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  1. Scarborough Athletic 2027-28 Season Overview Great season overall, made some decent acquisitions in the summer, took a chance on a couple of youngsters as well as bringing in some on reputation to help add quality to the squad. For some reason we seem to be doing amazingly well as far as hiring goes, lots of unproven youngsters who are turning out to be better than they initially sounded alongside hiring a few more well known players and selling them on for profit. The depth of squad this year made a noticeable difference and we were able to rotate properly despite being in more competiti
  2. This is still a problem that i'm just not understanding. Is there likely to be any way i can counteract it? ... at the end of the season above i managed to get them to remove the play direct football by constantly reloading and insisting until they randomly allowed me to remove it. So i've gone and completed the next season, ended up 3rd and won the Euro2 cup and had the most amazing season in this tiny clubs history and yet i still seemingly have no say in the club culture... it just seems so unrealistic. They are again insisting on putting this in the club culture when in the 8 ye
  3. Scarborough Athletic 2026-27 Season Review First season in the Premier League and it was a good season, a lot better than i feared it would be. We started with a pretty tough sequence of games, and looked like we were going to get overwhelmed every week, somehow we managed to pick up some early points, more through luck than judgement though. We shifted to a more direct 3 at the back system which seemed to stabilise us and we looked a bit more assured through the autumn. This also seemed to galvanise our team ethic and as our new signings bedded in we were gradually able to move back towa
  4. Still having an issue with this... the boards expectations are so contradictory and their reactions seem completely unrelated to how i am actually performing... i know it doesn't really make a big difference, but it really bugs me. I'm playing entertaining counter-attacking, defensively sound football and in my first season in the prem i'm sitting 7th with 3 games to go with the smallest playing squad and budget by a mile I'm doing way better than most clubs as far as goals from corners (3rd) and goals from indirect free kicks (8th) go... it also doesn't seem to track the f
  5. Since this, I have ignored his request to have a conversation and almost completed the season, he seems to have dropped his concern as we have performed better in the league than he expected. I can also now not see any reference to the promise in my profile or his... not sure if it will still count as a 'failed promise' from a game point of view though
  6. I don't think I've got a save before he agrees to the contract. I've got a save just before he joins in January, but he agrees the transfer in the summer. My saves in the summer are all before I offer him a contract, before I've even scouted him. Happy to upload either/both if it helps. I have since gone and reloaded just before the window closes to see if it happens again but it happens every time. I have now just ignored him to avoid the conversation/clash...
  7. I can see that the promise doesn't actually become 'live' until he joins on the first of january... but unlike other such promises when you hire in the summer i only get a month to resolve it, usually when you make these promises you get the year to do it.
  8. I have a player who joined in January, the transfer was agreed in the previous summer as an end of contract move. As part of the transfer i promised him that i would significantly strengthen the midfiled which i did over the duration of the summer, bringing in 6 players who all play in the midfield over the course of the summer transfer window. They are all significantly better than the players i had (except one who was me buying a player i had on loan for the whole of last season who has now joined permanently and become my captain.) He joined in January and then at the end of the Januar
  9. I've uploaded a file, it's called 'seadogs 25-26 renewing' update - i've just moved it on a bit and they've offered me a new contract, but again no ability to adjust the club culture - new file is "seadogs 25-26 renewing contract" I think it's because it's part of the clubs vision, it doesn't seem to be negotiable at all, i've tried to do it when renewing my contract and i can't deselect it or remove it or suggest we remove it. By berating i mean that it comes up in discussions and press conferences. I also query the 'playing defensively' i had a +44 GD at the end of the se
  10. Thanks both, that's pretty much what I thought... Only really important for the HOYD, seems like a bit of a shame though. Would have been nice to get some sort of holistic benefit to recruit staff who have a similar tactical viewpoint.
  11. I can't find the answer to this question anywhere... does the tactical style/preference for your coaching staff and assistant manager have an impact on your team? Or should I just be interested in the appropriate stats and attributes as far as getting stars in training etc... I started to think that i should be looking for coaches who prefer similar styles and systems to the way we play but it is a lot of extra effort/work to go through if it isn't actually going to make any difference... and also, will my coaching team gradually come around to my style if I keep them long enough?
  12. I'm finding this really unrealistic and confusing, i have taken a tiny club from the non-leaugue into the VNN and all the way to the premier league by playing a high-pressing attacking brand of football, every season they insist on putting 'direct football' into the vision there is no scope to negotiate it or discuss it it just is their expectation. At the end of every season despite me absolutely smashing their expectations and playing this amazing brand of football i am being berated for not playing defensive, direct football... Surely at some point during this they would see that we ha
  13. Scarborough Athletic 2025-26 Season Review Well it's been a decent year again, swashbuckling attacking 442 and 4312 still seem to be the way forward, we had some pretty big defeats because I effectively refused to play defensive football but we also had some massive wins... I don't think I have ever put 10 past a team in the same league as me before but we beat Luton 10-1 mid season... We eventually got promoted, although for a while it looked like we might slip into the play-offs and drift away... the Christmas period coupled with a very small squad and some big injuries to key players
  14. @dafuge if I get sacked, can I take over a newly promoted team with the sacked manager ( if they'll hire me) or do I need to start from scratch with a fresh manager?
  15. @DazRTaylor would you mind sharing the base save with them? I'm interested in trying this with someone of that level... glutton for punishment
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