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  1. Seems i'm a popular guy! Italy, Holland and Portugal all want me after only 1 season in the Prem!
  2. Chesham United 2025-26 Season Overview: A very pleasing first season in the premier league. Never looked like getting sucked into the relegation battle and although we did take a few thrashings during the season we always managed to bounce back. We ended the season with our lowest goals and wins tally ever... but then again that wasn't a surprise when you have league 1 level players trying to compete at the top level. I found it insanely difficult to attract players of any quality in the off season. Sometimes this game is bonkers... genuinely had players opting to sign 1 year deals with league 1 teams for literally peanuts instead of signing 2+ yr deals for me. Injuries had a really big impact, always seemed to come in clusters and i had a point in the spring where i had both keepers injured and was using the u18 keeper for a couple of games, including our fa cup semi defeat... our squad is tiny and anyone who is not proper first teamer is really a league 1 or 2 player. Nevertheless, great season, far better than i feared it would be, onwards and upwards! Hopefully we can pick up some better players in the off-season this year and look at pushing for a European place next year as well as competing in the cup competitions a bit more, definitely need to bulk out the squad though. Got plenty of improvements happening this autumn which is great, new stadium next year so definitely looking promising! Just come through, manager of the year and goal of the season!
  3. Chesham United Update 2025-26: Really struggling for the first time... getting turned over a lot and can't seem to get any attacking swagger... formations not working, i've started going defensive to try and grind results out and then i get criticzed by the board! Last time i went attacking we got spanked 4-0! Still getting their backing though, they've just agreed to a load of new upgrades... hopefully this will help attract some new signings to bolster the squad.
  4. Thanks man, there is a bit of me that worries that we've gone too far, too fast... Hopefully getting relegated from the premier League won't be more damaging than an extra year in the championship. I'm sure you'll be fine, I would recommend going for power, speed and workrate above technical skills. In particular fast pressing forwards seem to work like a charm in the championship. Good luck! 👍😁
  5. Thanks man... it's going to take 2 years to build it though! Currently in pre-season and i'm finding it harder to attract players than i was in the championship... really weird. Lots of issues with contracts and i'm desperately trying not to kill the harmony in the dressing-room by not having the complete overhaul i think the squad needs. Still miles inside my new budget - still got £262k available! insane money by comparison to last year.
  6. Chesham United 2024-25 Season Overview: Quite incredible, it is good to see that the idea that you can build a strong core squad based on mentality and attitude can reap it's rewards, and that sticking to a principle and team continuity seems to count for something. I really feel like i have managed to achieve something in the same way as Bournemouth and Sheffield United have in real-life. By sticking with a 3 at the back, high pressing, counter-attacking team that values pace, physicality and work-rate above all else it seems to have galvanised us into a really good side. I really didn't expect to do better than mid-table in the Championship, end even when we got towards feb/march and we were still in the play-offs i was expecting the form to really slip. And we did slip up a little bit on the run-in but not as much as everyone else. Brentford went on to win the league and they were a good 12 points clear in Feb but in the end we came a very close second, despite losing a few games in the run in we could have pipped them on the final day, we would have needed them to lose and us to win and to make up a 9 goal swing on goal difference... but hey mathematically possible at least I think this is the first season where i felt i absolutely could not have done it without loans though, Graham Barton came in at the beginning of the season and was great throughout and i also loaned a player called Hector Lopez at Christmas as infury cover and he was great too, scoring 11 in 15 games in the late season definitely cemented our promotion. Board have started to construct a new 12k seater stadium which has cost about £15 million and put us in a lot of debt, but if i can keep us up next year that should be paid off pretty quick. The board have also continued to back my progression and i'm now close to completing my Continental Pro license, so things are looking rosy. Hopefully i can begin to make headway on facilities and youth development if i can keep us in the Prem. Cash is a huge step-up for next year too!
  7. Chesham United 2024-25 update Somehow, miraculously punching above our weight in the championship... hanging around in the play-off places still and it's mid feb. Definitely not going down, mid-table at worst so job done! This was my favourite thing at the end of January after the transfer window closed: Mind-blowing pay disparity! And i'm not even using all of my wage budget at the moment! I think next year and all of the renegotiated contracts are going to be a nightmare!
