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    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    And then if you sell it to Chelsea or other big teams, you find that suddenly his value become 97M This underpricing is particularly extreme in Portugal.. I constantly see talents poached by english teams for 100k who immediately become 9 million players.. and then loan, loan, loan, loan...
  2. WOW @Crispypaul! That's great! How are the coefficients and the league reputation? You could go on and try to make norwegian league great!
  3. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 5 - 2022/23 - 2. Fussball Bundesliga League | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Facilities Just another hard season. This time we manage to avoid the playouts by only 1 point, Throughout february and march we reached 11th place, then a poor form run stopped us and the danger of relegation was beginning to rise. Fortunately enough the other teams didn't do enough and we're safe... again. Club-wise, I hope i didn't make a too big step: apart for the excellent junior coaching and extensive recruitiment, the club bought the stadium (with a bank loan which will be dangerous for finances next year), and accepted my request for upgrading training and youth facilities. It's a bit of a gamble, but we need to step up. Key players Daniel Hammel - again... our offensive capabilities on his shoulders, with Torunarigha irremediably declining, his goals and weight up there helped our survival Rouven Leifeld - from young promise to rock at the back, still with some inexperience mistakes. Now, we'll have to resist to offers and eventual complaining.. Alban Kastrati - last season entered first team, this season became a fundamental player, next season i'm thinking about making him captain. For his personality, because so he can be a tutor, and because maybe i will be able to keep him easily in the team.. he can be a target for many teams New entries Hubert Skiba - we have a keeper behind Depta, funnilly enough still polish. Still too many mistakes so he didn't play in the "must not lose" matches, next season i expect more. Albert Lekaj - we have a natural right back, with a great personality and mental attitude. Need to improve more, and hopefully he will. Christopher Bollmann - a pleasant surprise from this defensive "jolly". Great mentality and phisycal to be a shield for the team. Youth intake An exciting intake. At least on paper..we will see how they will grow. The team overall "professional" personality will hopefully help Next season Climb up the ladder a bit? I think I will need it, to cover the expenses I talked about before. Some of them will be covered: say goodbye to Nicolas Arend, as Munchen 1860 in August next season meet his 1.4 millions clause. But.. Mirko Di Gennaro will be available for the first team, and if he scores like he could, our hopes of growing could be met (funnilly he's italian and his name is Mirko, like my cousin who lives in Germany )
  4. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 4 - 2021/22 - 2. Fussball Bundesliga - This was hard League | Squad | Transfers | Finances | Facilities Back here after a while! Last post was on page 9 of this thread, it was the season in which i got promoted to the 2° division. Well, maintaining the division was really hard, and it's done only with the victory in the playouts. Good thing is that it was done, and the prize money even for the 16th place is good enough to steer clear from debt and have money to invest in upping the recruitment/junior coaching for next season. The key players are always the same, while the youth had some difficulties with the new category. Some new faces were available for the first team, only two of them made the breakthrough: Kastrati and Papangiannopoulos. Youth Intake Erm.. i forgot/lost the screen of the intake day, so, instead, i'll show the actual Under 19. I have faith in Lekaj(finally another D R), Bollmann and Skiba, who will be able to join the first team next season. Di Gennaro, the best of the lot, unfortunately won't as he's still too young. From this year's intake, Hoffmann seems the best, and with the right attitude. Next season Maintain the category. Hopefully without struggling until the end. And I'm confident it's time for more youngsters to get rid of the old guard. Will try to improve junior coaching two times, and maybe the recruitment again. The prize money should cover the losses... of course it all comes down to NOT be relegated. Oh, and i hope to retain the best players..requests are beginning to come and destabilized some of them..
  5. I hope he will continue and bring the Eredivisie to the top that will be really difficult!
  6. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Congrats to the people doing well in England. @Boyd The BeastHolland is interesting...never had the guts to start there due to the difficulty of the first seasons 2. Bundesliga was a big jump, I'm outmatched, outclassed, out-everything.. bravely fighting but I'm going down again and I think I'll stop this for now.
