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  1. you can close this thread, after a bit more searching on Steam I've found the link Steam demo was quite well hidden, its actually on the main games page but it has a bottom to the right saying "download PC demo" just for anyone's future use
  2. i'm very interested in the game I've bought every version since 2008 except this newest one, due to the fact I didn't enjoy fm 18 is there anyway I can still get the demo installed and play it before deciding on a purchase? and if so where please thanks for your help
  3. Knap will this work on FM18 not the touch version in your opinion? no ~OI's right?
  4. thanks to Sega for the help and Neil Brock, turns out an out dated gpu driver was causing the issue all good and can now start my rise up the leagues
  5. if only they had a proper tech support , i'd be able to ask them why I need to wait 24 hours to re-validate a game I purchased from them shame their tech support is a copy and paste job thanks for the advice
  6. sorry but if in 24 hours I don't have a working product I am well within my rights to get my money back
  7. strangely fm touch 2018 works perfectly, the full game (the one I desperately want to play does not? bit strange, I will wait until tomorrow and see if its just a temp problem, it really makes no sense
  8. thanks for your reply, I disagree with they can't do anything, they are the ones using this intrusive DRM
  9. so i'm getting this error message WTF am I supposed to do apart from wait 24 hours for a game I've bought ? Currently your game purchase cannot be re-validated successfully, please wait 24 hours and try again. should I just recall my cash from paypal? or is there a way round this ridiculous error?
  10. where is the cheapest place to buy fm18 and will I still get beta access if I purchase a digital copy tonight? many thanks
  11. i'm top of league 1 with York city in 2020, took me 2 seasons to get out of the conference but i'm on a roll now
  12. the more leagues you add the bigger database of players available expands
  13. simply click the file name, right click and rename to .tac
  14. not working great with me for York 8 games testing won 2 drew 5 lost 1 scored 12 conceded 14
  15. I love this formation, any chance you can upload tactic? any oi's? any ppm?
  16. you need the data forums TAKE IT UP WITH THE RELEVANT RESEARCHERS
  17. well for me it is I load the same nations and leagues up every season and the same large database with all Brazilian and Argentinian players selected roughly 85,000 players last fm 32 bit was far slower than it is right now for me on the same computer, quad core i7 3.5 ghz processor 12gb ddr3 ram
  18. i only get them if I have shoot on sight tactic, otherwise no not really
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