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  1. Thanks. I swear I searched all the game and didn't find this shortcuts screen in preferences.
  2. Hi, I am having troubles using ALT + F9 to take screenshots from the game. It simple doesn't work, I tried creating the screenshots folder in the SI Folder at My Documents, but it still doesn't work The shortcut changed or was removed after the release?
  3. I don't know where is the right place to talk about this, but, I'm from Brazil and the Football Manager situation is getting kinda ridiculous here. The game went from supporting Brazilian Portuguese to barely acknowledging the existence of the Brazilian FM community. We know the game isn't sold here for reasons that can't be discussed. Which sucks, but what sucks most is the absence of an official statement explaining the reasons, but, maybe SI hands is tied in legal procedures or something of the kind. And know, we suffered another blow in our opportunities of having access to the game we love. We have found a way of circumventing the region-block on Steam, like the germans did when FM wasn't sold there. The method is pretty simple, someone with an account outside Brazil buys the game and resell it, delivering the game via gift. Now, Steam has blocked this method just for FM to brazilian accounts. So, we just need a clarification: this is SI doing because of not officially selling the game in the country or is something coming from Steam?
  4. Hi, is there a DB for FM 2019 that allow only the registration of players with the same nationality of the league to play in the league? e.g: England only allow english players, Germany only allow german players, etc. I want to recreate the football pre-Bosman and EU in modern days and see what are the effects that it will be created. I also accept instructions of how to do this myself. I only need to change the league's registration rules? Or are there other things that I need to do?
  5. Hi, I have searched Google and here, but because I am searching for kits and logos as keywords, I ended up going on tutorials of how to install kits and logos in the game. I am on FM 2019, and I want to know if that's possible to change the panels of the game to show only logos, and forget about the kits. I am aware that exists a tutorial to change logos to kits, but I am looking in the reverse situation. And that tutorial only replaces in match screen.
  6. What exactly means having better data facilities? Does a poor facility mean worse accuracy? I understand the concept, but like training and youth facilities, it's clearly how they affect your players. So, what a improvement in my data facilities mean in advantages for me? No wrong reports, fast analysis, better information?
  7. I usually don't bother changing too, but this only happen when I feel that my team is ready to fight for the champions league spots in the season. I am actually trying to do this this season with Bremen, after failing to use a tactic like yesteryear RB Leipzig (high-intensity press based on counter-football) last season. But, my results are only meagerly evolving, so, I am questioning with this meager improvement on away form is just coincidental or a sign of evolution. But when I started another save with Espanyol and the problem persisted, I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong in this new version.
  8. I have a 4-1-4-1 setup like this, and it didn't make any effects for me.
  9. I am having trouble playing away from home in FM 18, four seasons in a Werder Bremen save and I'm kinda rubbish away, I am improving slightly season after season, but still, struggling. And this hinder my ability to challenge for the tile. Now, I started a save with Espanyol and the same problem persists, I was able to win against Real Madrid at home, but I can't play well at home and I don't know how I still was able to win one away game. I've tried being careful, but within 10 minutes my team concedes a goal, and if I go and try to revert it, I usually can't create anything and even when I'm overloading, my team usually doesn't can't great real danger. I tried to be extra carefully, but within 10 minutes, I concede a gol. I tried to play toe to toe, but generally I lose. I was able to snatch some draws through the sheer force of overload in the 10 last minutes, but I don't believe this is a healthy approach. What are your away strategies?
  10. I am currently managing Ireland too, I didn't see any difference in terms of inflation on the value or the offers of the clubs in my current international players.
  11. I don't believe I can be stuck with a save for 100 seasons, I thought that was a 20-30 years project. Or maybe 40, but 100 never crossed my mind.
  12. I am getting those group stage appearances, regularly. In the last 8 seasons, I appeared 6 times in CL group stage and 2 times in EL group stage (one time because I finished second and another when the team wasn't so strong, in the beginning of the streak). I also don't know how the Cup games work, where I can check (ingame)? I am playing in Aviva Stadium, the biggest stadium in Ireland this season (stadium expansion from 9k to 13,5k), and I can't put 20k regularly, only special matches, and even in great Champions matches, I can't break the 25k barrier.
  13. I always accept any offer that they make for my players, but if I start to paying huge wages, they won't be able to afford. I also prefer to loan them inside the country. But, I need that those clubs to bid, and if they can't pay, they won't try to buy my players. I don't understand what you mean with selling out even things like cup games. Money in Ireland is not a thing, the TV rights are ridiculous and the prize for winning started in 200k, and now is around 600k. So, the only moment a club had real money, besides me, was when one of them reached EL group stage.
