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  1. People don't want any frustrations in their game and often see realism as hindering fun. I've played this years game with a variety of teams throughout many seasons, and i'm very very happy that finally Si made fitness management something that one has to think about again. They give you all the knowledge you need to manage your squads fitness. Sometimes things look bad, just like in real life, but generally it still feels somewhat generous if you ask me.
  2. I suppose adding a choice when starting a new game would ease some of the anger. Personally i really like it though, as "world development" as is, is too static for my taste anyway.
  3. I disagree on FM17's UI being perfectly fine. It had already complicated things and made the inbox a hassle, that took a loooong time to get through. It has just gotten worse. With more and more clicks being needed, scouting reports pushing me to look through 40 scouting reports and determine for every player if i want to see him or not. The old recommendation system was very effective, highlight 3 players that were perceived to be the most important and if i wanted to see more i was still able to check the other reports that had been done. Also there are a lot of lagging and slow menus, which especially with the additional clicks are really annoying. Giving a team talk before the match was a matter of seconds before, now it feels like an exhausting task in it itself. Mechanically i think this game is a step forward, a serious step forward. I had wished for the dynamics feature for a long time and find it's execution fundamentally succesful. This is part of the strategy to make me understand why my team behaves the way it does, and it works, so thanks for that. Though it doesn't seem to be as dynamic and influential as it should be. Squad reactions still seem a bit unrealistic and awkward. Nonetheless a step forward. Also some nice added functionality to the scouting system, even though i think the UI suffered from a style over substance approach. Especially as someone who favours 1-nation teams, the option to give directions to my chief scout is a welcomed edition. 3D looks better, far from natural yes, but better. I don't want to go into all the small and annoying UI problems that have been outlined, i just want to mention that please, please fix the Name-display in the Match engine, with the condition/mf-bar and the grey box. What i miss is a training overhaul. Training is such an essential step, to see how players are developing, to see who works hard, to implement my idea of football, to teach players and sooo on. I feel it is atm an ineffective tool to analyze the players and to develop my playstyle. All in all, i regret that i didn't have the endurance to wait for next year, when the Bundesliga will be added. I hope and think that SI realizes that germany is traditionally THE football manager market, and that their start into this country should be invested into properly. With serious and professional AR's, a large marketing campaign and a polished and well-functioning product.
  4. In my own experiences injuries are more common than last year, but they occur more often outside of matches. This doesn't bother me, in my perspective i had an unrealistically low amount of injuries in FM16 and this year seems a bit more authentic and challenging.
  5. Check out the intensity of the training workload in the training menu. I had set the slider fully towards match preparation and thus the the workload was only light. So if you train a team in a new tactic it makes sense to increase the general training intensity
  6. It seems to me, though i can't exactly back it up, that passing ratio is quite high for relatively low-rated teams. I had the impression in my friendlies, and now in the first round of the german cup i play against Lotte as Dortmund, and despite me playing a pressing game (high defensive line, close down more, 4 players in central position), they have a passing ratio of 81% after 40 minutes. Oh, and over 250 passes in the first half. Edit: Lotte plays in the third german division by the way
  7. Sorry if it has been mentioned before, there's too much to read it all. The relevant attributes for new staff roles are not attributes when selected.
  8. Except Hummels holds the Center Back position in defensive shape and depending on the situation also in posession.
  9. Di Maria at Madrid is the roaming playmaker role Kind of makes sense that there are no new rules. I hoped for new ones but now that i think of it i struggle to think of anything. I would like a more Hummels-like CB-role. Even hummels himself, with PI's, doesn't play like the real Hummels did, especially under Tuchel last year. I guess you could call that role a "Roaming Centerback", Centrebacks who move up from deep with the ball to surprise the oppositions defense/utilize create space, which is a high risk of course.
  10. Except for two, SI claims every year that these departments are improved.
  11. Match engine updates are worth it most of the time and this year it looks really promising. But there are just so many major aspects that could do with a revamp and there was nothing here gain. Of course i dig the quality-of-life improvements but i feel like SI is playing it safe.
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