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  1. zemaniano85

    Mentality Importance

    @Cleon this is really interesting... So if a role, let say fullback on support has an individual mentality cautious, and another positive but the same PI hold position, what the difference will be in the ME? Thanks
  2. I would love to know how do you use the structured shape in a counter system, I cant a way to get my strikers involved , as they lookfar away from midfield.
  3. zemaniano85

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    it does look really simple for you.....
  4. zemaniano85

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    I have a question for @knap Is there any way to know how you create your tactics, any steps or guide you follow? Maybe I missed that.... I'll appreciate to know please
  5. if you do that with players with rating 6.4 and below especially with youth , according their response they will increase that and determination some time. I got this for an year and my poor young players got from 3 or 4 to 13-14
  6. And I hope the 2D match will stay there and not removed
  7. @Snorks @herne79 So, if I want improve the technique attribute for example, I set ball control and individually all the attributes within that general training, will boost it faster?
  8. @Snorks thanks for replying. It was really helpful, but I didn't express myself right. I'm struggling to use right the general and workload training. I noticed using fitness general more than 4 weeks it break players, and if I use balanced the players never improve specifically (that is obvious!!) so, my question is, because the training can be tweaked weekly, so does any change in attributes will happen weekly? Otherwise I can't understand why was meant to be like this. And how can I make the individual training more effective? As I never seen any mould by the individual training especially the focus on single attributes. Probably is my fault, that why I am asking for help and more details. I'll appreciate any help and maybe threads on the subject that I missed. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello guys, please I'm really confused about training, I'd like to know how to use it effectively and have young players training and improving as I wish and not randomly, but I still didn't understand how to use the settings especially the workloads
  10. I don't think this guide has just team shape outdated, I think also the team instructions, as I can see the difference using the exploit shouts make in game on the individual mentality bar, so using for example the exploit left flank, increase the mentality for full backs and wingback but doesn't decrease anything for the middle position or right position, unless something under the hood is happening. That TBH would make me really confused, the description are so superficial in game
  11. @NabsKebabs @Cleon Hello guys, maybe is silly but is there a way to understand what mentality the opposition is playing during the game? I remember one of @Cleonpost on his old blog was about attacking duties? I a fan of your blog and still I loved this thread ,well done
  12. Hi, hiw can I get yoyr ebooks? Cheers
  13. zemaniano85

    FMT18 set pieces - freekick

    thanks @MangerdWanlar