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  1. Excellent, I don't mind at all! I might have to download that on my tablet.
  2. The biggest problem I have in FM 2018 is that it's very difficult to know which players to sign in the first couples windows because of the new scouting system. It's tedious to scout players because of the 50 person limit, and when scouts are assigned, it takes them forever to actually give reports on those players. Yes, it's true that in real life it would probably take a scout a week or so to watch a specific player and write up a report on them. But, in real life most scouts would also already have extensive knowledge on dozens or even hundreds of current players, yet, you don't seem to inherit much of that knowledge from scouts or coaches when you start up a new game and hire staff. The consequence is that it's an even more massive chore and challenge anytime you want to start up a new game. In regards to some players finding their systems or performance were being limited when they scouted over 50 players, as others have said, how about you let the individual users decide that? I upgraded my processor (among other components) to an Intel i7-8700K specifically so that I could play CPU intensive games like Football Manager. Why not let me decide whether I'm willing to trade somewhat lower performance for the convenience of more easily adding players to the scouting queue?
  3. (I'm new to posting here, so hopefully this is the correct section for this.) Anyhow, I've noticed some changes in the way that certain training coach star ratings are calculated in FM 2018 from previous editions. Specifically, the star formulas for Tactics, Defending, and the Goalkeeper coaches seem to have all been updated. After some educated guessing and testing with the in-game editor, I'm thinking these are likely the updated formulas: Also, I've attached an excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) that already has the formulas in it and can be used as a [very rudimentary] coaching star calculator. Simply enter the relevant coaching attribute values in column B (the default attribute values are currently 10) and then the star ratings are calculated in column F. I haven't done a ton of testing to be certain that there aren't errors in the formulas and/or spreadsheet, so please advise if you notice any issues or have comments. FM18 Coaching Calculator.xlsx
  4. I think I found the option for it in the Preferences: Click on "Interface" in the drop down box, then click on the "Screen Flow" tab and uncheck the box that says "Visit News Screen Automatically". It will default to your inbox after that. Kinda an annoying new "feature", but thankfully they give you the option of ignoring it.
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