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  1. no strong opinion about manager and he has me listed as his favorite , 100/100. if it was any stronger I would feel it was akward
  2. They have overrated united this year, a player like Mata is now over the hill, he no longer has the legs for premier league, both in passing and running , yet in my save he is player of the year 4 years in. Other managers like Conte, Guardiola and Pochettino seem to struggle with their tactics in this match engine, while Mourinhos counter pressing works better in it. I have seen Conte and Guardiola get the sack in every save I have so far, they last 1.5 seasons in avg.
  3. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    On my Inter save , 2nd season to begin and I am looking everywhere for a good central defender. I can not find one I can afford they all cost 25 mill+ and then Juventus transfer listed Caldara for 9 mill pounds. Got him asap , what a steal ! might be worth looking at if they do that every year when he joins them.
  4. That sounds to me like closing down issues , do you have close down more as team instruction? I have mine on specific player instructions only that keeps my defensive organisation in place and the attacking players doing the hunting. I had the same issue when I used the team instruction close down more. balls over the top I am not sure of , whould need to see the replay, especially if you are not using higer d-line. are your central defenders on mark tighter? that would make them vulnerable if the forward is quick and has good attributes for that play.
  5. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    For Inter ,I would suggest getting Dimarco buyback clause 6mill. 20 year old left back. he did really well for me in my save. need to buy him before summer 2018 where the clause runs out.
  6. fitness!

    Fitness is not even close to reality. I can live with it with a top team , I plan for 22 players. I just got a National team, and I was not able to play 2 games in 4 days. World cup was a who will crack first of the 80 % starters. Why is fitness such an issue , normal players can play 2 games a week , and need a games rest after 5-8 game. In this situation , players are not even to play 3 game straight! (hardly 2 ) Players fitness has been faulty for a long time, no team does a 11 players switch week in week out. had a world cup game where my team had 79-87 & fitness, and looking forward to a semi after that. I have not played it yet, but I know that I will have to play my reserves! Would that not be a great pr for the world cup, players are tired , so they will only play 1 in 2 games . Is there a way I can fix that ?
  7. talk to players ?

    So it can't be done ?
  8. I can't talk to my players ? I can review previous talks had , but they were players asking me for talks. Am I missing something here?
  9. Penalty Anger!!!

    well , milito has missed 8 of 10 so far, I can´t remember him missing one in real life. I have had c.ronaldo miss 5 of 10 cassano miss 4 of 10 I lost a penalty shoutout with 2 goals scored , lost 2-3 , 17 taken. my keeper takes 50 % as well. so it´s not only player teams. I have saves from chelsea, city, real, Inter to show. I am not always playing top teams, I am still testing my tactics !! for perfection. I have no complaints about the game, other than the penalties !! Milito has every stat as do all the others , but oh no kick it strait at the keeper in the middle or to the side where the keeper will make a save. even the mediocre penalty kicker knows that you don´t shoot, where the keeper has the best odds , two feet up to eather side. But that is the only way it seems. I thought this was on the list of fixes ?
  10. Penalty Anger!!!

    how is this not an issue for everyone, it´s not normal for world class penalty takers to miss above 50 % this needs a hot fix pronto !!! if any doubters want statistics , I will provide them in 100´s
  11. Penalty Anger!!!

    Just missed my 4th penalty in a row, and 8 out of 12 so far, what the ****!!!! I heard of fixing this but as this is the final version !! shame on you SI perhaps it´s because England always looses in penalty shootouts??
  12. Penalty Anger!!!

    It's a bug ! It's that simple. And Si did not bother to fix it even though it was mentioned many times in the bug forum. Currently I see less than 50 % penalty conversions
  13. Why not check it out in player instructions?
  14. FM 13: Inter Milan - The finances are fading...

    I just got him/faraoni) back at the beginning of season 12/13 for 4 mill euro I bought the rest of the co signings for less than 15 mill euros after my first season. Won the scudetto with a very fluid 41212 standard.
  15. Tax bill for Club (Italian clubs specifically)

    You have already been given the advice you need. But as you keep asking the same questions, then some will be tempted to Mock you. The game is now playable , just start a new game.