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  1. hasnt it always been said that Jumping reach, as is said in the quote, determines the maximum non-relative height a player can reach? So that different sized players with the same JR will both reach the same height, but the taller player has an advantage because it's easier for him to get there thus impose his physical strength and as such to win an aerial duel if both players meet?
  2. In my experience: no, Reus with his right foot is oriented towards the goal and operates in the half space. My playmaker (my formation was asymmetrical) was an om in the left half space on support, but the focus of ball retention was on the right side of the field. The breakthrough ocurred on the right side, with my om playing killer balls to my raumdeuter, my left wing back breaking through on the left flank feeding reus balls and my dlf(s) holding up the bal for him. Essentially there was a triangle of players who had the intention to feed the ball to my raumdeuter, while build up until the final third was centered on the opposite side of the field. So the overload on the left moved into effect when we approached the box. The latter, in my experience, occurs. An isolated raumdeuter, opposed to one's expectation as him essentially being undercover and then doing that decisive run, is just that: isolated and will lose the ball quite often when he does get posession early. A winger with attack duty seems to me to be a more efficient finisher if play is centered on opposite flank, as he will stay in the more easy space, meaning far out, and when he doesnt win his 1o1 he can give it back to the full-back, or hit a cross etc. Only my experience though
  3. At first glance i'd say that you give your opponent too much time and space with two dm's and the more defensive instructions. I'd say push them up to the CM-block as to create more pressure on the opponent midfield. This may give more space in the case for a breakthrough but also adds 2 players to your counter-attacks. Personally i feel the best defensive system with an underdog is a 4-5-1 and a pressing forward on defense, but that would of course be an entirely different system
  4. I had success with Dortmund, making Reus the most dangerous and impactful player as a Raumdeuter. But i didn't build the team around him, i just decided he would be the main-outlet for scoring. I focussed on very clean posession-football, lots of movement from my players and then as the breakthrough-clue a really heavy overload on the left Raumdeuter-side with Guerreiro as a CWB(a). So its defo possible and roughly looking at your setup you're not far away, but an effective Raumdeuter needs a very solid and versatile tactic around him to allow him to roam in space as he does.
  5. The changes this season are pretty toned down compared to last year with the training but i dont have a problem with it. Often the year after a big change delivered the best FM for a couple of years and all the changes that have been announced sound good. Of course i'd wish for something a bit more radical: If there is a change to staff, then why not make staff members much more prominent personalities that strongly affect the way your team plays or your players develop, as opposed to reducing it to attribute min/maxing + personality, which is essentially all that a staff member is for us. A lot of these things would be nice to have, though i understand that the immense complexity of the database is binding the hands of the developers of how much can be processed and handled. I would definitely like if SI made the somewhat unpopular decision to advance their systems with the negative trade off that a lot of older systems wouldnt be able to join. Especially now with the new influx of german players one could possibly risk such a move and increase the demand on hardware. But that's just me, it is an entertainment product after all and casting out a large amount of players for the sake of a better game for a minority isnt a financially sensitive decision to make. What i hope about is that squad management becomes a bit more realistic, personality-driven and thus demanding. Heavy Rotation with a squad that has 2 decent players for every position is the way to go and relatively easy to establish but its often not realistic as Cristiano Ronaldo would make a big drama if he didn't start in 90% of the games, same goes for players like Lewandowski, Reus, etc. etc. - all the "star players" essentially. The new concept of playing time and squad roles hopefully aims in just that direction and makes it much harder to rotate star players out of the squad unless if communicated and for unimportant fixtures. Another thing that is dearly hoped for on my end, is that exhaustion and stamina and thus adaption of intensity during the game become much more dynamic and relevant. If i press heavily it should have visible and quantifiable effects during the match, which is not the case. Sure, it is a good decision to take out tempo of the game when you press high, at the end of the game, but statistically and from the info of my players stamina it doesnt seem to be important at all. There are very little differences in kilometers between teams and big differences in stamina also are always a case of lack of rotation in one of the teams and rarely develop during matches. In my experience as a football watcher stamina, teams