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  1. @Cleon this is really what I was waiting for...... I am a fun of your articles, and I successfully learned from them tha now it became so easy to make tactics ... thanks
  2. I was meaning about the changing mentality influenced by another one. I know about the fluidity thing.
  3. Any session that includes physical training..... That would be some in the general too.
  4. I've overcame on this.... After experimenting, during the season, I don't do any physical training, and making it varied per department. That changed all, every players seem always happy, and developing a lot. I am enjoying it
  5. Hello guys, I am doing preaseason in second season, and I left the training to the AM and just tweaking, plus I do individual training and extra focus, on normal intensity. I planned a game every 4 days but the players goes down in condition fast and dont recover between matches, any advice please?
  6. I've started another save and that is happening less, couple times in the season, this time I've made the use of sessions more flexible, and the automatic rest option use differently. It may be something related, I dunno
  7. Have you got any news? I tried to keep any session with strenght and rapidity but nothing changed
  8. @Seb Wassell Hi, as I said........ most players are unahappy and is regardless of what training I give them, I tried many combo but they just hate the training schedules. Thanks
  9. As soon I got on my save I'll screenshot and attach here. Thank for replying. @Seb Wassell
  10. Hello guys.... Firts of all, I really enjoy the new edition of the game. Tactically and overall. I'm tweaking and experimenting a lot the training side of the game. But the only thing I can't understand is how and why players are complaining about the training. I tried loads of combination but they end up complaining. If you talked or raised a bug please can you pinpoint me this? Thanks
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