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  1. Alianza Petrolera 2042 | The road to promotion It was very hard to fit the save in my schedule (but I was glad that I was able to), but with the help of holidaying between the matches, it was a possible to bring it to an end. I'll be around and if we don't win the Libertadores until my next turn, maybe I'll go again to seek it. Transfers The market in the middle of the year gave me more room to expand and improve the squad, but with the promotion in my sight, I didn't give long contracts. I brought Andrés Angulo to provide cover at the DM position, and thank God I did, in the week before the start of the Phase Two, my primary DM injured and got at least 2 months off. Cesar Bustamante came to provide more cover in the CM position, because we had only 3 players after the opening of the transfer window. Imanol Barbero came to fight for the starting spot in the LD position. Pedro Vahos came to bring depth to the wingers position Copa Postobon We almost snatched a miraculous draw against Millionarios in the the first leg of Copa Postobon 2nd round, but, we conceded after scoring at the 90th minute. It was disappointing, because I was almost going crazy with the possibility of being alive in the 2nd leg, and that goals robbed us from that. At home, they played cautiously and the difference between one of the greatest Colombian clubs to us was the edge they needed to not be bothered. Second Division Phase Two League Stage and semi-final The Second Phase went up pretty much like the First, but this time, we lost more games. In the Second Phase Semi Finals, I didn't want to be second place, but it happened, and knowing how packed the schedule of a team who plays both finals is, I was glad to have a few days to rest the players and have them in top shape for the title match. Champions Playoff With a week to prepare, we got Barranquilla on the promotion playoff, after they won the Second Phase. It was a surprise, because they were 6th in the table and Envigado, the runner-up of the First Phase was in the same group as them in the semi-final. The first game was a bit tedious, with us controlling the possession, but not biting too much. They also didn't bother to press us, but, they had the opportunity to score first. Eight minutes later, they provided us with a penalty and we scored. The game went pretty much the same. The second match was a more crazy affair, namely because they parked the bus, scored first and had plenty of opportunity to steal the title and the promotion. But we kept going until we drew, and in the last moment of the game, Andres Angulo, with a little help from their keeper, fired a shot from the entrance of the area and got us the goal that sent us to the Liga Postobon. Other Infos
  2. With this news, I left the save for @OldManGravz. I'll do a summary tomorrow. Link to save file.
  3. Just passing to say that I will finish the season today, and at most, tomorrow morning I will pass the save do @OldManGravz.
  4. Alianza Petrolera 2042 | One year in Colombia I'm a little pressed for time now, and I really liked how I was able to swiftly update with my neck hurt in the last post, so, I'll repeat that. Transfers My greatest concern was to rid the squad of the unambitious types and bring players with better personalities, or ones that I could fix via mentoring. Also, I switched the tactics from the 4-2-4 Wing Play for 4-1-2-3 Control Possession, and I needed to bring at least a DM. I had a lot of problems with the registration of foreigners players (only 4 could be registered, but only 3 can be in the starting 11) because the Colombian players weren't too good. So, in some positions, I would have good foreigners players that I could sign, but, couldn't because of the rules. So, I had to decide what were the most important positions to bring players. This situation led to a reduced squad of only 19 players. Johan Ruiz originally was brought to be a backup for my defenders, but without being able to find a proper right-back, and Guerra being quite good in that position, Johan Ruiz became a very important part of our starting 11. Marcos González was brought to be our first keeper. I liked Cruz, but needed a backup, while searching I deemed González a very good player, and it would be best to move Cruz to a backup. Richard Sierra was brought to fight for position with Forero, being a little better than the former, but, I still was in the market for a better left-back. Jhon Aponzá came to be our backup striker, but being quite a versatile player, he had a lot of playing time and was very important in the season. Luiz Martínez was the better left back I was looking for, but, sometimes, I wonder, if it wasn't best to bring another right-back instead of having two young left-backs. At last, Santiago Luna was the player I needed for my tactic to work as I envisioned it. When I'm playing any possession tactic, I like to have a playmaker in the DM position, and Luna fitted like a glove in that plan. Copa Postobon The Colombian has a group phase with 7 groups with 4 clubs in each. Our group had two clubs from our division and América de Cali, from the top flight. As the Red Devils was in the group, I didn't fancy our chances to much. But we had a good start, winning against them, and, in the end, even with our two losses, we were able to guarantee the top spot in the group and we went ahead to the Second Round, there we will play against Millonarios, one of the greatest clubs of the country. I don't see us winning, but, if our experience against Cali taught us something is that we can dream. Torneo Postobon We maintained the form of the last season, and we managed to improve it, because we went unbeaten, with 10 wins and 5 draws in the first phase league stage. Because of that, we were the best team and achieved the 1st position. After a good 15 team unbeaten run, and being the Second Phase holder, I expected to be in the finals, and the team didn't disappointed. We went through for our second straight final. First Phase Final On the final, we played against Depor, the 4th best team in the league stage. In the semi-finals, they let Envigado, the 2nd best team behind and went to the finals. The first game was going according my plan, holding the ball and denying them chances. We got a goal in the first half and doubled down on this approach. They came looking for a win in the last 25 minutes of the game, got the draw, and we weren't given a chance to look for another goal, as we lost a player for two yellow cards a few minutes later. At home, we did the same, but this time they were sturdier in the defense, but Aponzá came from the bench and brought the title home. Other infos
  5. I'm finishing the first year with Alianza, but I'll need more time to finish the other half of the season for us to have the proper calendar for new managers.