running out of energy, seems often to be the decisive factors in matches, particularly in those where a big team plays against a small team, as the better team is much more efficient with posession and passing play and forces the opponent into a lot of sprints and heavy movement, even during somewhat equal games this minor difference in quality of ball retention often leads to the better team edging out the opponent as the game progresses. This is present, if at all, only intuitively, and during my last save with Bilbao in which i won the double in the 2nd and the treble in the 3rd season, i never went down from extremely high intensity. I hope this will be adressed in FM20. Other than that i'm optimistic. I still wish there was a paradox-like dev diary system in place where developers explain in detail and in exchange with the community the changes made to the game, but so far SI hasnt disappointed. It remains one of the most complex games on the whole games market, rivalling strategy games like Combat Zones. And if you ask me the Match Engine has become better with every single year - though it is true from my perspective that the increased difficulty of the game (due to higher realism) has led to certain tactical systems and formations being much more dominant than others and that translation of tactical settings to the pitch often feels very arbitrary. It never is, but it feels that way. And while a 4-4-2 if one gets the basics will always work, other more unusual formations take months of luck, patience and analysis to figure out, even though managers like Guardiola or at the moment in spectactular fashion in Germany Nagelsmann show that there is absolutely no hierarchy in terms of quality in regards to formations. That got a bit long :P
  6. People don't want any frustrations in their game and often see realism as hindering fun. I've played this years game with a variety of teams throughout many seasons, and i'm very very happy that finally Si made fitness management something that one has to think about again. They give you all the knowledge you need to manage your squads fitness. Sometimes things look bad, just like in real life, but generally it still feels somewhat generous if you ask me.
  7. I suppose adding a choice when starting a new game would ease some of the anger. Personally i really like it though, as "world development" as is, is too static for my taste anyway.
  8. I disagree on FM17's UI being perfectly fine. It had already complicated things and made the inbox a hassle, that took a loooong time to get through. It has just gotten worse. With more and more clicks being needed, scouting reports pushing me to look through 40 scouting reports and determine for every player if i want to see him or not. The old recommendation system was very effective, highlight 3 players that were perceived to be the most important and if i wanted to see more i was still able to check the other reports that had been done. Also there are a lot of lagging and slow menus, which especially with the additional clicks are really annoying. Giving a team talk before the match was a matter of seconds before, now it feels like an exhausting task in it itself. Mechanically i think this game is a step forward, a serious step forward. I had wished for the dynamics feature for a long time and find it's execution fundamentally succesful. This is part of the strategy to make me understand why my team behaves the way it does, and it works, so thanks for that. Though it doesn't seem to be as dynamic and influential as it should be. Squad reactions still seem a bit unrealistic and awkward. Nonetheless a step forward. Also some nice added functionality to the scouting system, even though i think the UI suffered from a style over substance approach. Especially as someone who favours 1-nation teams, the option to give directions to my chief scout is a welcomed edition. 3D looks better, far from natural yes, but better. I don't want to go into all the small and annoying UI problems that have been outlined, i just want to mention that please, please fix the Name-display in the Match engine, with the condition/mf-bar and the grey box. What i miss is a training overhaul. Training is such an essential step, to see how players are developing, to see who works hard, to implement my idea of football, to teach players and sooo on. I feel it is atm an ineffective tool to analyze the players and to develop my playstyle. All in all, i regret that i didn't have the endurance to wait for next year, when the Bundesliga will be added. I hope and think that SI realizes that germany is traditionally THE football manager market, and that their start into this country should be invested into properly. With serious and professional AR's, a large marketing campaign and a polished and well-functioning product.
  9. In my own experiences injuries are more common than last year, but they occur more often outside of matches. This doesn't bother me, in my perspective i had an unrealistically low amount of injuries in FM16 and this year seems a bit more authentic and challenging.
  10. Check out the intensity of the training workload in the training menu. I had set the slider fully towards match preparation and thus the the workload was only light. So if you train a team in a new tactic it makes sense to increase the general training intensity
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