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  1. oh jesus, I don't even know if I do! I think this could be the 2010 one. I don't even have the games to hand to find out. Cyprus.dbc
  2. 43(?) years, possibly. As Villarreal (and Brazil, for part) on FM11, I think. Save of the legendary Clodoaldo; 1000+ goals in his career. Also went well over 30 years with Wolves, on what must have been the edition before the Villarreal save. Memorable for them building two stadia in my honour
  3. Anyone had a chance to test this? Having a few issues with a new version that is WIP.
  4. I don't understand the error message. I can only guess that the Greek edit has in some way modified something to do with one of the existing Cypriot leagues with 14 teams required? I have touched nothing in the way of Greece so fingers crossed it's not an issue with my file. Does it work fine with everything else?
  5. Known issues: STOK promotion simplified from reality. Some matches are played at unrealistic (higher reputation) stadia. 'League History' in club overview displays result for second stage of A' Katigoria, opposed to overall league table. Not much I can do about this afaik. Some awards not processing correctly. Possibly an issue when players aren't generated. Awards lacking for lower tiers. Finances might need a tweaking. Stadia conditions etc for created stadia need downgrading - teams in Cypriot 5th tier rarely have perfect pitches. Fixture dates for regional leagues and cups may need changing. They are currently roughly all set to follow the national structure, which may not be accurate in all cases. Also with the limited numbers of teams yet only playing 2 rounds of fixtures, some leagues probably need to brought closer together. That is Oct/Nov to March rather than Sept-Apr/May. I'm looking into it..
  6. The time has come to release a beta version of this for testing and looking around. Please let me know any feedback, suggestions, comments, improvements etc you may have. Download.
  7. I have currently just made stand-in cup competition based on federations. I'll obviously update things where I can.The STOK promotion is currently set as two teams per top flight regional league.
  8. Right guys, been keeping this under wraps to save disappointment and to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on myself to finish in limited time, but now is the time to go public. After a break of a couple of years, I have returned to my attempts to make the most thorough Cypriot league patch possible. I am fully aware that there is another Cyprus edit in development, but both sides know there is no competition intended and that I wish Candre and Iacovos all the best in their endeavors. This edit is different to theirs in that it is focused more strongly on playability and depth opposed to absolute minute accuracy, but that is not to say that I have not put an insane amount of work in where possible. In addition, I have deliberately seen the distinction between a league addition/edit and a data edit, and wholly avoided player and staff data, considering it not my place or area of expertise. -------------------------------------------- So what do we have? Well, I have attempted to include every damned active league club in Cyprus. That is, every single club playing in every single domestic and regional division on the island. This means that, in addition to the four domestic tiers, I have done my best to include the regional tiers below (ranging from level 5 to 7, dependent on the federation). Where possible I have kits, stadia, foundation dates and more for the vast majority of these clubs. At a regional level, data is scarce and my knowledge of Greek more-so. I have done my best to include regional leagues and cups faithfully, but a lack of information means I have primarily gone for inclusion over absolute accuracy, improving when and where I can as knowledge becomes available. I have done my best to do everything in the basic editor, for a number of reasons, and the primary drawback from this has been that the STOK promotion between D' and the regional leagues is rather simplified. However, once again, I have deemed playability the overriding factor for now. Additionally, as usual the Cypriot league system is changing at the end of the season; I have chosen to ignore this and create a system that works accurately and realistically into the future, again for the aforementioned reasons. Where possible I have included all available history, although have yet to finish including this for cups or individual club records (as seen on the overview page) for C' and D' teams. This will be done asap. What I need to do now is finish adding stadiums for the regional league teams (obviously the capacities etc for these are largely guesswork), finish including awards (may make some fictional ones for the lower leagues?) and perform a few minor tweaks and tests before releasing a build for testing. All being well, this will be in the coming days (whenever I can find time between work!). -------------------------------------------- Let's have a few screenshots, shall we? Download link below
  9. Again, I'm pretty sure I don't, but that shouldn't make a difference. What should happen is simply that teams relegated from the domestic league from the regional should fit in where there is space, and maybe 1 or 2 move around if really need be. There is no reason why so many teams should be moving.
