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  1. Andre Williams Royston Town Vanarama National League North 2020-21 Overview Well, making up for lost time, sped through the first season, using my trusty tactics from last time out seemed to be extra effective, was pretty fortunate in picking up some great supporting players but also Royston had some surprisingly good players already. Didn't do much in the cups, but went the league season unbeaten which was pretty amazing really... the teams determination to grab a late goal to avoid losing was, well unbelievable really... Lets see if we can keep pu
  2. Andre Williams Royston Town Vanarama National League North 2020-21 Pretty standard club, skint, very few players, a few players on too high wages for their condition/ability, very few fans but got their own ground... The idea that this town might be in some way related to 'The League of Gentlemen' almost made me change the name of the manager to fit Lets see if this local town for local people can make it all the way to the big time! Here we go!
  3. Scratch that, did a couple of reloads and have decided to take Royston instead... updates and images later this evening
  4. Hey all... had a complete nightmare a couple of months ago with my Hard-drive failing, i've been unable to recover any of my save files so i am restarting this... again... Just getting myself sorted with the mighty Buxton! Up the Bucks! Pics to follow
  5. Chesham United Season Season Review 2027-28: Double bubble baby! It's been a pretty great season and we're getting closer to completing the challenge. Made some useful purchases over the summer who have really bedded in well although I have drifted away from my usual domestic bias a bit (UK players seem a) massively over priced and b) just not as good, even looking at the national team - this seems to be even more so than usual in this particular version, any of you finding the same?). I was nervous that i didn't have a deep enough squad to compete in europe and domestically and tbh
  6. Ouch, pretty tough draw for the CL... will be a miracle if i make it out of the group... then i guess it's the standard concern of... small squad & Europa league, or dodge the bullet and drop out of Europe altogether... i'm probably leaning towards CL or bust, i think dropping out of the top 4 in the league could be a big problem. exciting times in Chesham though... European midweek football
  7. Thanks mate, not sure about that, i think i was just really lucky to catch a lot of the big clubs in a transition period, i very rarely won against the big boys but was a lot more consistent against the lower teams. I'm seeing it more like my 'leicester' season rather than a true indication of where i am. Once more i'm really struggling with my recruitment and i've actually issued a ticket about the dynamics... still seeing players opting to join clubs 2 leagues below me on fractions of the wages i'm offering and with less playing time and worse facilities... i know i'm only 2 seasons in the p
  8. I've got a save from the day of the end of season meeting... i can also upload one that is the preseason meeting after they come back from the holidays where they have essentially the same reaction file is called: chesham 26 end of season meeting
  9. Chesham United 2026-27 Season Overview: I'll keep this short and sweet... it's been another great season, for a brief moment it looked like we might even compete for the title but we really fell away later in the season when injuries begin to hit hard. We made some very shrewd signings, although i ended up going for more foreign talent than i usually like to... i literally could persuade any young British talent to sign for me but apparently there are lots of very talented french players who like the idea of playing for Chesham. Anyway, we did great in the cups got pretty deep into the FA
  10. I've just got to the end of my second season in the Premiership, I have come up from non-league (Dafuge challenge), but in the first season we were comfortably mid-table, in the second season we were second in the league and won the carabao cup (yay me). I had the players support all season when i was hard on them and expected them to win every game, they were amazing and stepped up, the dynamics have been awesome and i have signed some players from some large European clubs and have a team of decent to good premier-league players. So why o why, at the end of the season when we hav
  11. Seems i'm a popular guy! Italy, Holland and Portugal all want me after only 1 season in the Prem!
  12. Chesham United 2025-26 Season Overview: A very pleasing first season in the premier league. Never looked like getting sucked into the relegation battle and although we did take a few thrashings during the season we always managed to bounce back. We ended the season with our lowest goals and wins tally ever... but then again that wasn't a surprise when you have league 1 level players trying to compete at the top level. I found it insanely difficult to attract players of any quality in the off season. Sometimes this game is bonkers... genuinely had players opting to sign 1 year deals with l
  13. Chesham United Update 2025-26: Really struggling for the first time... getting turned over a lot and can't seem to get any attacking swagger... formations not working, i've started going defensive to try and grind results out and then i get criticzed by the board! Last time i went attacking we got spanked 4-0! Still getting their backing though, they've just agreed to a load of new upgrades... hopefully this will help attract some new signings to bolster the squad.
  14. Thanks man, there is a bit of me that worries that we've gone too far, too fast... Hopefully getting relegated from the premier League won't be more damaging than an extra year in the championship. I'm sure you'll be fine, I would recommend going for power, speed and workrate above technical skills. In particular fast pressing forwards seem to work like a charm in the championship. Good luck! 👍😁
  15. Thanks man... it's going to take 2 years to build it though! Currently in pre-season and i'm finding it harder to attract players than i was in the championship... really weird. Lots of issues with contracts and i'm desperately trying not to kill the harmony in the dressing-room by not having the complete overhaul i think the squad needs. Still miles inside my new budget - still got £262k available! insane money by comparison to last year.
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