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  1. in my long term save with Dortmund I have 166 match in bundesliga without lose heh - and i don't play save/load
  2. mate for ex. I play with Real Madrid - won 7:1, then i play with Brema (10th. in league) and won 2:1... tac. it's great but this match engine is terrible
  3. I love situation when my team score a lot of goals so I try "EXECUTIONER" - few games - 10:0, 6:0, 5:0 but now I won 2:1, 3:0, 1:0.... i don't know why... maybe training it's wrong.. set training to attack?
  4. hi knap, which you're tac. are highscore? I had very stron team (CA 180 - 200) and my results its fine but almost my game are 2:1 or 2:0. I don't score more than 110 goals in league..
  5. Knap What's you're the highest scoring tac. in 19.3.4 for top team?
  6. Which tac is the best for the team that promoted to the higher league?
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