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  1. Thanks, I've never been to a game at Folkestone but I have seen the ground and it is reasonably close to where I live 😃 But I really don't understand how it's happened... The main thing I've done differently this time around is target hard working and high determination players rather than looking at other attributes and then really pushing a high intensity, high press counter based tactic. It's not pretty and we miss a bucketful of chances every game but enough seemed to have gone in to make the difference. Most games I'm having 20-30 shots on goal... I've got a horrible feeling that the wheels are going to come off soon though... All my 30k pw players are now demanding 100k plus! And for a team who've just done the incredible double everyone seems super grumpy in pre-season. I think I'm now going to set myself the challenge of using only UK players and seeing if I can build a fully functional youth set-up. Whilst targeting at least 1 trophy a season. 😁 I'd be keen to see if I can do this with corrinthian-casuals if anyone has found them in their reloads yet?
  2. Folkestone Invicta 2025-26 Season Overview Prem- Champions Carabao Cup - Quarter-final - knocked out by Man U FA Cup - 4th round - knocked out by Man U (again!) Champions League - Winners - Beat Real Madrid 3-2 in the final (late goal in extra time!) I've been doing this challenge for quite a few years now and never really got close to completing it. So I'm not sure quite how I've managed to do it in only my second season in the Prem. We started really strong and basically went all out attack all season. Lots of teams underestimated us i guess and we were able to shock a lot of people, particularly in Europe, we had an insane route in the Champions League but i refused to go defensive and somehow managed to outgun everyone on the way to clinching the title. We also somehow managed to hold on to claim the prem in a season where none of the other teams seemed to be able to be consistent enough to mount a challenge, it went right down to the wire but we just needed to equal or better Liverpools result on the last day and we held our nerve whilst they got beaten by Man City. I also survived a board takeover and managed to hold on to most of my best players. Finances look solid going into the new season and I'm going to strengthen and see if i can retain the titles i won this season. Last season we went old-school high press counter-attacking 442, i don't really understand why it worked so well and tbh it felt at times like there was something broken in the ME to allow me to go toe to toe with the big guns of Europe. This coming season I'm going to rebuild and try to move to a back 3 system and see if i can get that to work. Here are some screenies:
  3. Last year I loved the 343, been trying to get one to work more consistent than 442/424 but really struggling. Will definitely give this a try
  4. Great work! well written, really informative and brilliantly laid out. Thanks mate 👍
  5. Love the graphic and diagram layout. Really helpful information too. I'd be very interested to read/see that in a dedicated thread. Excellent work
  6. Folkestone Invicta 2024-25 Premier League - 4th FA cup - 6th round Carabao cup - semi final Insane season, really strong towards the end despite an injury crisis, qualified for the champions league next year, finished 4th! Really need to buy some players and have a bigger squad though. and a couple of bonus awards:
  7. I don't suppose anyone has turned up corrinthian-casuals yet?
  8. Absolutely agree, I don't think it helps that I seem to have picked up a lot of determined players with 15+ aggression, although they are definitely winning the ball back in dangerous areas. Last season I did have 3 of my midfielders banned at the same time. 1 for a red, 1 for getting 15 yellows and the third for getting 10. I also broke the championship record for bookings by about 20 cards. I did also break the record for clean sheets, goals and scored 104pts so I guess swings and roundabouts 😁
  9. I'm getting this a lot too... I find it really frustrating that I seem to pick up loads of early cards for seemingly innocuous challenges but the opposition don't. But super hard pressing is working well 😁
  10. Just been promoted and the club have changed it's structure and i have full access to hiring staff for both u23 and u18 now, clearly the reshuffle has gotten rid of the original bug
  11. Folkestone Invicta 2023-4 Season Overview Pretty awesome season, this time we actually paid for a couple of players and i was more reliant on loan signings than i have been in the past, mostly due to some serious long-term injuries. I really thought that the championship was where it was going to bite, but despite still having plenty of league 1 level players we were able to achieve promotion as champions. This was particularly impressive given we had something like a 60k wage budget which was half of the next ranked team and a fraction of what most of the teams in the league had, many of whom had players who earned in a week nearly as much as my whole team. We had a couple of good cup runs as well which i was cursing by christmas when my players started dropping like flies but finances are looking good. Anyway, we did respectably well and despite a springtime wobble we held on to win the league and smash a load of records. Best thing, we held on until we were in the prem before planning our new stadium. Just need to stay up next season!
  12. I am actually able to hire now, although it is still showing that i have a full coaching team for the u18s when i don't and it is also not showing on the board room page that we have any u18 staff
  13. Going into the new season in the championship... just beaten Derby 4-1 in the opening match... This puts it all into a bit more perspective: Quite some budget difference
  14. Folkestone Invicta Season 2022-23 Overview: League 1: Champions FA Cup: 3rd round, knocked out by Wolves Carabao Cup: 3rd round, knocked out by Manchester United Checkatrade: Knocked out in southern section second round by Leyton Orient Well, quite frankly ridiculous, some how we've only gone and done it... consecutive promotions all the way so far. Made a few quid selling a couple of players and replacing them with loanees at christmas. Once again managed to build the squad without paying a penny for a player and they seem to have pretty much worked out top drawer. Still having issues with our stadium though which seems to be taking forever and my biggest fear is that we won't get anything until we get to the premier league and then get lumbered with a tiny league 1 size stadium. Anyway, I've just got on and managed the team, they've done amazing! Tactically i just went all out attack, rotating between a really attacking 4222 and an even more attacking 343, had some really odd results but mostly we blew teams away by 3 or 4 goals but with lots of different players contributing rather than just a single striker. Hopefully we can stay up in the Championship next season, up with the big boys where i think just having good tactics won't cut it and I do worry that i won't be able to create a balanced or defensive system to cope. At least the board has continued to back me by paying for more training and now I'm on track for my continental A licence!
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