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  1. Hi, just downloaded this game on series x, is there any plans to introduce a speed / sensitivity slider for the cursor? Its to aggressive at the minute, makes navigation a pain!
  2. You sir, are a legend! Thankyou 😁
  3. Hi guys im after the default fm skin but with instant result and backgrounds enabled but have no idea how to do this myself. Ive looked to see if someone has done one nearest one is wannachupbrew but backgrounds arnt enabled, is anyone able to do this for me? Much appreciated
  4. Whats your best 4231 that mostly works at all levels? Usually do a lower league save and a prem save.
  5. just done it cheers.used a different programme to extract.one i was using wouldnt work
  6. theres an error code when i put password in i get crc mismatch
  7. Scunthorpe vs Scunthorpe Under 18s_20 minutes.ogv Scunthorpe vs Scunthorpe Under 18s_48 minutes.ogv
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