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  1. Widzew

    World of Warcraft

    I play it on private servers almost every day. Love it! As do 10's of thousands. Can't wait for these official servers!! Don't kid yourself it's not just nostalgia.
  2. Widzew

    World of Warcraft

    Brack was interviewed by PC gamer prior to blizzcon and he says they will be keeping it as authentic as possible.
  3. Widzew

    Red Dead

    I would like a Red Dead remaster. Never played the original.
  4. I guess the yahoo league auto renews people from previous years? I don't have time to participate but if you need my account in there to make things run easier than go for it otherwise feel free to remove me. I wont be active.
  5. As a Blackhawks fan, Detroits current state of affairs makes me very happy.
  6. Widzew

    Einstein and I are the SAME

  7. Widzew

    What was your first car?

    1996 Plymouth Neon, drove it until 2009, the thing lived until 2012.
  8. Widzew

    Making a Murderer (Spoilers Within)

    They are preparing for the imminent legal battle for his wrongful imprisonment. Should we start taking bets how much he gets for losing 10 years of his life?
  9. Widzew

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    There is no preference folder . I even uninstalled, deleted the sports interactive folders and reinstalled and the ugly ****er is still there didn't ask me for a new profile like when I originally installed
  10. Widzew

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Where do u find this folder
  11. Widzew

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    It will let me change his physical appearance when starting a new save?
  12. Can someone please tell me if its possible to edit the way your manager looks after you have created your profile? I cant seem to figure it out.
  13. Widzew

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Is there any way I can edit the way I(my manager) looks? I cant seem to find a way to edit it. I kinda rushed through making him thinking i could edit it later
  14. Widzew

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Oh well just my luck. Must have misread it. Thought it was running until release.
  15. Widzew

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Wasn't there supposed to be a loyalty promotion if you own the last x number of FMs on steam? Or am I dreaming this up?