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  1. If it's not updated, it's stupid - it's a glaringly obvious error on the database which won't be fixed
  2. Hi, I listed this on the Asia thread but no reply. I’ve noticed on update 19.3.3 he’s still listed at Al Nasr, will this be updated? Thanks
  3. Yohan Cabaye is listed as still playing for Al-Nasr but is officially a free agent and has been for a few months
  4. Hi, I've posted here, apologies if it's meant elsewhere. Unless it's been done purposely, but Yohan Cabaye is still listed as playing for Al-Nasr, however he has been a free agent since before Jan. https://www.90min.com/posts/6270754-former-crystal-palace-midfielder-yohan-cabaye-leaves-al-nasr-after-just-six-months
  5. Hi, unsure where to post this and unsure whether it has been purposely done in the Winter update, however Yohan Cabaye is still listed as a player for Al-Nasr with a contract until 2020, however in real life he has left the club and is therefore a free agent: Many Thanks
  6. I had a good season in Italy with Napoli in the second season. After winning the Championship and EFL Cup (I know!) with Blackburn, I resigned and got the Napoli job... Allan and already been sold so I signed the players listed above. Tried a wide formation with Insigne, Mertens and Verdi, though 4-4-2 diamond helped me fare much better! Got knocked out of the CL in the group stages sadly, but ended up winning Serie A on the last game of the season after beating Juventus and going top on the head-to-head rule (as we drew away from home with them). The best performers were Diego Simeone (who I signed), Milik, Mario Rui, Hysaj, Zielinski, though some players massively underperformed such as Hamsik, Callejon and Koulibaly! As much as I wanted to stay on with Napoli, I'm only staying with each club I'm at on this stage for one season - I resigned and got the Bayern job after being turned down by Barca and Real. Though I did sign Fekir, Lenglet permanently and Cannavo to build on the great season we had before I left.
  7. Downloaded a real life results patch and with a few games to go, Southampton, Stoke and West Brom got relegated. Took on the Saints job with a massive overhaul, as show below: Won the Championship with 97 points, 15 ahead of 2nd place Derby. Also got to the playoff semi finals, losing 2-0 to Man City at Wembley. My current finances are a transfer budget of £140m and free wage budget of £600k, meaning staying up next season should be easy - though you can tell I'm only signing English players to make it a challenge. Got Jordon Ibe and Danny Ings joining me in the summer too!
  8. Call me a cynic but there is no way in hell anyone could win the league with Las Palmas in the first season without cheating!
  9. I'm Newcastle manager in 2020/21 and for some reason, I'm unable to sign Gabriel Jesus on a free transfer to join in the summer, despite other teams abroad being able to sign him? I thought I would be able to? Apologies if I'm unaware of the real life rules. Screenshot below -
  10. Exactly the same believe it or not. I managed to get rid of him and replace him with Berardi who's playing much better though
  11. Just finished my third season as Toon boss and this is my first post regarding my save this year... Transfers - Season 1, 2 & 3: Best XIs - Season 1, 2 & 3: League Positions - Seasons 1, 2 & 3: Trophy Wins: Short Summary: Club got taken over not too long after I took charge. As you can see I spent a lot of money sorting the squad out, but finances aren't great at the minute. We won the League Cup in my second season and qualified for the Champs League - I got knocked out 7-2 by Atletico in the Quarter Finals in the Third Season. In my third season I won the League Cup again, FA Cup and with Daniel Sturridge scoring in the 79th min, we pipped Man United to the title (we were 11 points clear at one stage and had a terrible run of form towards the end of the season which put us in second place, but we beat Man United at home in the penultimate game before Sturridge won us the league from the bench in that last game. I'm now looking at another overhaul - Rajkovic moans a lot, Malcom and Zappacosta are inconsistent, Lascelles isn't good enough anymore, El Shaaraway and Sturridge are injury prone & Gaya hasn't proved himself on loan.
  12. Got promoted to League Two as King's Lynn in the 2020/21 season. Absolutely struggling to assemble a half decent side now, the team I had in the Conference National was so good due to 2 loanee strikers who were arguably at League One level and don't want to rejoin on loan. Plus no other players seem to want to join us - and that's not taking into account us being 200k in the red which is likely going to worsen :|
  13. Has this purposely been included in the game? He looks unreal... @Neil Brock
  14. After getting promoted to the Conference North in my first season, I now sit in second place, mainly thanks to these:
  15. Downloaded the lower leagues database enabling you to manage teams below the North/South and started a save with King's Lynn. Managed to win the league on the last day at the first attempt and Fraser Murdoch was a very good signing, netting 38 goals in 45 league games. Been promoted and been placed in the Vanarama North, but struggling for signings that are either keen to sign / I can afford to sign and are good enough. Any suggestions? I need pretty much every position - in particular a GK, LB, CB, CM, LM & RM
  16. Should the instant result button have three options - 'don't use game plan', 'last match' and 'next match', as these previously had different options such as 'play for big win' and 'play for draw' etc
  17. Same here, I've had a search online and it doesn't seem they can be
  18. Thanks mate, massively appreciated! Asking for someone else - can files such as this be integrated with FM Touch?
  19. GK - Rajkovic / Rulli RB - Montoya (not young though) LW - El Shaaraway / Depay ST - Babacar, Dembele
  20. I went to watch Bayern v Leverkusen and managed to go see 1860 Munich play the day before. Assuming some creates a patch enabling you to manage in the German lower tiers, I'm also looking forward to giving it a go
  21. Great thanks, I know what i'll be doing this afternoon!
  22. Thanks, looking forward to downloading this!
  23. Apologies if this has been asked or is obvious, I can't find anywhere stating the answer. If I was to move my logos and facepacks from my FM17 folders into the FM18 folders, would these work within the game? Or would I have to wait for creators to create new ones for FM18? (Obviously kits and a few badges may need updating but on the whole) Thanks
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