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  1. After reading this, I finaly can win. Eventhough I play as man utd!!
  2. In the striker filter that you have uploaded, you include the need for positioning for the striker. Is this necessary? Because I cant find much players with this attribute.
  3. Yeah please share, I am looking also for one
  4. does the flc has to have a good right leg and the flc a good left leg?
  5. I see that Luc Castaignos is free in the latest update but he still is under contract with Internazionale
  6. Just won with 9-0 against Werder Bremen, Naldo was so bad he ended the game with a 0.7!!! Has anyone seen this before?
  7. Thats a great challenge!! :-) But I also think the league is really easy, I won it with about 23 points ahead of the number 2!
  8. I am trying to create an all German squad, and then try to become the manager of Germany. Finished my first season last night, won the league and the champions league.
  9. I am currently in the first season with Bayern. I have done one major transfer in January, I bought Hummels for 35 million and a clause for 20 million after 50 league goals. He isn't going to score 50 goals so I don't have to pay that. I hope I finish my season tonight than I can post my results.
  10. I am using this training schedules and they work great for me: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/279751-Training-The-Furious-Way
  11. When playing against a 4-4-2 the mr and the ml have opposition instruction to show on weaker foot. Is this a mistake? Because you say that you don't use them
  12. I used your tactic with Barca, I know Barca. But its amazing, look at my screens:
  13. I have bought Botia as a backup, because the low transfer fee. Messi played only one game for the B team, because I saw that they were going down. So I had made my whole first team available for the b team. They won and didnt go down. But I dont let messi play for them again because he got injured for 2 months.
  14. Just won the first two prizes of the season. The supercup against Real. At home with 7-1 and away 1-0. The European supercup I won with 4-0 against Bilbao
  15. I am now starting the second season, I sold Keita, Affelay, Keirrisson and Adriano. I put Rafinha in the first team as a backup. And Gipsy I just past the first of July, but no havent had the problem with the player status.
  16. I am playing 4-3-3 the version Brobs uploaded. I only changed Messi to target man and run to feet.
  17. Just finished my first season. I have won everything that there is to win. Messi was really great he scored in total 123 times: I have never had so many goals in my league: I only bought dede, the brazilian centreback. Botia is coming in the next transferwindows for 2.5 million as a backup because Puyol is declining fast.
  18. I think about buying him, because the physics of puyol are getting lower very fast. I am playing with 3 strikers, i am retraining Thiago as a striker. I think he is going to be great.
  19. What do you guys think about Botia, you can buy him for 2.5 million euro's. I think he is great for backup.
  20. Messi is doing great, he has broke the league record from Ronaldo allready in December if I could remember. When I am home I'll continue my first season and do some screens.
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