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  1. Ok this is very bad or very stupid , I have like 10 players , yes 10... i try all to loan out but without any dam luck , this is super frustrating and is completing ruining my game , i report this in the past and no result. If the dev team is short just say to mr Miles to contract more people , ignore the bugs and the HUGE bugs like this one is a mistake , hope in the future a new game manager game comes out to this company get some decent hit on the sells . Keep the players is needed ignore it will make it leave the game and not buy it . Sorry if i just blo
  2. To fix the B teams showing in CUP need to start a new save? Fixs like this is a crap , people lose time to making a save 2 , 3, ,4 seasons of work and then a new fix and isnt save game compatible ...
  3. If you translate see one person insulting the other only . And not me.
  4. I have the same problem, have a open post and i have the save game uploaded.
  5. Tuga power... nao uses o translate :) , e não , não sou criança , se calhar ainda não tinhas nascido já eu jogava CM 1 :) . Claro que o jogo ainda está meio verde mas ser parvo não vai acelerar a correção de problemas , muito menos em português e já agora " caps , bolt etc.. come on this is a forum " é capslock , bolt é o texto carregado logo não é traduzido :) . Se não sabem estar num forum não venham largar parvoíces nos mesmos. Se não estás satisfeito , pede os euros de volta mas boa sorte que alguém devolva passado de teres o jogo faz dias.
  6. Guys , caps , bolt etc.. come on this is a forum . Ok bugs know and urgent to fix is the B teams . 2022 winter is not a break is the World Cup so dont report that like a bug . I still play with the Beta Save Game , is any of that talk bugs need to get a FULL new save to play? That will be bad because im in 2023 ...
  7. Hi , i think i could have a bug and is getting annoying . So my players hidden personality stats are getting down all time , with mentoring , without mentoring etc , i see personality of my players droping. Some perfectionist get only high determination , some model citizen drop and i get training reports all time telling me " less appealing characteristic of the team are getting effects " and i see the personality sometimes drop . Never see anyone get the personality raise , only drop and is dam strange , i even put a model citizen with 3 kids with low personality and dont se
  8. Dont think is a bug , if you see is all week potencial/players , i release all that players because value allmost zero and no one buy it... so put it to 0 yea... possible will end to release to zero to. SLB need space in teams due the limit of registration in the leagues major , 2º , sub23 , sub19 etc.... This yes is a dam serious bug and need to get fixed ASAP ...
  9. I know is a bug in beta but in final release is still there? I get B teams in Cup . Question , need a new save to fix that error of B teams in Cup? thanks.
  10. So i punish a player and after select only talk to it and got the crash and the game close. Print and dmp on attachemets , Save Game uploaded to cloud with the name Tiago Rebocho - SL Benfica . FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.22 17.52.17).dmp
  11. Change the tackling to all team or just the yellow player? SUS tactic dont understand , can explain better please? .
  12. Guys using !!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULFKnapTMPP102ALLCUPS in Vanarama National , the results are fine but my 2º half is pain all time and full of reds and yellow cards. 2º half i normal win 1 , 2 goals and times to times i get draws ... keep the attack or change to play in CA wining ? Any form to change this? Thanks
  13. True true , im using the !!!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULFKnapTMPP102ALLCUPS . BTW guys , why put double intensity in trainings?
  14. Hi guys , and knap :) . Back to go some seasons on FM , i go start laaaaateeeeeeeeeee and far of a bigger club , i go start a season in Vanarama national Leage South :) . What best tactic to super underdog guys ?
  15. The title say all , when the patch come out? Im bored to my best player and good penalty taker get 6.0 in the games because miss 1 , 2 penalties a game..... And yes i dont want the beta , want the final version. I play this game before it was FM and never see one so broken like this ... :(
  16. I dont have beta , so i ask "without beta " ahah ... So no beta for me , what is better for a top club ? for your mat ofc..
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