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  1. marris09

    Team reports

    Sweet thankyou
  2. marris09

    Team reports

    Has this been looked at?
  3. marris09

    Team reports

    Theres a fair few team reports pending from prem reserve teams and championship first/reserve teams.
  4. marris09

    Team reports

    have just uploaded, its called jamie marris - scunthorpe touch 2
  5. marris09

    Team reports

    Sure how do i do that?
  6. marris09

    Upgrading device

    Create folder on pc called saved games If you go on itunes with ipad plugged in,find file sharing and click fmt,should see a folder called saved games click it and at bottom somewhere it should ask you if you want to save the contents of that folder.save the contents to the folder you just created.when uve got new iPad set up,back on itunes,file sharing, fmt,drag the created saved games folder over the one in itunes,click yes to overwrite.disconnect ipad 💪🏻
  7. Fm18 tactics dont work with fm19 however if you want to upload other fm19 created tactics, make a folder on your pc and call it tactics,put every tactic in this folder, connect ipad to itunes,click on the ipad icon.then file sharing,then fm19.you should see some fmt19 folders.drag and drop the tactics folder you created over the tactics folder in itunes.will ask if you want to overwrite,click yes.next time u load fmt19 ur tactics should be in game
  8. marris09

    Uploading tactics

    Can you access the game files at all?like iPad version i can see the game files in itunes.
  9. marris09

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    Whats the best version of ashbringer?
  10. marris09

    Uploading tactics

    What tablet?
  11. marris09

    Touch Code for iOS

    The touch version that came with the full game is for pc only.touch on your tablet would have to be bought seperatley from your tablets app store
  12. marris09

    Team reports

    Playing as scunthorpe,when getting team reports,for the scout to recommend loan players,i get zero suggestions in the scouting centre,ive got reports on every premiership reserve team and every championship first/reserve team.not 1 loan suggestion.
  13. No buddy,i tried a brand new save,so had no loans,did team reports,still got no reccomendations.