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  1. Currently playing Tiki-Taka-style football in my save. 8 goals, one long shot, no set pieces. I actually suspect an increase in combination quality, because some of the one-touch plays from my team looked really stunning. Also actually decent central play. I can understand criticism regarding the systems surrounding the match engine, but the match engine itself seems to me to gradually improve with each game and each update. I feel that this years version favours central play much more than last years, and the years before that, where heavy wing play was a guarantuee to success. Of course my perspective is limited, but the state of the game is certainly not as one-sided as some here make it out to be
  2. FM has its flaws but some people want the game to be something which is not realistic. The game needs you to react to what happens on a pitch. Sometimes the pressing doesnt work, sometimes you cant keep posession etc. But you can make adjustments to increase your chances of winning. In my second year with Bilbao, despite losing a key player and not having a replacement i got the double, in my third year, with academy youngsters playing a lot i won the triple. I did not play a game-breaking style, nothing special, i had a basic style, a 5-2-1-2 system and and adjusted with only a few changes during the games, to get the best results. Every overspecialized tactic is prone to being exposed, as is the case in real life. Madrid didnt play any incredible outlandish tactic when they won their CL's.
  3. One thing that always remains unadressed is why the majority of the teams in league 1 and 2 are handled by just a few researchers. As many have pointed out, and one can call that "unreasonable" or not, the quality of the german database is relatively low, and one can not shake the feeling that the db would profit from each first league team being handled by a single researcher.
  4. Strange how this lines up with the Stadia Launch (no user addons possible) and the Arsenal edition (selling graphic addons) If this is the path that SI goes, i'm definitely out. I'm sure that a community for those FM's who still were in support of these things will form, with download links being traded around on sites that cant be targeted by greedy corps. Shame SI isn't responding to this, or is giving reassurance.
  5. Just a quick reminder that whenever a player gets sacked, its because the game is bad
  6. Even if results aren't immediate, a supporting role for the striker in a 4-3-3 is generally the best path, as otherwise he will grow too isolated in attack and waste posession when he is given the ball. The 4-3-3 is very good to create a variety of attacking threats from full backs, wingers and center midfield
  7. Indeed cross-field balls are too frequent and too good. It's just unrealistic how easily my team can switch the flanks. It's something that rarely happens in real football, and when done is a great move. Teams like Bayern can do this frequently due to their insane passing qualities, but many others struggle. Also as other noted the game is very long shot-centered and most of what happens is to move the ball from the flank to the center. What is still not present and makes the qualitiy of the matches suffer in terms of attractiveness is combination play in the center and before or in the box. Aside from counter attacks, posession build up and long shots (thats something, of course), it very much feels like watching 2nd or 3rd league matches all the time, and sadly in the department where it is the most fun and fascinating to watch high quality plays. ME is still of course unrivaled, but i'm really desiring to be able to play some beautiful combination-centered football again, and it seems that in the last few years, nothing really beats much more pragmatic football. What i really enjoy though is the much greater shift in posession numbers. Quality on the ball is much more important now, and numbers like 65% posession even without playing pepball, are now, just as is the case in reality, much more frequent. Difference in technical and tactical skills are now much more tangible and i enjoy that a lot. edit: oh, and also i appreciate the higher quality in headers. Again it favours a playstyle with two strikers, which seems for years now to be the easiest path to get wins, but nonetheless its a tangible increase in realism
  8. https://www.kicker.de/761761/artikel/football_manager_2020_die_bundesliga_muss_besser_werden Even Kicker points at DB weaknesses (even though quite cautiously) One can only hope that DB research grows more transparent and professional in germany. I exaggerated with Kox' leadership over the league, as he only manages most of the first division. But a single guy managing (in total, if meistertrainerforums data is correct) roughly 20 clubs in the first three leagues is inacceptable. The ratings given to players in the BL seem very much "calculated", as in that they are sort of derived after a subjective ranking of people's qualities in comparisons to another, while of course what makes players interesting is a much more qualtitative approach, where they are rated for their unique qualities. This is simply much more likely to happen when each Bundesliga-team has a dedicated researcher. If I understand correctly the researchers have the tools to keep the ratings in check with the overall quality of the teams and the league.
