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  1. 3 weeks into pre-season we have gone from being predicted to finish 13th to 1-91 favourites to win the league. Guess the AI thinks I managed to sign some pretty decent players.
  2. Never managed this low down before so it's certainly going to be an adventure! Gone for Stapleford as they are one of quite a few clubs that are local to me and the badge is one of the better ones.
  3. First time trying this challenge. After a couple of reloads I've managed to get Royston Town who I have never seen get promoted before - My squad is very looking very thin, this is how looks after promoting all the U23s and U18s I take it can offer the greyed out players in my club contracts, just not greyed out players from other clubs?
  4. Thanks for the reply. The game is showing 1920x1080, I have checked windows settings also and its showing the same resolution
  5. Could someone help me please? I'm trying to stretch the touchline tablet to as far as it will go to the left. My laptop screen resolution is 1920 x 1080. I have followed the instructions in the 1st post but whenever I change the values it either doesn't stretch the panels any further or makes them very narrow. I'm confused what I'm doing wrong.
  6. I thought the same when I first looked. I ended up putting them in match folder which is inside the panels folder. I'm not sure if this is correct, but it seems to have worked how they should do in my game. From what I remember I think I put the config file in the panels folder which over wrote the one that was already in there. If I have done it wrong, please somebody let us know the proper way.
  7. Great work. Only issue now is choosing which tabs to have open!
  8. I have a player is who is injured during the match. The game took me to the team/starting 11 to make the sub but it jumped back to the match and it wont let me continue or click anything to start the match again. See the picture below. Any help would be very much appreciated especially as 3-0 up!
  9. I'll give the in game editor a go if it starts to get on my nerves too much. Just thought there may have been an easy way to do it in the config file.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Im using a custom kit pack, i did think of swapping them over, but i dont like green kits so dont really want the green kit as my away one.
  11. Does anyone know how to change it so the yellow box is underneath the yellow kit and the green box is under the green kit?
  12. @DazRTaylor Very unlucky to miss out on promotion & a great effort considering you couldn't sign anyone.
  13. Save file corrupted half way through 1st season
  14. Does anyone start their long term save during the beta?
  15. Decided to go for the Lenovo Ryzen 5 4600H, in case I get the urge to play some other games and I also thought it was more ' future proof' than the Acer.
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