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  1. I wonder if any other players suffer from their wing backs being perma-injured. I have moved to having 3 wing backs per side in my squad at this point, as every match an injury is picked up by them. I wonder if perhaps this file struggles with the massive amount of kilometers and work wing backs put into the game in FM? Another note is on the frequency of personal problems and the length of it. Should not be 1-2 weeks if you ask me. Other than that great file! Love the increased realism
  2. To be fair, i am somewhat struggling with FM21 so far. Somewhat because i nonetheless won an easy first championship with Dortmund, but i'm far from dominating as easily as i was in 2020 and am even struggling to win the leage in my second season with my bvb save. May just be me though.
  3. It's definitely a problem right now. I encounter it with my dlp's on the 6 and my central defenders when playing with a back 3. It doesn't mirror the performance whatsoever, and an excellent display in defense without conceding a goal usually meant high ratings for the back 3, but even in such games my cb in the middle is incapable of getting anything above a 6.6 (It's David Alaba btw) It's a serious problem because the rating a player receives determines a few things and isn't just cosmetic. Edit: I also disagree with the poster above me, the last two years the dlp position
  4. Do you have a source for this? I generally upped the wages of the Dortmund staff now. But it's hard to decipher how far one would go.
  5. @JTraverseNoted, and will be edited soon by me
  6. You're doing awesome work! Keep it up, I've been spreading the word of these files to friends
  7. You could share how you are playing, your tactic, formation, his role etc. Then it's easier to give advice
  8. Re-downloading normally won't help you. Not seeing what you see it's hard whether you are the only one with the problem or that you perhaps simply come to different conclusions.
  9. As RocheBag pointed out the Discount runs out in three and a half hours. I think this is a good indicator of release time in union with the changed release date in the store and the steamdb. Perhaps there's an hour difference between the two but realistically it should release in approximately 4 hours.
  10. I think there are some issuesd in the match engine that lead to some of the scores and runs that we are seeing this year. And i can easily see them being fixed. One of the things though which really ought to be changed in my opinion is the impact of a players squad status. It remains too easy to rotate a packed squad and prevent any sort of unrest emerging if your squad. I can start a star player for 30 out of 50 matches per season and he'll be deligted with play time whereas in reality many star players get angry and frustrated if even subbed out. This allows the player to build unrealis
  11. Honestly that ought to be like half a year of a ban.
  12. Being Dortmunds AR i'll gladly upload a file of my own. Though it won't have the HR's input i'll do my best to make him reasonably good. Though i have to say i struggle to see how he's not one of those Mbappe-like talents that deserves a -10 PA. Haaland himself, after scoring 4 goals yesterday, called him the biggest talent in world football right now. And in a recent interview with one of germanys former youth coaches who trained him for a few years, he also stated that Moukoko may be the biggest german talent in a long, long while.
  13. I think an editor file with Moukoko will be one of the first things to show up in the workshop on day one.
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