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  1. I found this regen, paid 12 million for him when he was 15 but he is worth every penny.
  2. Yeah I am also using it, and it works great for my PSG save. In my first season I wont the first 12 league games with 51 goals scored and only 5 against.
  3. West Ham has just got taken over bij a Tycoon on 5 april 2016, the savegame is from 7 april 2016. On the point of the tycoon take over West Ham are last in the Premier league. http://www.mediafire.com/download/axhk2pyaty765sa/WestHamTycoon.fm
  4. There is a version in the steamworkshop, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=342390319&searchtext=german
  5. How long do you guys play Ronaldo? I am now in 2024 and he is still a valuable backup. I am playing him as a MR.
  6. Hello all I am looking for a new laptop, I found one with a great processor. But what about this graphicscard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M
  7. won a few games with ajax but as soon as the opposition becomes better, I get ripped apart.
  8. That's a coincidence I am playing with juve. I bought him back in the second season as a backup for Giovinco. He is reallt great when needed
  9. Impossible? I dont think so http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/380873-Making-Messi-Messi(ish)?p=9350812&viewfull=1#post9350812
  10. Do you play left footed wingers on the left and right footed wngers on the right.
  11. You can do it bij setting the oi's in a match, and than save the tactic in the match.
  12. Checked it straight when i imported it into my game. I havent changed anything, but now changed it back.
  13. I mean that in the tactic the marking is wrong. atleast in the version that i have downloaded. my right ss is marking the dr, this has to be the dl.
  14. I have now downloaded the latest version with the striker. but again the marking is set as the right shadowstriker marks the dr of the oppenent.
  15. Yeah I know but in the v4 version i download the marking is set to left striker tot leftback and right striker tot right back
  16. in your latest version the right striker man marks the rightback and the left striker the left back, is this correct?
  17. nice, I was thinking also start with that save. You convinced me.
  18. Genoa got an Italian tycoon in august 2013. I have started the game without budget, so you get money in november. The following leagues are selected: England France Germany Holland Italy Spain http://www.mediafire.com/download/hhv62m2qnh5c6g3/GenoaTycoon.fm
  19. Club: Ajax Transfer Budget: 10 mill Wage Budget:550.000 Position: ball-winning midfielder support With: Other: Loyalty Bonus: Agent Bonus: Season: begi season 2
  20. Is anyone interested in a save where dutch club NEC gets a tycoon? It is in 2022 so there arent many real players left. Here is the save, you can also play with Ajax. I have resigned them they have also allot of money but no Sugardaddy. http://www.filedropper.com/tycoonnec
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