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  1. As always a reminder about how football works: Just because you tell your players to play through the middle, it doesnt necessary follow that your opponent will let you do so. From what i've seen central play has improved significantly this and last year. It's often a real joy to watch.
  2. Just played a game against Sporting in the CL, where Haaland broke through several times (i think 4 times) and was in a 1o1 with the keeper. He always chose the lob, which failed to materialize in a goal. I saw a similiar pattern when i played Moukoko before (this match and the match before) where he performed a fail lob in a 1o1, without a ppm. While i cant say for sure that its a bug, it definitely is a weird shot selection and also quite untypical of how consistent and lethal Haaland usually executes such situations in the game It said in the sticky you guys need the save-file for the rec-file to work, but the max. attachment size is 9mb. How do i upload it for you? And is it even necessary or is the pkm enough? Cheers Borussia Dortmund – Sporting CP.pkm BVB v Sporting.rec
  3. Love to hear about the pressing and animation rework! Very excited after this video, and a very good way to present your new features. Also this kind of deeper conversation on Match Engine changes really puts to light how much effort goes into making it better.
  4. I tend to agree with those who ask for a rework of the graphics engine. Its probably right that a large part of the audience, especially outside of europe, is dependant on low specs but i also am sure that there's a large amount of people who fail to get excited about the game because they are put off by the 3D Presentation. If there's one thing i always found lacking or subpar in FM since i started playing 11 years ago, it's the match day atmosphere, graphics are a big part of that, and for a few years i hoped that the next version would be the one where SI did the leap of faith. Shame that its not this year but then again there are other parts of the game that contribute just as much to my enjoyment, so its not like i'm going to stop playing it.
  5. Definitely a part that the game needs to improve on. I think for many football fans following the manangers interactions with the press is one of the major ways to identify with the coach and learn about him, assess whether he's the right man or not (of course thats not as important as the results but still). Part of the fun i have with FM is sometimes lazily daydreaming about how i'd interact with the press, how i'd talk about certain players or circumstances - but sadly the game doesn't really tap into this too much. Last years press conference rework didn't really change anything in regards to how my interactions with the press i unfold. I can appreciate it as foundational work but wish that a deeper reform of the system would follow.
  6. Very nice trailer. If it means that we will see a greater focus on "dynamic storytelling" of one's save, i'd be very happy.
  7. Hard disagree with the takes on the player here. He looks magnificient in my eyes. Great physicals, great mentals (that decision on a winger!), a bit let down by technicals but even here with first touch and technique as real highlights. I think it happens a lot that players in FM need time to adjust to a new league. And yeah, i've had players only really come to shine in their second season, particularly wingers.
  8. This one goes on me, it was set too high and created unrealistic transfers. Will be adjusted in line with Daveincid in the next version
  9. An official answer would be great on this one. When i take over a team that is in a crisis or hasnt won in a long time or when im in a bad stretch of results myself and need to turn things around, my usual strategy is to choose an eleven with high determination, teamwork and best training performance. I do feel that it helps, but i could also be totally wrong.
  10. Wouldn't it be true that at the same jumping reach still the taller player would have an advantage in an aerial duel (lets assume both players stand next to each other and the ball is flanked right between them) as he has a shorter way to his JR and thus can utilize his physical strength more easily to gain the upper hand?
  11. I wonder if any other players suffer from their wing backs being perma-injured. I have moved to having 3 wing backs per side in my squad at this point, as every match an injury is picked up by them. I wonder if perhaps this file struggles with the massive amount of kilometers and work wing backs put into the game in FM? Another note is on the frequency of personal problems and the length of it. Should not be 1-2 weeks if you ask me. Other than that great file! Love the increased realism
  12. To be fair, i am somewhat struggling with FM21 so far. Somewhat because i nonetheless won an easy first championship with Dortmund, but i'm far from dominating as easily as i was in 2020 and am even struggling to win the leage in my second season with my bvb save. May just be me though.
  13. It's definitely a problem right now. I encounter it with my dlp's on the 6 and my central defenders when playing with a back 3. It doesn't mirror the performance whatsoever, and an excellent display in defense without conceding a goal usually meant high ratings for the back 3, but even in such games my cb in the middle is incapable of getting anything above a 6.6 (It's David Alaba btw) It's a serious problem because the rating a player receives determines a few things and isn't just cosmetic. Edit: I also disagree with the poster above me, the last two years the dlp position was one of the easiest to get regular good ratings with.
  14. You're doing awesome work! Keep it up, I've been spreading the word of these files to friends
  15. You could share how you are playing, your tactic, formation, his role etc. Then it's easier to give advice
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