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  1. Alianza Petrolera 2042 | The road to promotion It was very hard to fit the save in my schedule (but I was glad that I was able to), but with the help of holidaying between the matches, it was a possible to bring it to an end. I'll be around and if we don't win the Libertadores until my next turn, maybe I'll go again to seek it. Transfers The market in the middle of the year gave me more room to expand and improve the squad, but with the promotion in my sight, I didn't give long contracts. I brought Andrés Angulo to provide cover at the DM position, and thank God I did, in the
  2. With this news, I left the save for @OldManGravz. I'll do a summary tomorrow. Link to save file.
  3. Just passing to say that I will finish the season today, and at most, tomorrow morning I will pass the save do @OldManGravz.
  4. Alianza Petrolera 2042 | One year in Colombia I'm a little pressed for time now, and I really liked how I was able to swiftly update with my neck hurt in the last post, so, I'll repeat that. Transfers My greatest concern was to rid the squad of the unambitious types and bring players with better personalities, or ones that I could fix via mentoring. Also, I switched the tactics from the 4-2-4 Wing Play for 4-1-2-3 Control Possession, and I needed to bring at least a DM. I had a lot of problems with the registration of foreigners players (only 4 could be registered, but only 3
  5. I'm finishing the first year with Alianza, but I'll need more time to finish the other half of the season for us to have the proper calendar for new managers.
  6. Alianza Petrolera2041 | The first six months I hurt my neck in the middle of the week (the reason that the updates stopped), and I'm still having trouble sitting for writing long texts on the PC. So, I'm sorry, but I'll have to throw a bunch of images and little context for this one. What I have to say of this start is summed in the last post. Transfers I received an offer of a team of the 1st colombian division for one of our best prospects, I asked enough money to put our balance in the black, and they accepted it. Also, the player wanted to leave. I brought a free c
  7. Finished the first semester. A sneak peak of what an unambitious squad is capable. I'm not sure how I'm still alive. I'm livid with the overall performance in the last four games. Can I restart, please?
  8. Who is ready to be disappointed?
  9. No, I played half of the first semester already, but since wednesday, I didn't play too much because life happens.
  10. Alianza Petrolera 2041 | The beginning I started the Alianza Petrolera reign on 23/06, and on 14/07 we already have the first game of the Second Phase of Torneo Postobon (2nd division). The Torneo Postobon has a very confusing format. In the 1st Phase, the 8 best teams qualify for the semi-finals. The semi-finals has two groups of four and the two 1st of each goes to the final. Those two play against each other two times to decide the winner of the 1st Phase, and if I surmised correctly, this team isn't promoted, only has a place in the Champions Playoff. The 2nd Phase has the same
  11. Well, then I will need at least a few more days to pass the save to OldManGravz, but as he isn't in a rush, I'll try to wrap up everything until 17/06.
  12. Like smp did, I resigned and started looking for a opening in South America. My desire was an job in the Peruvian League, because this become kinda a Pentagon Challenge and it would be nice to win the Libertadores with a nation that never won the trophy. But, in my job hunt, I remained open to whatever would come (except Independiente Santa Fe, it's a good side, I was hoping for a more difficult challenge, to stretch the challenge). I had interviews with Union La Calera, Huachipato, Deportes Iquique (Chile 1st division), Alianza Petrolera (Colombian 2nd division), Independiente Santa Fe (Colom
  13. It is Mexico mate, every WC is a good one. They are a like England, without the obscure WC, of course. Competing in the highest level is always a overperfomance for them.
  14. Didn't expect to play so soon. Congrats @noikeee in the Mexican campaing and winning the ConcaChampions. And it's interesting to see the development brought by @Mandy42 and @Jimbokav1971 going to South Africa. It's a shame that the game doesn't have other options to play in Africa without custom leagues. About the first club, I concur with Jimbo assessment that a manager with Managervich reputation shouldn't be in the bottom division of the country. And when I saw talks about going to South Africa, I was pretty sure that we would end up where we are now.
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