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  1. you can close this thread, after a bit more searching on Steam I've found the link Steam demo was quite well hidden, its actually on the main games page but it has a bottom to the right saying "download PC demo" just for anyone's future use
  2. i'm very interested in the game I've bought every version since 2008 except this newest one, due to the fact I didn't enjoy fm 18 is there anyway I can still get the demo installed and play it before deciding on a purchase? and if so where please thanks for your help
  3. Knap will this work on FM18 not the touch version in your opinion? no ~OI's right?
  4. the more leagues you add the bigger database of players available expands
  5. loving the beta I started unemployed and eventually took the job at Wealdstone who were rock bottom and leaking goals like mad I've managed to steady the ship and results were rough at the start but I've managed a few 1-0 wins, we seem very poor entertainment wise but a solid unit am I jose mourinho? joking , am I right in thinking the editor is not in the beta?
  6. I don't want to sound spoilt but I've been used to 200mb for the past 3 years well 192mbps according to speed tests but now it's 17mbps
  7. ffs I moved house recently from fibre optic 200mb virgin media to 17mb broadband this is torture 33% zzzzzzz
  8. my girlfriends had a text saying "busy night on computer, loads of documents to do"
  9. yeah, think i'm gonna try create a stable tactic with lower tempo getting back to actual feedback though, i'm loving the ME changes, the small things that make it much more of a true experience like player dribbling that has now vastly improved make a real difference
  10. Does anyone think playing at a higher tempo can risk injury? i'm just trying to get to the bottom of my injury problems, but i'm at a loss with how i can
  11. can i just add to this, without moaning, SI are claiming they haven't changed the injury rate, however in 15.2.1 i had same tactics and same coaches , training etc as 15.3, surely if something hasn't changed why would i now be doing something wrong if there wasn't previously a problem with injuries? has the ME changed to be more harsh on players?
  12. seems normal that, to add to this though i've had 6 injuries in a game before , 4 from AI team and 2 reds on mine
  13. when i was at Port Vale i had a terrible pitch, i thought it was that but i relaid it but still same issues next season maybe some players are just unluckier on FM than others i say unluckier but it still hasn't stopped me getting Blackpool to 5th in PL, so maybe not haha
  14. anyway, i've mentioned it before, i don't wanna keep getting into it because it isn't a game breaker there's enough evidence through this thread that alot of people are experiencing an increase in injuries and alot aren't, so let's just leave it at that.
  15. i've played 4 seasons since patch 15.3 at 2 different clubs Port Vale and Blackpool i'm getting injuries in training, on international duty and in ME (sometimes 2 in ME, not including knocks) look i can deal with injuries what i can't deal with is when you get so many you can't even fill a bench up! a 25 man squad and currently i've got 9 players injured, 2 long term
  16. i'm not saying they've changed it but , has it occured to anyone that maybe a fix they have done to something has brought up another accidental problem?
  17. right so what am i doing differently to 15.2.1? show me an option where i can say to my players, take it easy don't get injured, i can't, i've tried all sorts of training and rotation and tactics nothing stops the injury crisis, so where are my options to stop injuries? but yeah nothing has changed just everyone is having a phase that nobody was having in 15.2, i've played about 25 in game seasons with roughly 5 or 6 different sets of players and teams in the previous patch and didn't have this myth phase
  18. say whatever you like something has definately changed the injury rate, can you read, i said i've changed it to light training, meaning i've tried other training, same thing it has changed since 15.2.1 get over it, maybe not deliberately but something has added to the rate, all i see on my inbox every process is a physio report, are you trying to tell me it's normal?
  19. mine too, it's the only thing wrong with this patch, i've been told it's just a phase but it isn't 4 ingame seasons now same issues training is fine, i've changed it to light training and still same old things, 2 injuries per game, 2 injuries per week, 2 long term injuries per season 15.2.1 a few injuries but at a normal level
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