  14. Thanks for your input. How was your recruitment process? I bring talents from other nations, I don't have a Irish or home-grown policy, It's just that I am not spending the bucks required to bring the over-evaluated english players, because I know no one will be able to afford them in Ireland when they cease to be useful to my club.
  15. Yes, I know that the FM 2018 uses a new graphic engine and that's why we already don't have multiples resolutions in preferences. So, there is a chance that this feature will be back for the upcoming patch? I take a lot of screen-shots, and my native resolution is 2560 x 1080 and when a site resizes it, the image become too small. It's a little nuisance, but I miss the option of setting a resolution in the preferences for full screen and just pressing Alt + Enter when I need to for a print screen.
  16. I didn't thought that you were playing down my achievements, I only asked to have a notion of your start in comparison to mine. They are atrocious at home, they usually hold it very well away, but if it is the second leg, the damage was already done in the home game or if it's the first leg, they usually fail at home. No, I don't have any problems with my board whatsoever. But the value of my star players are around 1-2 millions. When I want to load off some players that have capacity for playing abroad, I don't have problems in selling them using their transfer value. And I rarely have problems with players wanting to get out, because, Shamrock is a better option than the most clubs that want them, and when they want to go, I usually respect that wish when I receive a fair amount for them. I believe my highest received bid is less than 5 mi.
  17. Do you remember the starting position for Norway in the coefficients table and in the reputation leagues table? In my save I started behind Norway 2th tier and Norway was 22th place in coefficients table. So, the starting reputation of Norway clubs were bigger than mine in the same conditions. For instance, my club started with 2 star reputation and only after a lot of seasons, 11 or 12, I reached the 3rd star reputation. I was able to achieve the 4th star much earlier in FM 2014. The league had rose a lot, I started in the 66th place and now I am in top 20 (I believe Championship is the only 2th tier division above us), oscillating between 15th and 20th, depending of the Irish performance in Europe. As for the coefficients table, Ireland was 41th place and now is 15th, but oscillating between 15th and 17th in the same terms of the league and of the other relevant countries performances in that level of the table (mostly Switzerland, Croatia and Ukraine). And to achieve the next tier of qualification places, I have to surpass a country doing around mostly 9 or 10 points than us and the other behind it. I chose those principals because my last try in the same league was very flawed, and because the rest of the Ireland clubs couldn't do what I was doing in Europe. But I have seen good performances in some season for them, but they aren't able to maintain some winning consistency. When they lose for a big teams it's normal, but they are losing for teams they should be beating. But thanks for the other tips about your tactical approach. What was your strategy with newgens? Did you search through the World Transfers Youth Intake table or scouting?
  18. I am currently trying to push the Irish Premier Division through the league ranking tables and I currently reached the peak of what I can accomplish alone, so now the nation coefficients will float like my team coefficients, mostly because, the other teams are sucking in their games (they lose games that they shouldn't). I am following some guidelines that Cleon posted about maintaining the competitive in the league through the years. I already have played 12 seasons, won 11 times and I am on top in the final third of 13th season, but with solid competition. I am managing Shamrock Rovers aiming to develop the top tier in Ireland until a point that I can become a competitive force beyond CL group stage. I am already almost unstoppable in the playoffs, and have almost qualified for first knockout stage of Champions in 2 or 3 times, classified for EL knockouts stages the double of that, and in 1 time, reached the round of 16 after beating Fenerbahce. I have already tried the same approach in FM 2014 (I am playing in 2017), but I didn't approached like I am doing now. I am insanely rich for Ireland (around 70 mi in bank right now and with a stadium expansion underway). I am proud of what I've achieved already, because I am trying to develop my own players, promoting the return of Ireland players and using my club as a hub for them to play in others Irish club, instead of using my financial prowess to increase the gap between me and the others clubs. I have good players, a lot of mid table Premier League interest around them and some of them are the best players that Irish has to offer in the game, but still isn't enough. I am getting tired of being stomped by the giants in the CL Group Stage. I am at a point where I should be having a little more luck in the draw, but I am always handed with two giants (European terms) and intermediary to big teams. Watching the games, I felt that my players were losing a lot of balls in physical combat with other players, but I checked all the physical attributes before going in a physical recruitment process and they don't have low values (mostly around 13-15). I am thinking of using a more determined squad recruitment process, but the personalities right now are very positive. I am not a hands-on manager when we talk about my behavior during a match (I watch mostly the key highlights), and I am not a fan of opposition instructions, they always break my team open. And when I analyze how I get the most results, I believed I luck out in 2 of 3 cases (won 2 times the 3rd position in the last game, with goals in the last minutes, thanks Atletico) and when I was drew with an accessible group, I flopped hard. In my last season I was so certain that I would lose that I used instant results and won 2 impossible games (8 x 2 against Atletico [I was using a 3-4-1-2] and 1 x 0 against City [using a 4-1-4-1 Contain] with the my only shot on target being the winning goal. Me and Atletico drew on points, but my 8 x 2 and their loss against City sealed my positive fate with a City goal in the last 15 minutes. Right now, I am afraid that I am reaching the same place where I was during the last try, I am too big for Ireland, a recognizable force in playoffs, but I feel that I could do more. I already tried watching full matches, but it's not for me. The main problem is that doesn't matter if I play in my usual tactics or in my defensive tactics (mostly the usual in home games, and defensive in away games). So, someone has a new strategy to offer or any flaws in my reasoning? Because I am seriously considering go for the PSG approach, but I really don't want that, because the save is not only about my team accomplishments, I was so happy when another team classified for the EL group stage through being eliminated in CL Playoff and that they managed to get a win in one of the matches. However, without internal competition, the save will become boring.
