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  1. Guys, I live the 442, and having good time with it... But when I face the 532, especially when playing in italy and my team is over achieving, I struggle to get my strikers score. Any tips? Thanks
  2. By the way guys..... How do you find bugs or exploit? I am curious now. Probably I never paid much attention. Is it playing full game highlights? Do I need a big team to understand the various instructions? Please, enlight me. I never played a game on full and last 3 editions never got a big team so perhaps I am missing something.
  3. I am having same issues, when using 2 strikers, the problem is clustering players from the wing. Usually that is not a problem when using lone striker, but with 2 the half spaces are taken from them. So basically, I use a 442, and I make sure my strikers are in the box, no movement required, as I just want them be there. I don't need them making movement for anyone, so a P and TMs. On the Wings I use a Ws on the side of the P and a WMa on the other. They stay wide, and the Ws has the overlap Ti so the FBs will help. Mids I have a APs P side, and CMs TMs side. I used IW but they never shone, but like this, even using a opposite foot on the Ws role, I have some brilliant play, and he never clash with the P. I used AF but he moves into channels, and none is using his movements. This is my experience but perhaps anyone could have had some success with that
  4. Well, it is really complicate and misleading giving you advices like you just said. For that, you need watching games, and experience to be the tinkerman. For example your 442 for my like is completely unbalanced, and there is no clear style definition. This is my humble opinion. You need to start from the basics. As always I suggest, have a close read to the official manual, there are so many good info and often gamers skip it. That's why, people are not giving you specific advices, because it is pointless when you don't have comprehensive information.
  5. Well, I didn't have problem with the 442,also morphing in a 442 DM. Strikers find always the way to smash in the net. What I'd suggest, it is not to tell you exactly what to do. But, calm yourself and pay attention to roles/duties foremost anything else. The key is in the tweaking of roles/duties. I play same style every game, I love counter attacking football, so I don't change that style, but I tweak according the opposition defensive shape (formation) and how much are they willing to risk (mentality/duties/roles) I have 4-5 different approach to each situation as base and then situational tweaks in specific moment of the game. But mainly these changes are roles/duties changes. All is supported by a well thought training schedule, to instill my players the counter attacking style. I never changed mentality, on positive,as I want a forward thinking counter strategy. The only TI I change are the defensive line and defensive widht to adapt at various opposition formation. I hope you got some ideas.
  6. @Seb Wassell so basically, it is key in preseason having a schedule that intensify the fatigue, by training only or with friendlies too? Thanks seb I appreciate your kindness in answering questions
  7. Can you link me your blog, please. I want to have a look. Thanks for your reply. @fmFutbolManager
  8. This is what I am trying to understand or perhaps to optimize! Exactly what you are too. It is a bit time consuming that's why I didn't get it yet. But, it looks like that, it is important to just let players work hard the first weeks of preseason, to built them overall condition and stave off the jadeness from the coming season. In fact, if you play friendlies too early, you may have injuries and they won't be ready for the start of the season. But thanks for sharing, it is really useful. May I ask then what did you do apart of what you shared with the preseason? @fmFutbolManager
  9. The number of attack, defend and support duties you set within a Formation while using a given Mentality will be reflected in your Team Fluidity. For example, a Balanced Mentality and a Balanced Fluidity will have three players with Defend duties, four players with Support Duties, and three players with Attack duties. Moving up and down the scale to more attacking or defensive football, and in more fluid or more rigid approaches, is determined by your distribution of duties. If you set seven players to have Attack Duties and three players with Defend duties, you’ll be playing with a Very Attacking mentality but a Very Rigid fluidity, as you haven’t provided sufficient balance within your overly-attacking setup. Balancing this with more Support duties will achieve a more fluid result, and the same rule applies across the board, so feel free to play around with your options and see what happens. Your overall Fluidity will always be indicated to you on the Tactics Overview screen. This is from the manual. It is very clear to me, and was key to understand how tactic work. Most the time we don't even look to the manual, but the devs, here are giving key factors to be successful with majors aspects of the game. Obviously they won't tell you clearly how to win, otherwise what fun would we have? But give it a read, it is worth.
  10. Well, I can't give you exactly what to do.... As I don't know your squad and opposition what is doing. But I can assure you, that the AI is doing the same things, changing roles/duties if they want to go attacking or defensive. I have for example, 2 tactic, same style, small tweaks, but I do normally change roles/duties if I want to be more aggressive I send more body up, if I want to defend keep players back. But obviously all need to be according to your style and is situational.
  11. Pay attention to roles/duties don't need to change the whole system but small tweaks. If you want to be more prudent, just use less aggressive roles/duties.
  12. A bit complicate for me as answer, but I got what you mean by the way. Thanks
  13. Well, I understand that daily intensity, but how can I know the overall week intensity? How can I know if the week is balanced enough? There should be a sign to tell me, hey look you are very hight this week or too light @Cadoni
  14. Thanks. I read it through and I got what I was looking for. One question by the way. How do I know if the weekly schedule is light, medium or heavy. I mean, I want be able to adjust it, and as it says, balancing the session that is OK, I can see which session gives me more intensity, but how can I know when the overall schedule has achieved the desired level of intensity? @Seb Wassell
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