  9. AFAIK the first two leagues are managed by a single guy, Kox. Glad to see how active this thread has become, as the german database has been absolutely awful ever since i started playing, and the people at meistertrainerforum seem very inclinced not to add any new researchers beyond the Regionalligen. It is strange because the norm seems to be 1 Team = 1 Researcher, for germany it doesn't seem to count though
  10. Don't have any issues with 1o1 chances being missed. Raul Jimenez has been absolutely lethal in 1o1 for me
  11. Some remarks on the club cultures chosen for the BL teams: Bayer Leverkusen is one of the few teams in the league that doesn't have "play offensive football", which is odd, as if there is one team besides Leipzig, Bayern and Dortmund (+ Hoffenheim under Nagelsmann) where every coach in the last 10 years has been offensively minded, is Leverkusen. (Also questionable that Gladbach and Bremen do not have this tag) The opposite is happening with teams like Freiburg, Augsburg, Mainz. Very questionable to give these teams the tag, particularly Freiburg and Augsburg who have for years now played very structured, defensively-minded football. Of course they sometimes press high, and play offensively, but both are teams that are visibly marked by focussing on exceeding at the absolute fundamentals of football: Defensive stability, physicality and structure. Also i'm surprised to see that Schalke (and others like Bremen etc.) only has a single culture attributed to it, while Dortmund or Leipzig are stacked with them. It doesn't feel finished. But maybe there are limitations. For example, i would say that Schalke, even more so than Dortmund, values work rate and aggressivity in their teams tactical style. If this can't be reflected with anything but the pressing-culture, then i goes the researchers cant do much. Yet a bit disappointing to see Schalke only with a single cultural demand. Another strange thing that immediately caught my eye is the rating of Jadon Sancho. He has a finishing of 13, despite it being apparently one of his weaker aspects, while passing 12? What is brilliant about Jadon Sancho is not really his dribbling, which players like Nelson or Dilrosun amongst other young aspiring talents posess, but his very intelligent passing, timing and his great vision. I am glad that his excellent decisionmaking has been recognized, but the beauty of his passes is not reflected. I would like to hear the reasoning behind this rating. There are a few other things that stand out, like Bittencourt having a better dribbling rating than Kingsley Coman.
  12. Somebody at SI please focus on professionalizing the german DB. It's once more very bad. I'm even considering to take things into my own hand, and i would assist, but the guys at meistertrainerforum are not very open towards getting help at research. iirc there is a single guy who manages the data of 10+ clubs in the first two leagues.
  13. hasnt it always been said that Jumping reach, as is said in the quote, determines the maximum non-relative height a player can reach? So that different sized players with the same JR will both reach the same height, but the taller player has an advantage because it's easier for him to get there thus impose his physical strength and as such to win an aerial duel if both players meet?
  14. In my experience: no, Reus with his right foot is oriented towards the goal and operates in the half space. My playmaker (my formation was asymmetrical) was an om in the left half space on support, but the focus of ball retention was on the right side of the field. The breakthrough ocurred on the right side, with my om playing killer balls to my raumdeuter, my left wing back breaking through on the left flank feeding reus balls and my dlf(s) holding up the bal for him. Essentially there was a triangle of players who had the intention to feed the ball to my raumdeuter, while build up until the final third was centered on the opposite side of the field. So the overload on the left moved into effect when we approached the box. The latter, in my experience, occurs. An isolated raumdeuter, opposed to one's expectation as him essentially being undercover and then doing that decisive run, is just that: isolated and will lose the ball quite often when he does get posession early. A winger with attack duty seems to me to be a more efficient finisher if play is centered on opposite flank, as he will stay in the more easy space, meaning far out, and when he doesnt win his 1o1 he can give it back to the full-back, or hit a cross etc. Only my experience though
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