  10. I have done that. The problem is that the 'regions' aren't exclusive to the leagues. They're based on federations, to which clubs belong, but there are more than one in a number of regions. There should be no reason why a team in mid-table in a league should have any cause to move over to another however.
  11. Having a problem that is sort of hard to explain, but I'll give it a go. I am creating a system where there's about a dozen regional divisions under a 'parent' with a playoff to the league above. 3 go up in total and 3 come down to join the regional leagues. What my problem is is that teams are moving horizontally between leagues for no reason, and teams aren't being put into the right places. For example, teams are coming mid-table and randomly being moved to a new division. In addition, there is a second tier of regional leagues below with direct promotion/relegation simply from A->B of the same region/federation. Teams that should have been promoted have instead been promoted into random other leagues. I am at a loss. I assume it's something to do with the relegated teams being assigned leagues and numbers forcing others out, but I've tried fiddling with all that to no avail. Am I missing something? Doing this in standard rather than advanced editor btw. Hersh.
  12. Thought I'd bump this. Just downloaded the editor to a new computer and having the same problem. Any idea? Reinstalling didn't work so doing the same with the main game.
  13. I hope I will get the time. 50 hour weeks working evenings is taking most of my life right now.
  14. Yes. Sorry for the lack of an update.All my data is sitting waiting to be used. I can create an edit in the basic editor and intend to asap. However as proven in my FM13 attempts I require some help with advanced editor work and creating the perfect edit, as I lack the time or knowledge to get some things working. I can't spend my restricted free time trying fruitlessly to resolve unknown issues! Anyone willing and able to help, get in touch. I shall have a basic edit out soon however. Tomorrow is my first day off since FM14 came out. I'll see what I can do. Hersh.
  15. I have messaged you Reiver! I am having a problem I can't work out how to resolve.
  16. On a more thorough note; an update. I have got my data in such a state that I can now go about starting to create in the editor. Unfortunately I have completely forgotten how to do this, and as such it may be a hell of a lot of trial and error.
  17. Also, if anyone knows any information about any amateur team, or knows anyone who may be of help, please get in touch!
  18. The time has come to come out from under my rock and resume work on implementing the Cypriot League into FM. While the aim obviously is to have a fully realistic and fully functional Cypriot league in place for FM14, I have decided to get some practice and see what I can do with FM13; although admittedly I am rather rusty. I am just about to get started with trying to update some of my research, but I cannot do any work in the editor at present, probably until next Sunday (25th) as my copy of FM13, my old research, and indeed my good laptop are sat in a room in Exeter, while I am sat in a bar in Limassol violently jabbing at the keys of an elderly netbook. However, this is mostly just to say, watch this space - I am back. For those unfamiliar with past work, it has been a ridiculously thorough compilation of data and an unrelenting quest for absolute realism that has yet to be fully realised, although past efforts have been increasingly promising. This year, unfortunately, time prevented any work and so everything is mothballed as of FM12. However, the sheer amount of data will be invaluable in the coming weeks and months. That is to say, the aim for FM14 (and what I can manage for FM13) is to create the most wholy awesome and absolutely realistic edit (or shall we say add-on) to date. This means: All professional leagues with the ultimate accuracy paid to even the most minor of aspects. All national leagues correctly implemented. - I am lead to believe there have been significant changes for the 2013/14 season so I shall pay close attention. All regional leagues. - That is, every team in the country playing in a competitive league will be included. All badges, kits etc. and correct stadia, locations etc. implemented for immense realism. All cups (major, minor, regional etc.) All promotions dealt with in the most realistic and immersive fashion. Media, referees, awards, histories and more.. A few examples of past work: I am hoping that now I am in more of a routine with working I can find the time. Should be a good year guys. Just hoping the editor is up to the challenge Hersh (:
  19. In fact, I may give it a go tomorrow night.
  20. I am really hoping to find the time to make FM14's Cypriot edit the best yet; the only problem is the restrictions of the editor. I might yet be able to make a FM13 one, even if it's just a case of me remembering what I am doing. I still have a lot of the lower league data that really deserves to be used. Watch this space, guys. ;)Hersh
  21. Chris, you still working on this? Drop me a message - I may have some good news.
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