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  1. If my PC is doing the work then would any slow down not be due to the internet connection rather than bloated database? Besides I wont be running a massive 100K+ database we are just starting in the lower leagues so I want plenty of options both for players and job offers if they come our way.
  2. Me and most people I know who play do this, although typically I have GK as #1(if I have one at all on the bench) as it makes more sense, since your starting from one side of the pitch to the other. Back in the days of Champ Man before Football Manager was a thing me and a friend would always put on "inspirational music" for our players during matches, things like, Journey Don't Stop Believing, Push it to the Limit, Eye Of the Tiger etc Was great fun for setting the mood in big knockout matches. Let me tell you in 01/02 Samuel Eto'o damn well loved Van Halen Jump, any time I was 1 down and needed a goal I would turn it on and he would score. Don't really do it much anymore unless its in a big match in a multiplier game with mates round.
  3. Do you have any examples or figures on this? I would love to see them. I have never seen this though playing the game, admittedly I've never done any experiments or research like others in this thread but over my 1000s of hours each year I have never encountered a player who at the age of 25+ went form a low rep team(or lower league) to end up being a top player in a top league. IRL we can look at Vardy or Lalana as recent examples as well as others mentioned here. I have seen players who had high PA who never made it at all, one player who stands out had 200PA but <120CA aged 29 who moved about smaller European teams but never left a mark. Sorta related to this thread, I've been testing custom nation rules I've made so have had quite a few games where I went on holiday till 2040+ I never looked at hidden stats only curiously clicking about before going on to check things related to my database. I noticed a pattern on some mid tier payers, so decent to good players at lower end or mid tier premiership teams. They all seem to follow the same pattern good physicals, decent to good mental, but poor technical it was like all their CA was used up in the physical and mental stats, I never once noticed a player who had good to great technical stats but was let down by mental or physical. Again I only clicked about on a few players so I am only looking for reassurance not making accusations .
  4. Any one have any insight into this? I don't want to start a save that isn't sustainable in the long run because of something so simple as database size.
  5. So me and a friend are starting up our two player save as we have done over the years. However I have recently upgraded my PC so I'm now running a 8700K and 16GB 3600MHz RAM, whilst he is still on his old 4th gen i5. He doesn't want me to load in too many leagues as he is worried his PC wont handle it well, but if I'm the host does my PC not do all or at least most of the processing work?
  6. Just curious, did It take noticeably longer to play with so many leagues/Players? I have a pretty good PC(i7 8700K OC'ed to 4.8GHz all cores), but it stills drops to the 1/2 star once I turn on any databases that size. I usually play with a lot on but keep it 3 star or so performance but was considering going the full hog with every league on and and starting off unemployed this year but don't want to bother if it takes too long, I would be willing to sacrifice some leagues if it slowed the game down too much.
  7. Basically I was wondering if I manage in a smaller nation with much lower values, say Portugal but go on to become at a similar level to the top clubs will my player values be limited to my nations set valuation?
  8. So I know transfer values are based on reputation and (I think) their current based nations set value ( you can see these in the editor). My question is this what reputation is this applying to? If I had to pick one it would be Current but I'm really not sure. I'm assuming Home is for that players national team, so how that player is perceived in his home nation and how he performs in international probably affects this. But I cant really decide on which of the other two it could be nor what really separates these two.
  9. CurnRaisin

    Why Is There No Help With the Editor?

    I agree with each of these but 3. I just want to know why? I mean look at the amount of PC games with Mods that can do a lot more controversial things than what the FM editor is capable of. The only angle I can see is the use of real people names, but I can't see any way anything would backfire on SI unless they explicitly give instructions/guides or endorse in some way something extremely controversial espically considering many games have the potential to be modded to include real people and their likeness do do a lot worse than what is possible in FM editor.
  10. So I'm getting ready to start a save on my custom Irish league system and before I start I'm wondering are there any tips or quality of life changes that can be made to make custom leagues more sustainable/fun for long saves. I'll start off with saying, add in some awards to any freshly created divisions or those without any. Even if it is only a set of awards covering a regional tier with 3-4 divisions in it. It makes those lower leagues feel that little bit more alive when managing in them.
  11. CurnRaisin

    International Break periods .

    Thanks for the help, in the end I just went on holiday till 2050 or so and checked back though when the international matches where. It is for a custom league and I noticed whilst the league has an option to check for clashes the cups do not( or I jut missed it).
  12. Just wondering are there set international break periods and are they(roughly) the same every year? If so is there an easy list for me to see when these are.
  13. CurnRaisin

    Possible to generate a profit?

    I'm sure you will be fine, just try and be smart with the finances you can control like transfers and player wages. If things get really bad don't be too against selling first choice players if you have an OK replacement or can get one in. The two worst things that would happen I imagine is a points deduction and the board accepting bids for players. You'll survive..
  14. When trying to schedule cup dates is there an easy "Avoid Clashes With" box or do I just have to manually set the dates to avoid internationals? If so is there a list of international dates to avoid? It is hardcoaded you can however edit the nation rules you can put in squad rules so that x amount of players in your league or match day squad are home grown, you could give your self something like 15 players must be homegrown in nation or what you ask a maximum of 3 foreign players in match day squad, or league squad. These will apply to all teams in the league/cup. As for your other questions I'm not 100% on them.
  15. CurnRaisin

    Possible to generate a profit?

    If your doing well you will get money eventually if you move up the divisions or your chairman might inject some cash when things get too bad,(or try and jump ship and sell ;p) but since your asking here I'm assuming your looking for advice for the editor. Editor wise unless you have the ingame editor it means making a new save. Since I am playing about with my own project atm I am trying to get the finances sorted for all the clubs, so have been playing around with the options. A few ways you can do so is: Raising the money that the league/cups gets them, so raising TV/Prize money etc(only if you can edit the nation rules). Next thing you can do is to edit your clubs chairman to be a sugar daddy, I recommend background/Underwriter so they don't actively pile the money in rather give it in a more reasonable way. Unless you want this of course, they can also pull out funding quite quickly for smaller clubs though. Next would be to edit your teams stadium and average attendances, so that you have a reliable stream of revenue form gate receipts. However the best way I have found so far is to give yourselves a couple of sponsors with the renew income ticked, I set all mine to a year as it was my first time testing it but it has looked good so far. Teams will renegotiate these sponsorships once they run out and the values will change I think dependent on the teams reputation. I attached an example as to how it looks in the editor, and then a screenshot of two different teams after I holidayed until 2024 you can see how the values have changed over time and are different for each team. For even more realism check out what other clubs in your division start off with and run with something similar to them.