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  1. I have not noticed something weird with mentoring. My monthly player review popped up and mentioned that my midfielder picked up a new trait, issue is that he is not in the mentor group , so he is not being mentored or mentoring anyone. This is the second time I have noticed this. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?
  2. Mr Chip I do not agree with anything you wrote. I play an almost identical tactic , and my winger support is my assist king of the season, with 19. the false nine is always in the box when the wide play is leading to a cross, he may well be out of the box when there is central attacking transitions. the if a and f9 and mez(a) are the ones in the box when there are crosses, the mez arriving at last second for a shot just inside the box. so his tactic will work very well with the right players.
  3. BIg v your tactic looks a lot like solskjærs against crystal palace, where utd had problems(failed) when pogba and mctominay got closed down. Both central midfields played like nr 8s Pogba the aps and Mctominay the bbm and had nobody guarding them (nr 6) Pogba has a ppm that makes him rush forward too. So that makes him a big liability in cm without a dm. In a 4231 I can use Pogba as a cm , but only if the other team is parking the bus. In a 4141 Pogba has room to explore, he can use that space in front of him to make his ppms work for him, runs with ball and gets forwar
  4. Doubt they can figure it out anytime soon, been playing the public beta, and they are nowhere close to improving the ME. its steps backwards in the beta, so likely the will start on fm 20 before there is a fix. central play is horrible, its over the top or go for corner simulation at the moment. Might have to bin this version.
  5. game seems to have taken two steps backward with the last patch. Can't play a 4 man defence when on away games, home team will always get easy goals due to crossing being op. did 10 hours of testing this the last two days, a horrible crosser will nearly always find the attacker/ inside forward unmarked. Long shots seems like they were back 10 years ago , thought it was fixed a few fms ago, where players with long shot ppm would not should at any given chance. ballboy at cornerflag is getting injured with all the stray shots aimed at him home team advantage is through t
  6. are teams not overruning you when you play away ? I have been struggling playing a similar tactic away. I close more, not much more and wbs are on support.
  7. I have tried this tactic as Man utd . My perfect Serie A tactic is not working for me in the premier league. So I have been reading this thread and testing it with my team. I can't get the AM support role to work , I have tried it with three very different players. Mata that comes deep, Pogba that gets into the box and Ozil that looks for the pass rather than shoot. given them move into channels , roam from position in testing. Mostly with the default though. But they all get 6.4 -6.7 and are doing very little in the attacking third. I moved them back to a cm (a ) rol
  8. On my Inter save , 2nd season to begin and I am looking everywhere for a good central defender. I can not find one I can afford they all cost 25 mill+ and then Juventus transfer listed Caldara for 9 mill pounds. Got him asap , what a steal ! might be worth looking at if they do that every year when he joins them.
  9. For Inter ,I would suggest getting Dimarco buyback clause 6mill. 20 year old left back. he did really well for me in my save. need to buy him before summer 2018 where the clause runs out.
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