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  1. Ok, thanks! How did you find out it was St. Louis City that was causing the issue? It is not set to extinct. I think it might be something hard-coded due to St. Louis having only just joined MLS for the 2023 season. I created a new team like you did and the whole file verified just fine. So now I can make a new club with the same name and just move all the players and staff over to the new entity. Soon I'll finish fine-tuning the rest of the file and then I'll finally be ready to start playing the game. Thanks again!
  2. Basically as the title says. When I try and run the test in the advanced rules there's a problem with the Second Division. "American Second Division, Wrong number of teams (23) found for Stage 0 of American Second Division (24 Required)" The only thing I really want to use the Advance Rules for is to fine tune some of the squad rules (specifically, limiting the number of foreigners in the starting XI), nothing that affects the structure or number of teams in the league. So I'm kind of at a loss as to why it stops working when I'm only changing that one rule. USA My Way.fmf
  3. Just finished running three seasons in holiday mode (using the mini Canada compatibility patch) and there were no crashes.
  4. This looks really fun. I want to try it out but I can't get it to test/verify in the editor for the 23.3 database.
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