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  1. We are now entering month six of Android downtime. Saw there'd been an overhaul and got excited, still have adverts and cannot access the information we paid for. It has also been five months since the last communication regarding this issue despite several people posting about this issue, the only way to get a reply in this thread is if you mix this app up with the full game.
  2. what worries me is it says reoccurring billing but won't recognise I'm already subscribed so I cant cancel it. worried they're just going to keep charging every 12 months for an app that is abandoned. in all honesty I dont want a refund, I just want the app to be fixed because it would be a useful tool. 5 months down time with multiple ignored posts though is insane.
  3. unfortunately everyone seems to be in the same boat, it went down in September but they're still selling subscriptions theres almost a dozen posts like yours and nobody ever replies, the app is dead
  4. It's now mid January 2019 and this issue still hasn't been addressed. Half a dozen posts related to it and there's just no response anymore, every related post is just ignored. Is this ever going to be fixed?
  5. Are we any closer to resolving the subscription issues for this app? Lost two months worth of subscription now, can't access attributes and histories and still get adverts.
  6. perhaps if you posted it in the Football Manager forums then you'd get an answer. This is for FMdB.
  7. The android app has updated today but it hasn't solved the subscription issue yet. It's a great little tool and a good source of information on the go, especially for the research team, hopefully it will be running again soon.
  8. i'm having the same issue, software is all up to date but there's still adverts and I can't access attributes, i'm on a Samsung Galaxy S9+
  9. The editor on mine works fine, however I cannot create a new player.. It appears all fine on the editor but when the game starts all editor changes come into effect except new players etc, I googled this issue and it seems a lot of people have tried to create new things on the editor and have them not appear in the actual game so i am not the only one to have this problem. Is there anything being done to sort this out? I'm not one for cheating but I've noticed people are complaining about not being able to edit a teams budget in the editor. It's a fantastic game nonetheless. I'd just like to add myself to the database just for fun
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