  8. Chesham United 2023-24 Season Summary Well, once more my guys stepped up to the plate and really delivered. We had a bit of a sticky start but threw caution to the wind after a few dull draws and moved from the tried and tested 352 up to a more aggressive 442. We also loaned a very fast striker and left winger who helped out a lot, supporting the thin squad through a spate of injuries during the Christmas period. We tip-toed around in the play-off places for most of the season but once we got the cups out of the way we managed to solidify our place in the automatic spots but didn't really push for 1st enough. We had a spate of draws in march and really were fortunate that others didn't catch us, getting promoted to the championship without having to do the play-offs was great. We did reasonably well in the cups but nothing spectacular, we were lucky to make it through to the later rounds by facing weaker opponents but not really picking up any notable wins nor making any decent money. The club continue to put me and my staff through my badges and although we're not blessed with loads of money, it seems to be enough to keep a reasonable, although thin, team. They don't seem to be as keen in updating the clubs infrastructure though, i'm pushing for better training and youth facilities again but no dice at the moment... They haven't upgraded the stadium for a while though and i'm hoping this means we might actually look at building a new one if i can keep us in the Championship. Despite decent backing I really fear for us in the Championship, we're miles away from everyone else in terms of quality of players and can't really compete on wages or buying power so i think this one will be more of a battle, it's so competitive in this league with all the ex Premier league teams... Reputation is also becoming a big issue and I'm finding it really frustrating that promising free signings are choosing to sign for teams a league or, in some cases 2 leagues, below us and on a lower wage and with less playing time in their contract. How an ex Arsenal player would take £2k less per week as a regular starter for Southend who finished mid-table in league 1 rather than £2k more as a star player in a championship side seems totally beyond comprehension... but anyway... There's still time to pick a desperate freebie once the season starts
  9. seen either of the casuals sides in your reloads?
  10. I picked up will fish, made 500k on him after the first season 👍 Zech Medley and Saul Shotton are both in a similar mould and have stuck with me up to the championship. Tyler Smith is a great striker for L1&2 I picked up Sam walker at the start of L1 and he's been great for me too There are loads of gems out there!
  11. Very impressive! Championship will be super competitive so good luck! Although the top 5 in League 1 are all championship/recently ex prem teams which is scary. I'm also starting to set some unwanted records now: and it's only February!!!!
  12. Smashing it mate, best way to come back from your earlier troubles!
  13. Eurgh how about this for fixture congestion! 7 games in just over 2 weeks
  14. Something must be going right I'm just outside the play-off places in December, but not exactly ripping it up, so this was a big surprise!
  15. Chesham United 22-23 Overall an unbelievable season... 3 at the back, route 1, high press, high intensity apparently wrecks league 2 and wins the Leasings Cup! I did really well in the loan market this season and we would have been absolutely mid-table without them but there were definitely a few free gems in there as well. My best find, Tyler Smith was the leagues top scorer and was Mr reliable netting at least once every 2 games in the league but i also picked up some strong and quick defenders and a battling midfield... however we led the league in fouls, cards, bans and suspensions and fines from the FA for player conduct. My big and fast work-aholics definitely were not pretty but still getting the job done. Momentum and team unity seem to be really important this years FM and my focus on buying consistent, hard-working and determined players seems to be really working, as long as the base stats for their position are 9+ i'm looking for big physical and mental stats instead which seems to help me come back from wobbles, but also seems to mean that as long as i don't completely replace my team, we can carry that momentum through into the next season even after a promotion. Personally, i got to sign a new contract and my board also agreed to training and youth facilities upgrades at the end of the season and put me through my Continental B license so the backroom stuff is working, I've found some staff who share my philosophy and the club seems to be keen to put them through their badges, so maybe having a settled backroom team is also helping, in the past I've always dumped my staff every year and shopped for better. I've actually already completed my league 1 pre-season and played a couple of games. I thought i'd bought well (picked up good freebies) and strengthened the squad enough BUT finding it much tougher now... hopefully we can make a decent fist of it. I'm hopeful for a mid-table finish. If i can build some momentum who knows!
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