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  1. I've tried to look through the forum for posts regarding what determines changes to league reputation, because personally I find it to be a bit unusual. There certainly are a few where users have made guesses, but I haven't seen any posts from an SI representative about it. So have we ever had any official information about this over the years, or is user guesses the best there is?
  2. Hi Calum, Uploading the edited db isn't a problem, but it was my mistake to suggest this is a bug that has anything to do with my edited db, it's exactly the same in the unedited DB. I understand the A-league isn't a top league, but it's still completely unrealistic. If an A-League club tried to hire an uncontracted staff member who couldn't even get a gig at a non-league team in England I'm sure they'd jump at the chance, or if an unknown staff member without a job from Zimbabwe was offered the chance I'm sure they'd love to move to a developed country and have a job in football.
  3. I don't know if it's because my team has been successful or because we are doing well financially but trying to negotiate new contracts and all my players are asking for ridiculous amount. Honestly I don't mind paying it but I know if I do I won't be able to sell them in the future if I want to get rid of them. It's really annoying, players who haven't even improved asking for triple their current wage, and even if I give them like a 40-50% increase they break off negotiations. Anyone else seeing this and/or managed to get the players to be reasonable?
  4. So I just tried this without the edited DB, and it's the same thing with Australia in the official DB. Looking into it more, if I go staff search and ask for unrealistic targets to be filtered out and search for non-australian staff, there is some (given I have a huge database loaded and a few european leagues it's really not many). But that just makes it stranger, that there are 20 or so foreigners (apart from some new zealanders) who for some reason are happy to come to Australia but so many unknown staff without a job and from countries that are less developed than Australia are not interested. Surely there is a bug here and it should be easier to attract foreign staff? Harry Redknapp just took a job with the worst team in the A-league, I'm not even asking for that to be possible but at least completely unknown and uncontracted staff from less developed countries should be interested. Interestingly it also doesn't seem that my edited DB is any better at attracting these staff despite the league being a higher standard. Can I ask what governs whether foreign staff are interested in coming to another nation? Hopefully something I can edit in the editor?
  5. I have created a new league in Australia, improving it somewhat and adding more teams. The league is of a decent standard, good amount of money, etc. But one annoying issue I seem to be having is I can't sign any foreign staff. Even uncontracted and unknown staff from 3rd world countries are not interested in a job in a decent standard league in a developed country? I've tried only signing staff from English speaking nations and with 20 adaptability as well, none of them are interested either. Only staff that I can sign are Australian staff.
  6. Seems I can't sign anyone, even if the language is the same and adaptability is 20. I'm sure part of the problem is the country is Australia and so it's far away from their home countries for most these staff but it does seem ridiculous that not a single foreign staff wants to even enter contract discussions. Would it just be a matter of club reputation I guess? Doesn't seem to be anything I can edit for the nation/league to edit that would make it more attractive (apart from increasing league rep further which I don't want to do).
  7. What values affect whether staff want to come and work in a nation? I have made a league with a decent reputation, and it's really unrealistic I can't even sign unemployed unknown staff from 3rd world countries because they don't want to manage in this nation. When in real life they'd jump at the chance to work in a nicer country with a better competition, or just the chance at a job at all! Country is developed, game importance is high, nation reputation is decent, league reputation is decent, what else is there?
  8. Yeah he was released outside the window, that might be the problem. Let me test whether it applies to a player who was released a long time ago.
  9. No one else run into this issue? I guess an alternative is to create a separate free transfer window
  10. The problem is the current A-League teams have "no reserve fixture" option ticked, just go into each one and turn this off. Very easy fix to a problem that was bugging me for some time as well. For Wellington, IIRC it's "no youth fixture" because they do have a reserve team (a second team that plays in NZ). But the reserve team created for the reserve league seemed to override this second team and so it wasn't a problem, if it is though you can remove the reserve team pretty easily.
  11. I have the option of free transfers joining any time enabled in my national rules but when I try top sign a player without a club in October it's saying the next available date for the transfer is January 1st. Any ideas?
  12. Is the 0 for first position the same in the basic editor? If so, I've been doing my prize money wrong! Also, somewhat related as it's an issue I've been having with creating a league, how do you decide on a reasonable level for transfer values and weekly salary values? If I leave them unset top players dont earn enough or command transfer fees that are high enough.
  13. There seems to be two issues: 1. It is progressing but when I maximise again the holiday mode screen shows the day it was on when I minimised even though it has progressed (eg I was in holiday mode and it was 2nd of October, I minimised, I maximise later and it says 2nd October and then 3rd Ocrtober, 4th, 5th etc but when I exit holiday mode the actual date is, for example, the 20th of September) 2. Sometimes it doesn't progress at all when minimised and in task manager I see FM using 0% CPU (normally it's around 25% when minimised and progressing) I was about to try windowed mode, i'll see how that goes
  14. As per the title, I go on holiday, minimise the game, return to it 10 mins later and it hasn't moved a day. If I don't minimise it holidays successfully. What am I doing wrong?
  15. In FM15 I created 20 or so teams in the editor, am I able to transfer these teams to the FM16 editor in any way? I don't want to transfer my whole custom DB, since players and other things have changed, but it would save me time if I could transfer the teams I created at the least.