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  1. Theres another one that ive seen,ive not been effected by this but 3rd season( 20-21) jan transfer window michael duffy has been signed from dundalk to coventry but transfer wont go through until 9th june 2021 has played for dundalk since 2017 with no loans.
  2. Playing as scunthorpe,just signed diego forlan as a free agent,pre season first season,yet he wont be joining until 1-1-19?
  3. just done it cheers.used a different programme to extract.one i was using wouldnt work
  4. theres an error code when i put password in i get crc mismatch
  5. Scunthorpe vs Scunthorpe Under 18s_20 minutes.ogv Scunthorpe vs Scunthorpe Under 18s_48 minutes.ogv
  6. Also scunthorpe have a u23 squad with russ wilcox as manager but thats not included in game
  7. All ur tactics still working? Some peoples tactics have broken
  8. Anyone still having success with tactics since latest me changes 19.3?
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