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  1. big daddy

    Mesut Ozil

    my point being that advanced playmaker should be changed and have the hold position removed, makes it to static.
  2. big daddy

    Mesut Ozil

    advance playmaker should be changed , I think the hold position is limiting it, it should be closer to a TQ , but with the close down and tackle option open for player choice. I have never been able to get a aps to work, but TQ and apa work fine, I could just ams , and use the PI, but I sometimes want the role to be the ball magnet.
  3. I was watching the two ai teams play the champions league final Real madrid vs Benfica. I wanted to see how benfica got there , and Raul Jimenez has a lot of goals due to defenders not marking him, they are standing in front of him and therefore clueless to his off the ball movement, and he scored a one on one goal in the final , due to a through ball from the flanks. varane was marking him but was always stepping in front of him, as soon as benfica played the ball out of defence , he was stepping up 5-10 meters in front of him ,leaving huge space for Jimenez to use. same pattern in other matches benfica played to get to the final. is there anyway to get defenders to stay behind the player at all times, if the attacker has more pace, slower defenders stay a few steps behind the player to compensate for pace in real life, but can't seem to do that in this ME. any suggestions? seeing the same with full backs vs insideforwards and wingers.
  4. big daddy

    coincednce ?

    took at look at different leagues in my save and noticed teams playing 442 and have a manager whose style is adventures, they are all doing above expectation.
  5. this has not been fixed in 18.2.1 I started a new man utd save and hughes is head physion in u18 squad
  6. game seems to have taken two steps backward with the last patch. Can't play a 4 man defence when on away games, home team will always get easy goals due to crossing being op. did 10 hours of testing this the last two days, a horrible crosser will nearly always find the attacker/ inside forward unmarked. Long shots seems like they were back 10 years ago , thought it was fixed a few fms ago, where players with long shot ppm would not should at any given chance. ballboy at cornerflag is getting injured with all the stray shots aimed at him home team advantage is through the roof compared to real football , checked soccerstats.com , and away team wins is less than half of what top teams get in real life. this is playing in the premier league. before the patch , playing the serie A , the stats were comparable to real results. I am nr1 in my league and only team with positive win ratio away. I even tried to make some bad tactics to try to lose at home, but my players just seems to have perfect composure/crossing/first touch/ dribbling and finishing when I play home games. Same goes for the other team when I play away.
  7. big daddy

    full backs not in position

    full backs are non existent in defending with the latest update. I have a full back Valencia in my man utd save, He gets caught on the wrong side of his aml that runs free on goal , I see this with full backs in every single match with every single role and duty I was playing structured counter and Newcaste have the ball play it over my deeep defence . He was on full back defend , he has no runs forwards , his stats are over avg for all defensive atts. if it is impossible to play a 4 back line away , I think you are going to lose a lot people who quit this game.
  8. even when they have 1 or 2 players staying forward on corners, they move to the sides and , the defender will ignore them until they have received the ball and have acres of space wide to run with the ball
  9. I saw your last ajax video where you have a aps on aml and a mez s next to him on cml , Is that not the same as having the ifs on aml as they both have the cut inside instruction?
  10. big daddy

    high risk of injury bug

    new save and phil jones is high risk for match fatigue. last 18 days he has played 3 matches 1 90 min 2 45 min 6.5 km avg covered, that is not fatigue, that is less than the avg premier league player plays during 14 days.
  11. big daddy

    Unrealistic injury

    lightly twisted knee injury is not that severe. I have played with that injury a few times , its just a little swelling , 3 days rest and fine again. as long as you know its only a light twist. as long as nothing is ruptured and the swelling is not limiting your movement you are not really handicapped on the pitch.
  12. big daddy

    avg. KM run in match?

    thank you , been trying to find this forever .
  13. big daddy

    avg. KM run in match?

    thanks for that I added those numbers to my general view. I ment looking at after match analysis and seeing how much each player covered in that match. I want to make substitutions based on players that have run the most , to keep potential injuries low. can't find that in match stats.
  14. where can I see the avg. kilometers my players have run in matches. I can't seem to find it when analysing a match.
  15. the changed the crosses in the last patch , so now crosses seem op. could change the name to cross simulator 2018. I am getting 7-0, 10-0 results at home on standard 4231 with 2 ti's, full backs are not marking their zone and all defenders are passive on marking when the cross comes in. I have had to use more man marking when playing away and park the bus to avoid crosses. 3 man central defenders better at handling it, but sadly ignore the attacker/ wide attacker when the ball comes in. I am playing man utd and have not seen martial , rashford being marked at the far post when the cross comes in leaving them with simple tap in on most of my goals. goalkeeper seems very passive when the ball comes running through the 6 yard box. Passive or almost scared of the ball Would like if the engine allowed him to take one step of the line and grab it. but have not seen this for many fm versions.