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  1. Surely he wasn't sacked because he won the champions league then?
  2. [FM10] Crazy Canuck on Global Managerial Tour

    Sorry to hijack this thread but do you want to play in a private game of batracer rancer? I tried to pm you but your inbox is full. um, yeah, great career update btw
  3. You have seen nep's dancing haven't you?
  4. Player Name: Robert Boyle Position: ST Date of Birth: 29/06/84 Height (cm): 180 Weight (kg) 80 Club*: 3 Technical Attributes at 20: dribbling, finishing, technique 3 Mental Attributes at 20: composure, determination, off the ball 2 Physical Attributes at 20: acceleration, pace
  5. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    I blame Rob Green.
  6. Whoops, Pm''ed GCB, have forwarded it to Whoopy_D.
  7. Well yeah, if the referee thought he had tripped Torres and he was already on a yellow, he should be sent off.
  8. Completely forgot about this and read it on the day of the deadline Will get a team to you shortly.
  9. CSE World Cup Sweepstake

    Too hard to take free kicks? Pfft, you're just all crap
  10. CSE Fifa World Cup Fantasy Football

    I have BUffon in goal and two cheap reserve keepers
  11. CSE World Cup Sweepstake

    Japan can still qualify, you can do it Nakamura!
  12. CSE World Cup Sweepstake

    HONDA!!!!! a