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  1. Best All Round Versions such for me is FM 2010 as I been playing for 10 years and Still playing! I get the feeling that FM 2020 that if they fixed Match Engine such as One vs one and other problem then it might top the lots.
  2. FM 2010? Best all round game! FM 2012? I love the GUI but it was too easy which why Many people like it!
  3. I remember in old days of CM 01/02 when I sold some players that I am Demanding Transfer FEE that the Value that I think it is worth the moneys and they agree to it the value of it and been sold. In FM 2018, I been trying sell SALAH for £73m but Arsenal offer me £50m which is joke OFFER! I just wondering if the Transfer AI in FM 2019 have improved if you selling the players that Value of say £60m and the way Transfer AI work is that they want cheap price when they offer you £50m and you want £60m or nothing. They seem back off! How your game going when come selling Players?
  4. Had anyone seen this Cool Football Manager Shirt? I look at ebay and not there. I hope they do make one again :)
  5. Will FM 2019 using all the cores of Ryzen CPU as they have 8 Core and 16 Threads!?
  6. FM 2008 - Corner exploit FM 2010 - 4-1-2-3 where You score loads of Goals ! FM 2012 - Pacey Striker will win you Most matches! FM 2018 - Used 3 Strikers score and you will win Most Matches I am not sure about FM 2009(Very Hard to win away from Home for me!), FM 2013 to 2017 thought.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42954835 Is that good things or Bad things to have Winter Break?
  8. Thanks. I just made new Premier League with new Prize Moneys and so I have remove OLD Premier League otherwise it isnt going to work?
  9. Hiya again, thanks for helping and will have look at the links you gave me So for next Versions of FM 2018 will have prize moneys for winning league like £140m because far as I know that Sunderland get £97m being at the bottom of the league! Is that correct?
  10. Thanks for quick reply. I see and what about other Versions of FM Series like FM 2012?
  11. How can I change Prize Moneys to make more like up to date of today prize moneys like winning the premier league or champ league? I have try look at FM 2010 Editor but cant find the Prize moneys of Premier League or TV moneys and so on.
  12. Desktop PC CPU. What the best CPU for having ALL League running? i7 6800k?
  13. FM 2008 and FM 2010 are best Version for me FM 2015 Classic is alright and I am expecting much improvement in next Version of Classic!
  14. Just got new computer and someone have managed to get FM 2008 on Windows 8.1. I have try many time to get working but failed How did he managed to get working?
  15. Have they improve speed of the game because last time I played it was too slow last year!
  16. http://www.freshtechsolutions.co.uk/custom-built-computers/24-tft-computer-packages/intel-core-i7-4790-gaming-pc-1tb-hdd-16gb-1600mhz-24-tft-galaxy-r.html This seem good price and the only things you added is Windows 7 or 8.1 and Graphics card
  17. Will there be FM 2015 Benchmark Thread? I would love know what CPU and Ram will be able to get all the League turn on:)
  18. squad harmony? I never heard of Manager getting sack for squad harmony in real life but for Manager get sack for poor results(in dozens games) depending what positions they are in the league! It would be nice if you talk Lallana and Lovren on why you have sold Balotelli(They should put in the game for FM 2016!) then they wouldnt be sulkings for so long
  19. You should check out PC Format mags(new one is out now!) tell you how build £300 gaming pc and hope that help
  20. That would be much cheaper but downside is I played these games(played FM 2010, 2015, Starcraft 2,Commander and conquer Zero hour, F1 2014, Sniper Elite 3 and Battlefield 4) It is shame that there arent many RTS games coming for PC this year as I was looking forward to General 2 but it been cancel
  21. Yes. how many years of guarantee for Desktop pc? What is the total cost? Do you have pc website?
  22. ASUS VN247H Monitor? How big is it? 24"? Respond time 1m? Excellent:)
  23. The build itself look good and would be better than my gaming laptop(i7 3.9GHZ ATI 5870,8GB Ram) for sure. I think 2TB Hard drive seem overkill. 500GB Hard drive would be enough for me. Sound good but I guess monitor arent cheap are they?
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