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  1. I was actually thinking yesterday that I would do it but I just couldn't be bothered with the reports.
  2. I'm not addicted to BATracer. You keep on bringing it up, I think YOU'RE addicted! Sounds like a great idea though. I might make a return to the sign up scene after my GCSE's this summer
  3. I thought that he wouldn't bother putting neighbours not in the semi final down.
  4. I started up with 30 odd people and at the end there was about 12 people. It was very easy to do updates and it was good fun, didn't produce much banter though.
  5. You can use the thing where you add a manager which lets you just be called by your first name on the add manager screen
  6. But in the process of removing these accusations by selling the player you've gained £60m
  7. I was going to do a signup based on superleague formula. But I'm not sure how to work it. Could have a tournament at the start to decide upon the grid and pole (winner) gets money. And then the actual season is the race.
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