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  1. Thanks everyone for the answers. As people have said it would be such a better feature if they tried to sell on regular basis until they are sold or removed from the list.
  2. I have had my chairman and assistant manager taking responsibility for the unwanted list. When i add players to it, after the 1st time they have offered them to clubs do they continuously offer them to other clubs or do i have to manually ask them to do it every time?
  3. Thats an option because then they can be added to the staff shortlist.
  4. Yeah I have been searching by age range. Just didnt know if there was another way.
  5. Is there a way to specifically search or filter staff searches for recently retired players?
  6. Thats what i thought. Checked my U20 squad and have quite a few regens in there
  7. The U20 and youth squad have a huge amount of players, is that normal?
  8. I didnt do anything special. Just created the game as per the 1st post, added some extra leagues and added the Serie D database. I have played FM for many years and I have never had 16 year old as good either when first starting a game.
  9. Just got round to looking at my squad after setting up the game last night and pleasantly surprised to see - Goes straight into the starting 11. My coaches say he is already 'very well suited' to Lega Pro football. Good luck amosbastian. Hopefully you can get promotion on your 1st attempt.
  10. I have exactly the same staff and not one good between them all! Thankfully most of their contracts expire at the end of the season.
  11. I want to give this challenge a go. Which databases have people downloaded to be able to play with San Marino in Serie D? Also is it allowed to load up the top leagues from England, Spain, Germany etc? **Edit** I need to learn to read. Info about loading extra leagues is in post 8. I ended up using this database to get Serie D [url="http://www.fmscout.com/a-italy-lower-leagues-fm16.html"]http://www.fmscout.com/a-italy-lower-leagues-fm16.html [/url]
  12. Thanks everyone for the help. I forget to post at the end of the last season. I made some changes following the advice that was given. Eveything seemed to click into place pretty much straight away. I manged to win the conference by a clear 30 points, with 115 points and 99 goals scored. I dont think i have won the league by so many clear points before. This is where my tactic is at now - As you can see my AF(A) is on fire scoring 9 in 7 league games. Along with a few of my other players who are all getting quite high ratings. Im still unsure on what role to give my AM centre though? At the moment im changing the role depending on who plays there. At the moment its Dobbie, but as he only has dribbling of 12 I play him as an AM(A) with dribble less. But I have Frank Moussa who has a dribbling of 15, so when i put him in the AM position i set him to an AP(A). Ideally what I would like is, who ever plays in that position to play through balls through AI defence to either my striker or two wide players. As the a lot of the time the edge of the box gets quite crowded and we end up either having shots blocked or playing the ball out wide. Which is still working and providing goals. But I have seen some games i have played in last season and this where I have demolished teams with little through balls into the area. But I cant seem to create it on a regular basis. Is there anyway to go back to a previous game I played and look at what roles I gave to certain players in my tactic?
  13. True, but once his stamina drops and cant really last 60 mins. In my opinion its time to get rid. Thanks for the tip. Peterborough are my parent club, so might make it easier to get him on loan etc.
  14. Thanks everyone for the help. I have decided to play him in the EG role as he is most suited to that role. Since playing him in the EG role he is scoring and assisting on a regular basis. I'll post a screen shot at the end of the season of his stats. My only worry is, he is 34 and physical stats are going down so I dont know how long he will keep playing on a regular basis after this season. I think its unlikely i'll find another player suitable to play the EG role in the lower leagues though.
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