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  1. oh jesus, I don't even know if I do! I think this could be the 2010 one. I don't even have the games to hand to find out. Cyprus.dbc
  2. not sure I can do it manually, but I've tried. if it doesn't work, can someone change the title of this thread to 'Hide and Tzatziki - An attempt at Cypriot domination'. thanks.
  3. Glad you're enjoying it. I will be, and have created most so far. I'm just waiting on a couple of kits being worn (as I can't seem to find photos anywhere) and then it'll be ready for release. I think it's pretty much only the Aris, Achna and Nea Salamis away kits I'm waiting on actually. sadly I don't have this available (to my knowledge) right now
  4. all player data is untouched from the DB. data is usually good
  5. Αnyone else been trying this out? I'm in Cyprus right now but will fix what I can when I can..
  6. It should be fine. :confused: Can you not do anything? I played 3/4 seasons and holidayed 10+ and never had any issues with the C division.
  7. weird. Have you edited anything, using any other mods, or not using the most recent build?
  8. Yep, that's noticed. I need to tidy up cities, stadia etc, but it's not an issue.
  9. Thank you. A lot of the fails are due to past merges with old builds and with my FM10 stuff that may have caused a few issues. I'm fixing or deleting them when I can, but any drawn to my attention will be sorted asap. The other issue I'm not sure where it's come from, but I'll try and fix it.I know there are quite a few data duplicates lurking and in need of a fix too.I'm home from Brazil next week so I'll get to work then. Let me know of any more issues
  10. there might be a few issues with the D division awards - I'll look into it.
  11. should I put some screenshots up? I've just been promoted from PAAOK B' with THOI Pyrgou
  12. noticed a slight issue - wrong teams going into PAAOK cup. fixed.
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