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  1. Finished 1st season with Inter. Won the league with 92 points (29 wins , 5 draws and 4 losses). Only signed 2 players (Pione Sisto and Dendoncker). Icardi finished with 40 goals and 15 assists. Discipline wise we got the most red cards (7) and yellow cards (114). Very solid tactic.
  2. Tactic is good but Some very unpredictable results. Playing as Inter Milan first season. Beat Roma away then lose at home to Napoli 5-1. Then beat Juventus away then lose 4-0 at home to Benavento. Both losses with the original attacking version. Played 18, drawn 1, lost 2 and won 15. Very good tactic apart from the unpredictability.
  3. Unfortunately not working for some reason. Can't get consistent results. Will keep trying
  4. Very underrated tactic imo. Having lots of success with it. Just using the attacking version Monaco (3 league titles in a row, lots of french cups and just won Champions league). 35 WINS Champions League Final Newcastle United (easily won the championship first season and finished 3rd in the Premier league first season) Oxford United (Easily won league 1 first season and got easily won the Playoffs the following season with £0 spent)
  5. Nicolas Tagliafico is very decent and cheap. Italian as well
  6. try Walter Kannemann or Emmanuel Mas
  7. My favourite team http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=b7qy1
  8. Really?. I ordered with them and got the key immediately and BETA is working perfectly. Look at your emails carefully. They send the key as soon as you order
  9. Made a few changes to the tactic and its amazing. Won quadruple with Chelsea first season. Also tried with Palace and finished 7th first season (predicted 20th). Tactic: Same team instructions as original tactic
  10. it is meant to be suicidal when trying to get back in the game with few mins left. This is my base tactic. It's Cardiff because my Chelsea save is on another laptop.
  11. I quite often find myself down by a goal or 2 in the last 20 mins and go all out attack to get some goals. It works sometime but most of the times it doesn't. Here is my set up in this situation: The idea is I want to get the ball in the box as much as possible and have as many people in the box as possible. The target man is usually a big strong guy who we aim to hit with long balls. How do you set up?
  12. My set up is very similar, SK (S) BPD(D) CD(D) BPD(D) WB(S) WB(S) DLP(D) CM(S) AP(A) DF(S) AF(A) love the combo between the AP, AF and DF
  13. Tried V1 with Southampton first season. Only edit I did was change the DLP role to Defend Signings First Eleven Final Table Results One of the best I have ever used. Well done
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