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  1. I have started the game unemployed, then I have been invited to manage a Bulgarian team on the second division, almost every match there's one or two penalties and disallowed goals, when my team plays against the biggest teams in the country, for the championship or cups, I had always a penalty against my team, some of them decisive, making me think the game is not allowing any "surprise" score, what I meant is as soon I know that my team will be playing against a bigger team, for sure I will got a penalty against my team, as an example when I started managing the team, the team was in 15th
  2. We cannot slow down replays on 2021 version, on the screen of preferences, sometimes the replay menu disappear and when it appears miraculously I bring the bar to slow the replays down but during the match replays keep the same, don't slow down, other idea is putting a big "R" blinking (like on old football TV days) to show is a replay, the button saying stop is to small, BUT BETTER idea if instead of replays play automatically we can press key "R" and can play the replays when we want like 5 seconds or until we stop
  3. Normally I am very excited when a new version of the game comes to the shelves or online, and I pre-ordered the last versions, I am not excited for the 2019 version, because apart from a few new things on 2018 version the game is going down the hill, 2018 version brought the same problems of older versions, AI (atificial inteligence) should be called NIAA (No Inteligence At All) even goalkeepers just stand still or not trying to get the ball or even worse they just out position to intercept the ball, sometimes the ball is near them but the strikers arrive first, sometimes scoring, sometimes mi
    • Hi mate i would like to know what software do you use to convert the video files to ivf files, I have done some video adboards for the portuguese league in AVI and mp4 format but then I don't find on the internet any video converter to do the ivf file.

      Thanks in advance
  4. The only problem yet that I saw was Benfica sold Ola John worth 1.1 Milion for 69.000 euros???????? BAD DEAL or BUG?
  5. The only problem yet that I saw was Benfica sold Ola John worth 1.1 Milion for 69.000 euros???????? BAD DEAL or BUG?
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