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  1. hello guys, I was trying to get the heat map panel but couldt find it, any help please?
  2. Thanks, in fact he didnt confirm that, thats why I further asked.
  3. I have an example to clarify, if I use att mov before a match in 1 training week, will that fall in the 2nd match too, in the same week?
  4. Same resolution here, I can't understand why I can't expand it.... It is so bloody annoying. Everytime I try to play, see that match UI and boom close the game.
  5. Hello guys, any of you could help me to get the widgets expandable as everyone else? I mean, mine are limited to only 2, and it doesn't expand further. I'll appreciate any tips and help.
  6. Yes you're completely right. The youtube mercenaries are there to make money on them shows, and can't say a word against. The game this year is the worse since the beginning, and you're right as well, the devs don't play the game, they are just programmers whom don't have an idea of how to enjoy the game. I think is no sense to ask the community anymore if they do what they want. There are still tons 9f bugs on the game too, but they are too busy programming the new game to bother. What a shame!!!
  7. Terrible UI, they ruined a game just modifying this part of the game. It has completely ruined my experience with the game, having no option of what to look after, resizing pinning, and that dugout all the time showing things that I don't care, so annoying..... A shame, this year edition,I'll never pre order the game again.
  8. I am sorry, but this year edition we MUST bear the match panels as they are, because the developers have decided like this. In my case no more than 2 option, and the dugout appearing, plus the poor match stats sticking there. Complete failure
  9. Welcome to complete match madness, and mess. You watch what I want they say, and that's it. If you're lucky enough it doesn't bugs.
  10. the tablet is the worse thing in the game.... the match day experience is awful, they tried something new pointless. We had so many option during the game and they took them away. I cant see the table, no even choose something I like. also I have just the option for 2 widgets. This year is the worse for the series. I spent 32 pounds for nothing, and I am not going to pre order the game anymore. Complete fail
  11. Yes, I had to resize all windows to get it work, but still having sizing issue, as the match experience is awful. I can't have more than 2 widgets, and cannot resize what I have. I mean this is something that let me lose interest about the game tbh. I am not playing that much, and I feel really disappointed.
  12. So, I pre ordered the game and while playing the beta I had the above issue. I tried all was suggested in the threads here, but nothing worked. So, I said, it is ok, I`ll wait for the full game , nut nothing has changed, then I unistalled the game, and I have to play the fm 20 because I bought a game but is unplayable for me. I dont think is fair, it is not a bug , but a malfunction and nobody in SI is able to fix??? I am speechless
  13. Guys, I live the 442, and having good time with it... But when I face the 532, especially when playing in italy and my team is over achieving, I struggle to get my strikers score. Any tips? Thanks
  14. By the way guys..... How do you find bugs or exploit? I am curious now. Probably I never paid much attention. Is it playing full game highlights? Do I need a big team to understand the various instructions? Please, enlight me. I never played a game on full and last 3 editions never got a big team so perhaps I am missing something.
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