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    love leeds, don't buy into the hatred thing in football

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  1. I dominate too but always get beat in the real world it happens once every so often, but on FM it happens all the time 5 clear cut chances and never score, regardless of players
  2. I just find steams price very steep , any better prices out there legitimate ones with beta access download?
  3. loving the Nemesis for away games Rosler i use somebody elses tactic for home games though, Brendan Rogers 4-1-2-1-2 but yours way is getting me fantastic results, the reason i don't use it at home is because i have a very large squad and playing a narrower formation gives some hot prospect AMC's a game and a HALFback, i can't fit them into your 4-4-2 good work again
  4. broke into the top 2 with Hibernian awesome tactic, my only problem seems to be Celtic, but they are far better in terms of quality tbf
  5. nah i like slagging people and managers off i sometimes use the comments "I don't believe i'm special, but i'm in the top 1"
  6. makes sense now why i'm back at awkward, after missing out on the SPl title by 2 points last season i made big changes to my core players, signing new and improved youngsters, makes sense why i'm back to being awkward in tactics
  7. you leanr something new everyday, suppose it shows you how more complexed it's getting never knew that about General tactical training, so saying that does that mean if i concentrate on general tactical training my players will improve on their roles within the said tactics?
  8. thanls, what helps it rise faster in training match focus on match tactics or general training on tactical? or both
  9. What should i be doing to get my 3 tactics upto being accomplished or better, i'm asking this because i'm at a loss I'm at Hibernian and have used 3 set tactics for 2 seasons which reach accomplished eventually, but after pre-season they reset to awkward? is this right, surely they should remain at accomplished or atleast competent does signing players change the tactics fluidity? apart from using the tactics, what else causes them to rise faster?
  10. i use various shouts all to different effects if 0-0 and i should be winning i use "get creative" or "push forward" if winning 1-0 but the team are having decent chances i use "concentrate" or tighten up" if i've just conceded i use "demand more" or "show some passion" if i've just equalised or scored i use "encourage" or "concentrate" i get some great results from using shouts, a few games i've been 2-0 down and used them and won or drawn
  11. this is a great tactic for me in SPL with Hibernian it's the year 2028/29 and Partick have dominated for 5 years, with Rangers and Celtic the same top 3, been trying to break into the top 3, this season is better due to this tactic
  12. thought so, thanks anyway
  13. on FM, is it possible for companies like RED BULL to take over clubs?, Leeds atm are heavily linked with them, just rumours but is it possible for Red Bull to take over Leeds on FM 2015? or is it licensing issues?