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    Full-Time Husband, Father and Student, Part-Time Crime Fighter protecting my home City under the alias of Batman. I am also the proud Hull City researcher for Football Manager since 2014

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  1. RetroKid1966

    Subscription Issues

    Are we any closer to resolving the subscription issues for this app? Lost two months worth of subscription now, can't access attributes and histories and still get adverts.
  2. RetroKid1966

    Player histories removed

    perhaps if you posted it in the Football Manager forums then you'd get an answer. This is for FMdB.
  3. RetroKid1966

    [ENGLAND] Hull City Data Issues

    great info, thanks!
  4. RetroKid1966

    [ENGLAND] Hull City Data Issues

    thanks for the info, I'll pass this on
  5. RetroKid1966

    Subscription Issues

    The android app has updated today but it hasn't solved the subscription issue yet. It's a great little tool and a good source of information on the go, especially for the research team, hopefully it will be running again soon.
  6. RetroKid1966

    Subscription NOT recognised

    i'm having the same issue, software is all up to date but there's still adverts and I can't access attributes, i'm on a Samsung Galaxy S9+