  7. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 3 - 2020/21 - Promotion! League | Squad | Dynamics | Transfers | Finances | Facilities It was the end of October, and as expected we were mid-table, together with a massive group of teams within a few points. After that, before the winter break, 5 wins and 1 draw came, bouncing us up in the top 5. January and February were the months of draws, then 3 wins in March, until the 3-0 against 1860 Munchen that I showed. Another victory after that and seemed almost done, but then came two consecutive defeats and the thought that we could ruin it all in the finish line. Last match came, we had the advantage and played home against relegated Osnabruck... a spectacular 5-2 ensured promotion! Now... how could a team considered a candidate for relegation get promoted? It's football! And it's a mix of luck, the right tactic, the fact that the players are united and played together for 3 years, and.. I already say luck? 2. Bundesliga will help with finances next season, while now the recruitment is extensive. 'cause of finances junior coaching wasn't upped though. Key Players As you can see from the squad screen, Torunarigha, Fejzullahu and Mohr are again key players..and even more than last season. The nigerian was the 2nd goalscorer of the league, while Fejzullahu broke the assist record of the league. But there are also two "new entries" in the category: Tobias Lippold - solid, with a high percentage of tackles won and passes completed, fundamental defensive midfielder Daniel Hammel - a season almost injury free finally, great partnership with the nigerian and contributed to promotion with his 15 goals and his physical work up there First team breakthrough players Had some first team promotion, but being the majority of them defenders they didn't have much space, apart playing/retraining them as full-backs (their secondary role). Worth mentioning is Basha: Leart Basha - have only one right midfielder? Not anymore, the kosovan got retrained and become a decent substitute for Fejzullahu, while improving well and being also versatile enough for other roles as well Youth Intake Oh look, right wingers everywhere! And strikers also... Di Gennaro and Jakirovic the two I like more, but as always, we'll have to see how they develop. At the start of the carreer Basha didn't seem so promising, and yet look at him now. Next season That's the problem! Will we defy the odds again? Only objective, survival! As always, through cohesion and good teamwork. And if we will fail, at least finances won't be a problem for some seasons...
  8. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Teaser... this victory could be fundamental
  9. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 2 - 2019/20 League | Squad | Dynamics | Transfers | Facilities | Finances With our second season came a good improvement, a final 7th place is very good. In reality, there has been a big mid-table group for much of the season, so losing a few points here and there could have easily brought us down to the 13th. Luckily enough, it didn't happen. I had my first promotion in the first team to a few players (in Germany until they are 17yo they can't play in the league), and three of them are already good first team players, just an inch behind the more expert players. Only problems is that they were in roles already covered, whilst I have only a right winger and i lack a little on the full-backs. All is good facility wise, a new youth recruitment improvement and a junior coaching upgrade make me hope for improved intakes in the next years, but as I feared, finances are in the red and, if I stay in this division, will continue to deteriorate. Key Players Kai-David Bosing - chosen in the 3rd division team of the year, versatile midfielder, not bad as an assist-man Mergim Fejzullahu - the one and only right winger (or poacher if needed when playing a 5-3-2 TF) Tobias Mohr - the other side.. in my simple 4-4-2, him and Mergim are a good asset for the team Junior Torunarigha - I expected Hammel, but in the end the nigerian was our top striker, very consistent throughout the season. Hope he can continue this way next season... First team breakthrough players Rouven Leifeld - the most improved of the lot already became a valid alternative to the Fiedler-Pluntke couple, and a third first-teamer when playing a 3 defense Raphael Braun - now he only needs to improve mentally/technically, and I'll have another Bosing, or better I hope Nicolas Arend - versatile player, winger, shadow striker or running midfielder Youth Intake As I hoped, I'll have fun with second nationalities... apart from that, a good intake. Maybe I found another fullback in Lekaj and an always useful GK. Still no right winger (Ekinci and Diekmann do not give many hopes) while on the other side we have two potentially good players (Yildiz driven... I like). Still some unambitious players, but all in all it seems a good intake.
  10. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 1 - 2018/19 Profile | League | Squad | Finances Started off pretty well, we were standing mid-table for much of the season, but we had two major crisis, especially end-season, we stayed still at 39 points for 5 matches until victory on the last match of the season. The supposedly stronger player of the team, Daniel Hammel, the one i struggled to renew contract at the start of the adventure, didn't play very well and then got a 7 month injury. I had barely sufficient players but could have been worse. Finances will be a problem, even with our almost 10000 affluence, but at least for this season, they aren't much in the red. On the bright side, I already manage to ask for a double youth recruitment upgrade, and now it's estabilished. Youth watch Under 19 - These are the players of the holiday season intake. Some of them will be available for registration next season, and will strenghten our numbers. I have hope in Braun, Leifeld and Arend. Intake - Lots of promising players..or maybe it seems so because our current players are not very strong! But there's work to do personality wise Next season Survive. Maybe reaching mid-table. Give as many playtime as possible to youths (obviously).
  11. fabreth

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Back here. Germany is where I go.. Aachen is where I will achieve..something. Will it be glory, mere survival or failure and sacking? Since the city is on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium i choose a Dutch manager. Alemannia Aachen info and facilities. There's already a transfer in.
  12. 50000 attendance in CL? You play those matches at Amsterdam Arena i suppose
  13. fabreth

    FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Stage finished. It was a rough start, players complaining, I struggled to find a tactic that could work, but when things sorted out tactically and the squad began to play as a team it went much better, Fixtures: 1 2 3 4 transfers --- player League Table End profile Now, to the calculations: Yellow jersey: 10 + 16(18? it counts as a substitute?) -- 26(28?) Green Jersey: 5 + 0 + 3 -- 8 Stage win: 3 Polkadot jersey: 15 Crappy