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  1. I was just downloaded the pregame editor and starting messing around with it. First new thing I noticed is on the player data -> general screen, with listings for peak current ability and peak potential ability (separate from current ability and potential ability). I am wondering if these have any bearing on a new game or if it is just a reference for how certain players were rated on previous versions.
  2. Between 2021 and 2023, they were the only two teams to win a race in my career. I broke the streak at Doha to open the 2014 season but a Steinmann has won every other race so far. It's my second season in the top division (ninth overall) as ZRT and I didn't realize just how far ahead Steinmann is until one of their employees offered me a copy of their front wing design for £1.5 million. I accepted, went to check the part out and saw its performance rating is 2225 for their original front wing. Our second new front wing of the season had just been built and has a 1372 max. It's a long road
  3. Wish Nintendo had used the same SNES design in North America as they did elsewhere.
  4. Added everyone in the OP for the Wii U friends thing. Phil_G is mine.
  5. Sometimes the Miiverse comments in NSMBU crack me up even if they aren't all that funny really. "Bowser your son Iggy is a huge jerk who should be less annoying to 11 year olds." Poor kid. But I've died at least ten times on the Soda Jungle castle too...
  6. Review embargoes are bad for consumers. I can go pick my Wii U up in an hour and many games still don't have any published reviews.
  7. Picking mine up on Sunday morning here in the US. Will be getting NSMBU for sure and Nintendo Land will come with it, still trying to decide on another game. I'm not a huge Assassin's Creed fan but I did like AC2 and the Brotherhood one, never played the one which came out last year. If the Wii U version isn't worse than the other console versions I could get that. ZombiU is one that I'd rather read reviews of beforehand, the same goes for Scribblenauts Unlimited. I think those two have review embargoes until Sunday which is annoying. So we'll see I guess.
  8. http://gamesector.net/2012/09/13/nintendo-confirms-north-america-wii-u-launch-line-up/ New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, and Pikmin 3 all being released within the "launch window" (November - March) is probably enough for me to get one when it comes out. One or two of the other exclusives might be up my alley as well. There's a lot of multiplatform stuff on the list too but that's not really a selling point since I have a good PC and a PS3.
  9. I'm kind of annoyed that the NFL Draft and some game sevens are going on at the same time tomorrow. I guess I can watch the hockey and follow the draft on my PC or phone though. Bruins and Capitals going to overtime here. There haven't been many good scoring chances.
  10. Dues Ex: HR is on sale this weekend and I am going to buy it. Has anyone played the DLC, is that worth another $6-7?
  11. likeabawss: Austria were by far the second best industrial country behind my USA in the game I played, like 2.5x better than the #3 UK. They just exploded 10-20 years into the game. I found that my middle class POPs had a much tougher time of it than my poor and rich POPs, even when I'd tax the latter two and kept the middle class POPs on 0% for most of the game, had no tariffs, basically tried to do everything I could for them. I just saw a new beta patch came out, some of the changes regarding assimilation and elections look good.
  12. Everyone is already into CK2 and I'm just about to finish my first Victoria II game with the new expansion pack. I'm cruising to victory but that isn't particularly hard playing as the USA. Other than taking the present day USA land from Mexico and another of their states later on, I haven't fought any wars of conquest. But I did colonize just about every previously unoccupied island in the Pacific. It is 1930 and my industrial score (6000+ and growing) is greater than the rest of the world's scores combined. I have at least ten states with an industrial score larger than the fifth biggest cou
  13. I have it but have only played 10 years or so. One thing which I didn't read about beforehand that I really like is the added information during those election year events, showing what each party supports, how popular the parties are in the province/state the decision is for, and how the population of that state feels about the issue. It's also harder to decide how to allocate your budget which is good. More tough choices to be made.
  14. A House Divided was supposed to come out tomorrow but is now coming out on February 2. Maybe that factored into CK2 being pushed back a bit. I just preordered AHD yesterday too, I assume it being pushed back means it was going to be buggy as hell or something. Although the PI guys blame "distribution issues," supposedly meaning Steam.
  15. The British AI must have taken the unlikely choice in the 54-40 or Fight! event, I am now in possession of all of British Columbia (immediately renamed Columbia). Not many people live in these provinces in 1849 but I do like seeing all that extra blue on the map.
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