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  1. in my long term save with Dortmund I have 166 match in bundesliga without lose heh - and i don't play save/load
  2. mate for ex. I play with Real Madrid - won 7:1, then i play with Brema (10th. in league) and won 2:1... tac. it's great but this match engine is terrible
  3. I love situation when my team score a lot of goals so I try "EXECUTIONER" - few games - 10:0, 6:0, 5:0 but now I won 2:1, 3:0, 1:0.... i don't know why... maybe training it's wrong.. set training to attack?
  4. hi knap, which you're tac. are highscore? I had very stron team (CA 180 - 200) and my results its fine but almost my game are 2:1 or 2:0. I don't score more than 110 goals in league..
  5. Which tac is the best for the team that promoted to the higher league?
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