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  1. Player phisycal degradation has been around for years. Players like Aubomeyang with 19-20 pace end up in a few years with pace below 10? This is complete nonsense and nobody wants to sign players older than 30 which in real life hapens all the time.
  2. It depends. If your strikers were not involved in the goals then it is possible. For me personally playing Serie A with Napoli I imidiately noticed the difference with the hotfix. The players now have better ratings then before and also more accurate.
  3. First impressions after the hotfix: 1. The player ratings seem fixed. 2. The match engine improved in a few key areas like players crosses and ability to create space and shoot. These are my first impression and nice done for this. Now I can play the game again.
  4. When the head scout sets the assignment, over the time scouts find more players but the players they recommend are rubbish. Also, they keep recommending the same players over and over again. And, when i make short terms assignment for a specific player position, with high priority then cannot find more than few players (2-4 at most)!!!
  5. Do not get me wrong. I am just saying that the things that i mentioned are far better in a game that is 9 years old.
  6. Altough this might be off topic I played FM 2012 and I am really suprised how much better it is in many aspects. First about the match engine: The game does not look like pinball - players do not make stupid decisions like shooting instead of making space for that before. Crossing looks far more natural. Players do score from corners. Outside the match engine: Scouting is many times better. Scouts actualy find far more players and they actualy are good for my team. In 2021 the scouting is the worse part of the game. Players can keep their phisical attributes much longer. For example Javi
  7. Here are my remarks mostly for the match engine after playing the game for some time now: First time shoots and passes - too many first time shoots from my players and most of them blocked! Players do not try to create space for shoots they just shoot. This is true even for players like Messi. Also, I see too many first time passes in the final third. Players will pass always instead of trying to create space. This create feeling like watching pinball.
  8. Yes, also I checked the other leagues that are playble, it is the same situation. In the league that I play Italy the ratings are worse. All of the other have better ratings.
  9. Scouting is broken this year. The scouts just recomend bad players. Even if you set them on assingment to specific type of player, like for example defender, they only get 2-4 players in a month. This is redicoulos!!!
  10. This is important issue. I do not think it is too big of a problem to fix this with a quick patch. As small as it seems it creates big problems like players loosing value and other clubs are not interested in your players.
  11. Surely this destroyed my save. Currently playing with Napoli in April my average player ratings are below 7. My best player Osimhen with 25 goals has just 7.22 average rating. I am 3-rd in the league. For comparison the 3-rd team in Spain is Real Madrid and their players all of them have ratings well above 7. Their best player has rating of 7.65! This impacts the value of my players and the interest in them for transfer. I hope for quick fix because it is unplayable this way for me.
  12. Have anyone else is having problem with the scouting this year? The scouts are making very few quality recomendations. For example I set short term assignment to look for a centre back for a mounth. The range of abilty was 3 stars for a current ability and 4 stars for potential ability. 3 scouts were assigned by the chief scout. In a month time they recomended just 4 players from which just 2 I found usable. This is totaly unrealistic. In that time the scouts should have found at leats 20 players to recomend.
  13. Anyone knows how to export saved replay at the end of the match? I just see an option for the whole match but I cannot find for the replays. Thank you.
  14. Well, the game is realy better now and yes it should be challenging, that is the whole point.
  15. Well, you have your own opinion. Mine is different. I think the game is great now. Cheers mate.
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