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  1. I've not concluded my first season yet. Work, life, and extended highlights... I'm sloooow but it's going well so far, I'm battling for the top spots, altough I had a bit of a slump in January..
  2. Wow... in my save Bath is currently at the bottom!
  3. After my failure with Margate I loaded several times trying to get Rushden, as I used them in an older FM. But in the end I settled with Kingstonian. Some good players already in the squad, like Faal and Cundle. For now is going relatively well. I will have problems sorting out the finances, as the attendances are really low. So far these are the matches: ...aaaaaand the brexit:
  4. Too many errors at the start led to a very poor season with Margate, ending with a relegation. Even if only in the last match, it was deserved. I'll start again, reloading with the official version.
  5. @Biscotti Oh well.. Widzew Lodz would be my choice in my future attempt at this. While I'm struggling in the dafuge challenge, I will follow you closely
  6. It's been a long time until my last attempt.. it was 2015 with FC United. This year I'll try again... starting with Margate.
  7. West Ham 2021-22 pre-season Just a pre-season update. Didn't went as well as @JaytheGreat. The tranfers: Rejuvenation of the defence, with the departure of Reid and Ogbonna and the arrival of Joe Gomez. Jakub Zak is a 18yo czech forward, labeled as wonderkid, and then Makumbi, a 21yo ugandan defender. Was on free, seemed a bargain, I loaned him out as there wasn't space in the registration list, and we'll re-evaluate his position next season, hope he will improve. Didn't need so much tranfers also because reinforcements also come from our youths: Robertson and Walsh are ready to make their appearance in the squad. Competitions: No early trophy this time, as we lost both matches. Against Chelsea in the local one, and that was a delusion, awful match on our part. And Against Atletico in the Euro Super Cup. This time the extra-time was against us, but then again it wasn't a great match on our part.
  8. West Ham 2020-21 season Transfers: With last year transfer window, I had a complete squad in every role so this year there wasn't much work to do, besides, with the registration rules, there wasn't much space. My objective was a top striker, as Hernandez and Bony are starting to get old, and an AMC to replace the departure of Lanzini. Schick(meeting his release fee) and Krovinovic were the choices. Then I found two bargains: Zobnin, a jolly who can play in various roles and was useful as a central midfieldere and WBR as a Tete alternative, and Richard, a 20yo wonderkid AMC. The season: I knew I had an excellent squad, but didn't think it was THAT good. In honesty, there was a bit of luck involved, but nonetheless, it was great! A pity with that FA Cup, as I would have done a difficult milestone! There are players out of the top 11 who deserved a place there, all with an average over 7. Btw, solid defence, great strikers, and the wingbacks, keys of the tactic. In detail: Our explosive attack won us the league, as we won only on goal difference. It was a season between us and Man Utd. The Community Shield lost on penalties, and the FA Cup round lost to them. Instead, in the league, we won both encounters. Let's forget about the CarabaoCup, and then the Champions League: after a bad start, the rampage began, and I couldn't believe it. Bayern, City, Juventus and PSG in the end, won in a similar way to the Europa League last year, with a goal in the last minutes! I was lucky in the away legs in Munich and Turin, I think I deserved to lose. Then, that 5-1 at home was the key, gave us great confidence. In that period I lost some important points in the League, could have secured the title before, instead of waiting until the last game, and waiting minute 81 in the home of Bournemouth for the decisive goal. Look at the ratings, Schick and Martinez on top! Intake: well it's not a youth challenge but I rely on youth from our academy, and this year we have in Akeem Young one labeled to be "one of the best of his generation"! And also a keeper and a defender who doesn't seem too bad. Calculation time! Milestone: PL within 7 seasons: 500 pt Champions League Win: 1000 pt Premier League Win: 200 pt UEFA Super Cup Win: 200 pt Total Points: 1900
  9. @Jamie Cortez Interesting breakdown. It's a good team, with some players i know: I lost Martial on end contract as he choose Barcelona, while Loftus-Cheek didn't improve much in my save and it's still 2,5 stars. Conti is for sale, and with Tete wanting to join PSG, I could bring him in (but I'd prefer to keep Tete).
  10. @JaytheGreatamazing season! keep it up! @Jamie Cortez I had Arsenal unsettling Pickford, fortunately enough all got resolved approaching the end of the transfer window. Intereseting to see that some of us bought the same players.. but in fact is not that much of a surprise, given the small database
  11. West Ham 2019-20 season Transfers: More or less one player per role, tryng to improve the team and prepare us for europe while remaining competitive at home, plus some low cost leftovers from big teams. League: the confirmation of the 5th place. The difference between us and the big teams were our losses against lower level teams, but this was also for the many matches we had, because... FA CUP: WON! Hard victory in two legs against Leicester, the shootouts against Crystal Palace, Manchester United again, this time with Martinez in one of his brilliant days, and the great "remuntada" in the final, from 0-2 to 2-2 and then the final blow by Bony! Europa League: WON! Second place in the group, and then the draw gave us Lyon again. We beated some very good teams along the road, with Bony on fire in the quarter and semifinal. Then the final, when i was ready for extra-time, it was Hernandez, who was in a period of crisis in that time, who scored the decisive goal! Review: all is good! We had a great Bony supporting Hernandez and Martinez, good season overall.. it's only Lanzini who was subpar, I expected more, and I have to think about finding someone better if i can. Yes particular highlight that crazy 9-0! I thought I had broken FM So, let me see if I can do this correctly, that means: Milestone: FA Cup in the first 4 seasons: 500 pt FA Cup Win: 200 pt Europa League Win: 400 pt Total: 1100 pt For those curious enough, this is my setup for "the future". Facilities almost maxed out, my new HOYD and this year's intake, with some good prospects:
  12. ...and the season ended. A fantastic streak from January onwards, with only one defeat. But in the most important match, the FA Cup Semifinal... Man Utd beats us (only to lose in the final to Bournemouth ) So...season review... a great 5th place, above Liverpool and only behind the big boys. So it will be Europa League next season! Two forwards who bags in the goals, two good keepers. And that's very important. Then, a good left side of the pitch with Cresswell and Masuaku, while the right can be improved. The midfield changed compared to last year. This year is a bit more muscular and solid, and Ajer had a good first season as a BWM/defensive midfielder. Also re-posting the complete transfers table for rule adherence as you can imagine, the "low fee" transfers in are two young english talents. I forgot a screen, but now the junior coaching and youth recruitments are maxed out! And then came endseason, with plenty of news. Bye-bye Gold, and welcome to our new chairman. In fact, the training facilities were later scrapped, but in time I will re-ask them. They gave me a 63M budget with over 200M for wage... this could be fun! But then there's the other news: the brexit, and it's a hard one It means, for start, no cheap young talents from abroad, and the prices and demands of english players will increase I think. So, "The Academy" must help us. But I was lucky in picking West Ham 19th, so I think it's fair.. and a good challenge!
  13. Not bad as improvement. Several lost matches, some good consecutive wins, Lautaro Martinez who began to bags one goal after another. Then the second round came, but this time was different: great wins against Liverpool and Arsenal and a draw agains United. Two easy (but not so much easy on the field) rounds in the FA Cup allow us to move forward. Transfer wise, i received an offer for our 31yo keeper Adrian, so I sold him and changed the keeper: Everton was relegated and I had already shortlisted Pickford in the summer, so now was a perfect time: 19M brought him here.
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