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  1. Thanks. I swear I searched all the game and didn't find this shortcuts screen in preferences.
  2. Hi, I am having troubles using ALT + F9 to take screenshots from the game. It simple doesn't work, I tried creating the screenshots folder in the SI Folder at My Documents, but it still doesn't work The shortcut changed or was removed after the release?
  3. I don't know where is the right place to talk about this, but, I'm from Brazil and the Football Manager situation is getting kinda ridiculous here. The game went from supporting Brazilian Portuguese to barely acknowledging the existence of the Brazilian FM community. We know the game isn't sold here for reasons that can't be discussed. Which sucks, but what sucks most is the absence of an official statement explaining the reasons, but, maybe SI hands is tied in legal procedures or something of the kind. And know, we suffered another blow in our opportunities of having access to the game we love. We have found a way of circumventing the region-block on Steam, like the germans did when FM wasn't sold there. The method is pretty simple, someone with an account outside Brazil buys the game and resell it, delivering the game via gift. Now, Steam has blocked this method just for FM to brazilian accounts. So, we just need a clarification: this is SI doing because of not officially selling the game in the country or is something coming from Steam?
  4. Hi, is there a DB for FM 2019 that allow only the registration of players with the same nationality of the league to play in the league? e.g: England only allow english players, Germany only allow german players, etc. I want to recreate the football pre-Bosman and EU in modern days and see what are the effects that it will be created. I also accept instructions of how to do this myself. I only need to change the league's registration rules? Or are there other things that I need to do?
  5. Hi, I have searched Google and here, but because I am searching for kits and logos as keywords, I ended up going on tutorials of how to install kits and logos in the game. I am on FM 2019, and I want to know if that's possible to change the panels of the game to show only logos, and forget about the kits. I am aware that exists a tutorial to change logos to kits, but I am looking in the reverse situation. And that tutorial only replaces in match screen.
  6. What exactly means having better data facilities? Does a poor facility mean worse accuracy? I understand the concept, but like training and youth facilities, it's clearly how they affect your players. So, what a improvement in my data facilities mean in advantages for me? No wrong reports, fast analysis, better information?
  7. I usually don't bother changing too, but this only happen when I feel that my team is ready to fight for the champions league spots in the season. I am actually trying to do this this season with Bremen, after failing to use a tactic like yesteryear RB Leipzig (high-intensity press based on counter-football) last season. But, my results are only meagerly evolving, so, I am questioning with this meager improvement on away form is just coincidental or a sign of evolution. But when I started another save with Espanyol and the problem persisted, I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong in this new version.
  8. I have a 4-1-4-1 setup like this, and it didn't make any effects for me.
  9. I am having trouble playing away from home in FM 18, four seasons in a Werder Bremen save and I'm kinda rubbish away, I am improving slightly season after season, but still, struggling. And this hinder my ability to challenge for the tile. Now, I started a save with Espanyol and the same problem persists, I was able to win against Real Madrid at home, but I can't play well at home and I don't know how I still was able to win one away game. I've tried being careful, but within 10 minutes my team concedes a goal, and if I go and try to revert it, I usually can't create anything and even when I'm overloading, my team usually doesn't can't great real danger. I tried to be extra carefully, but within 10 minutes, I concede a gol. I tried to play toe to toe, but generally I lose. I was able to snatch some draws through the sheer force of overload in the 10 last minutes, but I don't believe this is a healthy approach. What are your away strategies?
  10. I am currently managing Ireland too, I didn't see any difference in terms of inflation on the value or the offers of the clubs in my current international players.
  11. I don't believe I can be stuck with a save for 100 seasons, I thought that was a 20-30 years project. Or maybe 40, but 100 never crossed my mind.
  12. I am getting those group stage appearances, regularly. In the last 8 seasons, I appeared 6 times in CL group stage and 2 times in EL group stage (one time because I finished second and another when the team wasn't so strong, in the beginning of the streak). I also don't know how the Cup games work, where I can check (ingame)? I am playing in Aviva Stadium, the biggest stadium in Ireland this season (stadium expansion from 9k to 13,5k), and I can't put 20k regularly, only special matches, and even in great Champions matches, I can't break the 25k barrier.
  13. I always accept any offer that they make for my players, but if I start to paying huge wages, they won't be able to afford. I also prefer to loan them inside the country. But, I need that those clubs to bid, and if they can't pay, they won't try to buy my players. I don't understand what you mean with selling out even things like cup games. Money in Ireland is not a thing, the TV rights are ridiculous and the prize for winning started in 200k, and now is around 600k. So, the only moment a club had real money, besides me, was when one of them reached EL group stage.
  14. Thanks for your input. How was your recruitment process? I bring talents from other nations, I don't have a Irish or home-grown policy, It's just that I am not spending the bucks required to bring the over-evaluated english players, because I know no one will be able to afford them in Ireland when they cease to be useful to my club.
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