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  1. Great read. Are there any other PI's you use or traits you get players to learn?
  2. I am trying to implement this on a much smaller scale on a lower spainish club, unfortunately my under 19s squad was empty at the start of the season though. Few questions though. When do you set up individual training for your players? Start of the season or once everyone is match fit? Also on your post about notes for the 6/12/18 month reviews what are you looking for here? Progress on the attributes you have chosen to train? Thanks
  3. How can i make the CM training into DM training how many clicks to keep the balance?
  4. does this mean you change strikers to role attack and amc to support? or keep all on attack
  5. Should we follow the highlighted attributes under each role until the new filters are created to find the right players?
  6. All the roles seemed to have changed so surely the filters from the previous tactics will not be valid. For example instead of anchorman its a deep lying playmaker.
  7. For the centre midfielder with in mind they are Centre Midfielders with an Attacking role how important is the tackling attribute in the filter? Because if they are set to attack then surely this shouldnt be important and would mean many world class centre mids wouldnt be suitable e.g. xavi, sneijder
  8. Mr Hough is there an ppm's you would reccomend for each position?
  9. Reading the attributes required for each position, how can you play James Vaughan deep lying playmaker with creativity and decisions below 10 :S
  10. Right im Aberdeen and was wondering which out of all the tactics above you would reccommend using?
  11. So uses the standard tactic with deep forward so for hard away games against celtic and rangers would you reccomend the away tactic? Even though just got a draw away at Genoa with the standard one.
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