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  1. Fair fair fair I was only teasing. I understand he can go backwards and drop off just as easily. The nature of the game.
  2. Took the free kick to assist the goal to make England winners of the group vs 2 very good teams. I think you are harsh in saying it's the least competitive England side considering it's filled with Champions League quality players, got to a World Cup semi final and finished top of the group in the Nations League. Roll on the Nations League finals Nah but seriously Chilwell is a hell of a player.
  3. I'm hardly hyping him up. He clearly had talent being an England U21 LB. It's no surprise after a sustained run in the team he is proving himself and looking less nervous defensively with more and more experience. A few touted him to be an England player eventually it's just he's progressed very quickly recently. But I respect your opinion .
  4. Pasting this from FM18 as no reply Maddison should be more comfortable playing on the left wing. Currently he is suited to RW in the game. Over his career Over this season Another thing is Chilwell has been one of the best LBs in the league this season and rightly pushing to be a regular in the England squad. I think small increases to some stats would be fair. His slide tackling is stunning at times. His stamina is one of his best attributes and his pace didn't look too shabby vs Bellerin at the weekend. Technique could go up as his touch is very good and is starting to take free kicks recently. Surely Maguire's jumping reach should go up a point or two to 17? He is extremely good at winning headers especially for attacking corners. I'm strugglign to find a better ratio of headers won and lost
  5. Clan Name: N/a Game: FM18 Times: Evenings GMT. Start around 5/6 each night. Leagues: Championship (English leagues) Additional Info: About 5 of us from sortitoutsi discord are starting a Championship save this evening. We had a bundesliga one going before and it was very fun. Come join discord say hello hopefully one of us will be online and you can read some rules we have going. https://discord.gg/tT39kBH
  6. Hello, I picked my username 6 years ago and can't seem to change it. If it's possible can I change my username to: dominicmsb
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