kovacic/Jorgingo CM: Harvartz/Mount AMR: Chiesa/Sane AML: Sancho/Pulisic ST: Tammy/Haaland i have also bought some Young regens. I hope the Boys are ready to fight for the titles in the new season.
  7. @Experienced Defender thanks for the advice. I Feel when i use a standard dm the play is to risky. I need someone That just play simple balls. i have plan to buy sancho for iw and chiesa for the winger. haaland for the striker and Fernando Luis for the dm position. yes i mean split Block. What Will u do to stop opposition Long Ball instead of not just let the centreback vælde Down less?
  8. I have try to create a new tactic. i have Pi's for the front trio and the mez. they split push. My 2 centrebacks have Close down less because this year the AI just create there chances with long ball. @Experienced Defender does this look silly?
  9. I Also Think about ake, but i Think dias would be better choice in the Long run. i am now the end of december and haven’t get my appel
  10. I have also started with Chelsea. I am Half season in the first season. In PL er are Second just 1 point behind Liverpool. i haven’t sold any player as i Feel we ned the Whole squad for the first season. I planing to bring some players for the januar transferwindow. sancho for the left wing. Chiesa for right wing. fernando Luis for the defensiv midfield. ruben dias for the centre back. and last i Will bring in haaland for the forward.
  11. @Experienced Defender I have now played half season, at get fired. I have tried to tweek the tactic step by step, when the play dosen't work in the game. Nothing helps. can u give me some advice?
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