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  1. Can still do it on fmt19 you need a computer to do it tho,create a folder on computer called tactics put the tactics you want in to this folder,make sure fm is not running on ipad plug it in to computer and load up itunes,file sharing,then fmt19 you will see a tactics folder,drag the created tactics folder over the folder thats in itunes.wait for transfer to complete,unplug and load fm
  2. Would the tweak tactic work with a lower league team like scunthorpe?
  3. marris09

    FM19 Tactics by TFF

    These tactics not working for me after latest update,using ashbringer14 and stormcaller
  4. marris09

    [ENGLAND] Scunthorpe United Data Issues

    Player missing, yasin ben el mhanni ,down as free agent when infact plays for scunthorpe united.
  5. I have moved from laptop gaming to pc,i have a single player and an online save that i have saved to the cloud,they just wont show up on my pc,ive left it 20 mins before shutting laptop down after saving as has been suggested but still just wont show up on pc?
  6. marris09

    Custom graphics question

    Ooo how do i use that?didnt realise that was a thing
  7. marris09

    Custom graphics question

    Yeh i no,but im on about the easiest way to transfer the tactics to a different pc with redownloading.
  8. Currently play fm on a laptop,but will be moving to pc gaming very soon,whats the easiest way of moving all my graphics over to the pc without having to redownload everything?
  9. marris09

    Team reports

    Sweet thankyou
  10. marris09

    Team reports

    Has this been looked at?
  11. marris09

    Team reports

    Theres a fair few team reports pending from prem reserve teams and championship first/reserve teams.
  12. marris09

    Team reports

    have just uploaded, its called jamie marris - scunthorpe touch 2
  13. marris09

    Team reports

    Sure how do i do that?