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  1. You say you replay matches and get the same result, how do you know that wouldn't happen if real life games were replayed? Personally i don't see any point in replaying matches. It's just a recipe to drive you crazy & creates a completely unrealistic situation, so don't be surprised if you see an unrealistic result.
  2. Same here, i don't think i've ever given out a 2 week fine and i don't get players worried about it.
  3. I've won the premier league by scoring in added time of the last game of the season, so the more the better.
  4. Yes to be honest the whole media / interaction side of the game is poor. Feels like a feature that was included as an after thought a couple of hours before the game went out.
  5. I take your point but it's the same message every time and it gets a little boring after a while. I wouldn't mind if they at least included the words 'well done though' in the statement somewhere. Edit: Thinking about it now it may well include a well done message, (i can't recall) The point still stands that it gets boring season in, season out.
  6. I think i've had this after every single league victory i've had for several years.
  7. I agree i also find this ridiculous. Most teams who win a trophy have an open top bus parade. They don't keep celebrations to a minimum.
  8. I'm not sure that it's actually the case but like you when i make a sub i see that as me telling my player to get ready to come on. So it wouldn't happen straight away.
  9. I've seen this happen at times but i put it down to a team playing well pushes others around them into needing to do well too. Pushing each other to greater heights if you know what i mean. I don't know if this is technically how it works but I certainly don't think its anything suspicious.
  10. Not sure of the link but there is a download that makes the ball slightly bigger, looks a lot better.
  11. I've seen a few people complain about this bit it doesn't go far down for me. No idea why but i must be doing something right, all be it unknowingly.
  12. As stated above the main problems i've had is saves being corrupted due to anti virus software. I use microsoft security essentials and just add the fm folders to the exclusions list.
  13. I think i remember seeing some but they are very rare as i guess they should be. Also if you've got a squad full of stars then i think you'd be less likely to see one as the stars are in comparison with your players.
  14. Good point, i know when it occurred in my game that there were though.
  15. Surely naming outfield players on the bench and bringing them on means that the manager did have enough players available though?
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