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  1. you can close this thread, after a bit more searching on Steam I've found the link Steam demo was quite well hidden, its actually on the main games page but it has a bottom to the right saying "download PC demo" just for anyone's future use
  2. i'm very interested in the game I've bought every version since 2008 except this newest one, due to the fact I didn't enjoy fm 18 is there anyway I can still get the demo installed and play it before deciding on a purchase? and if so where please thanks for your help
  3. Knap will this work on FM18 not the touch version in your opinion? no ~OI's right?
  4. the more leagues you add the bigger database of players available expands
  5. loving the beta I started unemployed and eventually took the job at Wealdstone who were rock bottom and leaking goals like mad I've managed to steady the ship and results were rough at the start but I've managed a few 1-0 wins, we seem very poor entertainment wise but a solid unit am I jose mourinho? joking , am I right in thinking the editor is not in the beta?
  6. I don't want to sound spoilt but I've been used to 200mb for the past 3 years well 192mbps according to speed tests but now it's 17mbps
  7. ffs I moved house recently from fibre optic 200mb virgin media to 17mb broadband this is torture 33% zzzzzzz
  8. my girlfriends had a text saying "busy night on computer, loads of documents to do"
  9. yeah, think i'm gonna try create a stable tactic with lower tempo getting back to actual feedback though, i'm loving the ME changes, the small things that make it much more of a true experience like player dribbling that has now vastly improved make a real difference
  10. Does anyone think playing at a higher tempo can risk injury? i'm just trying to get to the bottom of my injury problems, but i'm at a loss with how i can
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