  19. I believe that the title says it all and we already had this kind of function in previous games, so, I believe it's really possible and maybe easy. In past games, we had the option to move up or down a player between our teams for a previous amount of time (1 week until 4 weeks, if I am remembering it right). Now we only have the options for "Until Fit" or "On Going". This function is really useful for teams that have a lot of under-X teams, like in Germany or Spain. Sometimes I have the need to test or use a player of a under-x team and sometimes, I forgot then in my main squad, while he is missing the games by standing idle in my squad after my test or need for him.
  20. I don't believe that the mechanics of the training system needs a total revamp, only some fine tuning and the addition of the possibility to control every training session of the week. According to some moderator post and the FAQ, a training regime takes 2 to 3 months to produce effects on your team. This is very counter-productive, because, in 2 or 3 months in football many things change, so it does not seems realistic that we devote our training for something that we could not be needing in 2 or 3 months time. I believe that the current division is fine (defence, attack, ball control, etc), the problem is with the time needed to really make a difference. I believe that a training regime to develop atributes is well suited by the actual individual training options, but if we had the possibility to design a daily schedule on a week basis, like FM 2018 Scouting Meeting, I believe that the training system would be very close of what a real team does and would not be something massive that would take a lot of gamers time. After the weekend match, we would receive a message of the staff responsible (assistant manager or some coach, for example) and we would devise the training schedule for the next week and we could create a training regime that would suit our needs as a team and our needs for the next match, hence, having a long term and short term training system that actually is relatable to real life. We can do this with a few clicks (even fewer than the new dressing room interface, for instance) and it's done. EX: I am Burnley and my next match I will face City, and I know that I need a solid defence work and maybe trying a more cautious tactic. This way, I would select the general training that would apply to having a solid defence and would be able to work a specifically defensive tactic approach for that game. I like the 3 formations system, and it's pretty neat, but sometimes, the tactics that we devise isn't enough for some matches and would be nice to change them and have the possibility to work them in training for the match we really need them.
  21. It would be nice to have the windows informing of relevant facts in match back. Like, goals, yellow cards, red cards, offside, fouls, penalties, etc.
  22. Hello, I don't know with you like to play in Brazil, but I'm wanting to do a little save in my country. I usually don't do because it's very hard to SI to adapt a working system like european football leagues in a messy and poorly managed football league. We have excess of games, we have excess of competitions. And we have a 4th division were the clubs qualify through state's leagues. I was able to create a fully working and scheduled Série D, but I can't get the qualification for the 4th division right. The league is composed by 68 clubs, 4 came from 3rd division and the rest came from state's leagues. I tried creating a qualification in the every state league that the teams would qualify for the 4th division, but it didn't worked. I can set up 2016 and 2017 in the DB just fine, because we know who will be playing, but for 2018, 64 clubs needed to be selected from 2017 state's league. I also have tried a workaround that I saw in others DBs but they didn't work for me because they qualify the clubs for the same year competition, not for the next year. Any thougths? Brazilian 4th div.fmf
  23. I solved my problem, didn't see the ignore teams from division option so clear on my face. Now, I have another problem, the teams that qualify in state divisions, will play the next season, so, how can I make this work? Because the way I'm doing the teams qualify for the current season championship.
  24. The 4th tier in my nation has a complicated qualifying, I made it work, but I am not being able to eliminate the teams that play superior divisions from qualifying. It's Brazilian 4th Division, here the clubs qualify through State Divisions for the lowest national competition, while the other 3 divisions have normal structure. Anyone can shed a light?
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