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  1. Rest in peace Bob. I'll admit I was never a huge fan of you as a pundit/analyst but nothing but admiration for your contribution to England cricket and the game as a whole.
  2. Had to **** in a bag at uni once. Four people to one bathroom; guy was in the shower and I had the runs.
  3. oh jesus, I don't even know if I do! I think this could be the 2010 one. I don't even have the games to hand to find out. Cyprus.dbc
  4. controversial start to FM16. Taken over at Luton (as a Watford fan) and proceeded to make my first signing ex-Watford player Darren Ward. Not sure I'm gonna do well here..
  5. Having failed to get into FM15 until about June, I'm trying to get with the times for 16. Downloading now; fancy trying out being someone different. expecting my PC to completely struggle to run it though.
  6. hm that makes things look a bit better I guess. Not entirely convinced by the logic of bringing in one of the most renowned openers in the CC to play as a three, but I can't imagine him doing poorly there. is Ronchi likely to re-sign?
  7. So Tresco and Rogers to open the batting with a combined age of nearly 80? Top player to have, but not too sure he's what Somerset need. Problem is a lack of middle-order experience and proper batsmen rather than a bunch of all-rounders. An experienced WK and a proven quick to take some pressure off the Overtons would be nice too, especially with Jamie looking far from impressive at times.
  8. Would just not allowing the extra ball surfice? You bowl a no ball, that ball doesn't count and you move on. No second chance to make amends. Runs can still be scored, but the batsmen cannot be out until the next legitimate bal is bowled.
  9. And stood upright and passive at that. I'm torn between being angry at how poor we have been, and hopeful that the selectors have taken note and focussed as much attention on the CC as they have this test.
  10. He is a proper, dedicated and reliable off spinner that puts ours (who is essentially a number 5/6 batsman and part-timer with a generous average) to shame. You don't need to be brilliant, you just need to be better than your opposition.
  11. And anyone looking to study how not to bowl no balls. ^beat me to it ugh.
  12. No-one will remember this test, except for the players (hopefully) dropped because of it.
  13. when did Broad forget he was a proper batsman? Jumping backwards and holding your bat outside off is not how you achieve anything at any level ffs.
  14. ffs Stokes. I might have to abandon my buying a pint each time we lose a wicket and just buy the next three at once.
  15. I'd keep Bairstow but make him WK and drop him down the order. Replace Buttler, Lyth and Bell and give Anderson the dignity of quitting while on top by not recalling him to play in conditions that don't suit him. I'd give Borthwick another go and make Broad and Finn our main quicks. Finn thrives on confidence, so let's give it to him for once.
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