  6. Alianza Petrolera2041 | The first six months I hurt my neck in the middle of the week (the reason that the updates stopped), and I'm still having trouble sitting for writing long texts on the PC. So, I'm sorry, but I'll have to throw a bunch of images and little context for this one. What I have to say of this start is summed in the last post. Transfers I received an offer of a team of the 1st colombian division for one of our best prospects, I asked enough money to put our balance in the black, and they accepted it. Also, the player wanted to leave. I brought a free center-back who will be a backup. All fixtures and 2nd Phase table Good ride, a little luck in the semi-finals and a great performance to win the 2nd Phase. Champions Playoff I was unable to win against La Equidad in our 3 matches this season, they were a team that no matter what I did, they always were clinical and perfect against us. They won the 1st Phase, so, they let us win the 2nd, because is the only explanation for us to be in the finals of the 2nd Stage. Promotion Playoff After the game, I proceed to list all the unambitious players of the 1st team. Overall Table In the end, the 2 best teams got promoted, La Equidad faced Deportivo Pereira in the 1st phase finals and I faced Deportivo Pereira in the 2nd Phase Finals. I believe that the time that the two teams had to rest before playing against us was a major factor of our demise, alongside the unambitious players. Squad stats Other infos Winning the Second Phase 2nd stage gave us a huge financial boost.
  7. Finished the first semester. A sneak peak of what an unambitious squad is capable. I'm not sure how I'm still alive. I'm livid with the overall performance in the last four games. Can I restart, please?
  8. Who is ready to be disappointed?
  9. No, I played half of the first semester already, but since wednesday, I didn't play too much because life happens.
  10. Alianza Petrolera 2041 | The beginning I started the Alianza Petrolera reign on 23/06, and on 14/07 we already have the first game of the Second Phase of Torneo Postobon (2nd division). The Torneo Postobon has a very confusing format. In the 1st Phase, the 8 best teams qualify for the semi-finals. The semi-finals has two groups of four and the two 1st of each goes to the final. Those two play against each other two times to decide the winner of the 1st Phase, and if I surmised correctly, this team isn't promoted, only has a place in the Champions Playoff. The 2nd Phase has the same format. But curiously, we have a champions and promotion playoff. The two winners of each phase play against each other and the winner is the Champion. The loser then goes to the promotion playoff, but I don't know where the 3rd team comes from, if it's from the overall league table or from the finals of each phase. Other strange fact is that the league is played from January to December, but the contracts of the players and staff all expire in the middle of the season. Because of this, I have released 9 players, except one was good enough to be in the team, but wouldn't fit in my tactical plans, so, I released him because he was earning almost 12k euros per month. Alianza Petrolera was demoted from Liga Postobon in 2038, and has gone to the semi-final of each phase until the first semester of this season. But the team has never went pass the semi-final phase. I will play with the same squad that is available for me right now, I only need 1 or 2 keepers to finish the squad. My first signing was Jhonny Cruz, a young keeper that can evolve a lot. I'm also looking to sign a more experienced keeper. Sadly, we have a lot of unambitious players and it will be the main challenge of the squad, until we can get rid of them. Tactics With a lot of central midfielders and strikers, I will use the 4-2-4 as the main tactic. Right now, I will start with something basic like wing play. But we have potential for controlled possession tactics. Right-backs Centre-back Left-backs Right-midfielders and wingers Central-midfielders Left-midfielders and wingers Strikers Analyst and Assistant Reports Also, not a lot of talent in the under 20s, but we have good training and youth facilities, adequate youth coaching and average youth recruitment. Not bad for colombian 2nd tier. I am still rebuilding the staff, because when I started, I was the only member, aside the doctor and the chairman. Financially, we are not doing fine, and is one of the reasons I'm not pursuing reinforcements. We kinda have 82k per month in the salary budget and 2,25 millions to invest, but it's not wise.
  11. Well, then I will need at least a few more days to pass the save to OldManGravz, but as he isn't in a rush, I'll try to wrap up everything until 17/06.
  12. Like smp did, I resigned and started looking for a opening in South America. My desire was an job in the Peruvian League, because this become kinda a Pentagon Challenge and it would be nice to win the Libertadores with a nation that never won the trophy. But, in my job hunt, I remained open to whatever would come (except Independiente Santa Fe, it's a good side, I was hoping for a more difficult challenge, to stretch the challenge). I had interviews with Union La Calera, Huachipato, Deportes Iquique (Chile 1st division), Alianza Petrolera (Colombian 2nd division), Independiente Santa Fe (Colombian 1st division), Rampla Jrs (Uruguayan 2nd division). But, with almost a month of job hunting, no Peruvian team sacked his manager, so, I went to the one that fancied me the most. Colombia follows the solar calendar, from January to December? How we will handle this time difference?
  13. Ok, I'm downloading right now
  14. It is Mexico mate, every WC is a good one. They are a like England, without the obscure WC, of course. Competing in the highest level is always a overperfomance for them.
  15. Didn't expect to play so soon. Congrats @noikeee in the Mexican campaing and winning the ConcaChampions. And it's interesting to see the development brought by @Mandy42 and @Jimbokav1971 going to South Africa. It's a shame that the game doesn't have other options to play in Africa without custom leagues. About the first club, I concur with Jimbo assessment that a manager with Managervich reputation shouldn't be in the bottom division of the country. And when I saw talks about going to South Africa, I was pretty sure that we would end up where we are now.
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