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  1. What should i be doing to get my 3 tactics upto being accomplished or better, i'm asking this because i'm at a loss I'm at Hibernian and have used 3 set tactics for 2 seasons which reach accomplished eventually, but after pre-season they reset to awkward? is this right, surely they should remain at accomplished or atleast competent does signing players change the tactics fluidity? apart from using the tactics, what else causes them to rise faster?
  2. i use various shouts all to different effects if 0-0 and i should be winning i use "get creative" or "push forward" if winning 1-0 but the team are having decent chances i use "concentrate" or tighten up" if i've just conceded i use "demand more" or "show some passion" if i've just equalised or scored i use "encourage" or "concentrate" i get some great results from using shouts, a few games i've been 2-0 down and used them and won or drawn
  3. this is a great tactic for me in SPL with Hibernian it's the year 2028/29 and Partick have dominated for 5 years, with Rangers and Celtic the same top 3, been trying to break into the top 3, this season is better due to this tactic
  4. on FM, is it possible for companies like RED BULL to take over clubs?, Leeds atm are heavily linked with them, just rumours but is it possible for Red Bull to take over Leeds on FM 2015? or is it licensing issues?
  5. so i've started this challenge on FMC (is that ok?) took over Truro at 2000-1 to win the VNS and the board asking me to battle bravely against relegation, i think i'm in for a good ride virtually no staff want to join me, so should be fun, if i can gain some rep within the next 3 seasons, i want to invest in my youth recruitment and look longterm wish me look
  6. oh well once Leeds do the inevitable and sell 2 of their best youngsters again, Lewis Cook will blossom into that Carrick role in 5 years time .................... when he's playing for a prem team
  7. if we would have started with that 2nd half team and that shape, we'd have won today
  8. i like Townsend too, much rather have him than Walcott that's never done anything recently
  9. and Barkley imo, he's changed things 3 fold
  10. seen how good Rooney has been since coming out of the hole? it has always baffled me when he plays deep for England, he's a much better player up top
  11. Delph is frustrating me to death, i was one of his biggest fans 5 years ago too
  12. Carrick and Barkley have made a huge difference but then it finds it's way to Gibbs or Delph
  13. I think it's fair to say this isn't one of the finest Italian sides in recent years, the fact we can't break them down is quite embarrassing
  14. didn't even notice Walcott was on tbh
  15. Walcott non existent Jones awful Rooney too deep Clyne just breaking down offensive moves baffling stuff
  16. finally Jones back to defending most baffling decision of the night him as midfielder
  17. maybe now they will change this awful shape
  18. Rooney playing some decent long balls now
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