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  1. No mate I have not. If you could let me know how exactly I would greatly appreciate your help?
  2. Luckily for you my work finishing the update has been delayed by bad hay fever the past few days so I will now include your requested leagues now.
  3. Plenty of talent in the under 23s and under 18s. Who will you keep and who will you sell with limited financial resources?
  4. As Brexit looms and vultures circle can you take these you Cubs and turn them into Lions at the top of the EPL? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1568824182
  5. Okay I have started work on an update of the original file. I plan on adding the following divisions England League 1 England League 2 France Ligue 2 Spain Segunda division Italy Serie B Dutch Eerste Divisie (Keuken Kampioen Divisie) MLS Argentine Superliga Brazilian Serie A Greece Super League If anybody has another division they would like added? Let me know in the next few days and I'll see if I can add it. I hope too get this update out by ext weekend.
  6. No worries I'll add that in the next update which will probably be out in about 2 weeks all going well.
  7. Tempo range for my update is from 6 for slowest to 20 for fastest tempo
  8. Best and Worse Teams for each metric Tempo Passes per minute of Possession - Highest Napoli 14.57, Sundsvall 14.45, Barcelona 14.39, Chelsea 14.31, Real Madrid 13.75 Lowest St.Johnstone 7.94, Aves 7.85, Boavista 7.76, Rotherham 7.69, Cardiff 7.67 Physicality of Play Defensive Duels Per Foul - Highest St.Johnstone 7.14, Stuttgart 6.91 Swansea 6.88, West Ham 6.70, OB Odense 6.63 Lowest Setubal 3.44, Slavia Prague 3.37, Dinamo Vranje 3.34, Karpaty 2.95, Macva Sabac 2.90 Directness Long Pass % - Highest Rotherham 22.59, Livingston 22.39, Hamilton 20.65, Birmingham 19.95, Zwickau 19.90 Lowest Ajax 6.29, Celtic 6.29, Barcelona 5.89, Man City 5.45, Chelsea 5.38, PSG 4.82 Pressing Passes Per Defensive Action opponents half - Highest Hobro 20.76 , Parma 16.85, Bologna 16.32, Chievo 15.89, Senica 15.79 Lowest Hallescher 5.54, Paderborn 5.77, Macva Sabac 6.01, Anderlecht 6.01, RB Salzburg 6.06 Width Passes into final third Per Cross - Barcelona 6.09, Heerenveen 5.11, PSG 5.05, Chelsea 4.80, Lille 4.37 Lowest Setubal 1.72,Tondela 1.72, SPAL 1.69, Huddersfield 1.68, Zlin 1.59, Wurzburger 1.48
  9. Updated Manager Tactical Attributes for the following leagues. English Premier League English Championship France Ligue 1 Italian Serie A Spainish La Liga German Bundesliga German Bundesliga 2 German Bundesliga 3 Austria Bundesliga Belgium 1st Division Croatian Division 1 Czech Division 1 Denmark Superliga Netherlands Eiredivisie Norway Eliteserien Portugal Primeira Liga Russia Premier League Scotland Premiership Serbia Super Liga Slovakia Super Liga Slovenia 1st Division Sweden Allsvenskan Switzerland Super League Turkey Super Lig Ukraine Premier League The following attributes have been updated for about 90% of the managers in the above divisions. The other 10% were unchanged due to sackings. Tempo – Passes Per Minute of Possession Physicality of Play – I have calculated a metric called Defensive Duels Per Foul which is derived from a calculation using the a teams average defensive duels per 90 minutes divided by a teams average fouls per 90 minutes. Directness – The % of Long Passes. Pressing – used a metric called passes per allowed defensive action in the opposition half which is the total passes per 90 of the opposing team in the opposition half divided by a teams defensive actions in the oppositions half. Width – I calculated a metric called Final third Passes Per Cross. Which is calculated by taking a teams total completed passes per 90 minutes into the final third divided by the averages crosses per 90 minutes. I used the above to rank all the teams and then assign new ratings for the above 5 attributes based on the 2018/19 season so far. The metrics I have used are not perfect but hopefully they more accurately reflect the current state of play in the above leagues. I plan on doing a further update with other leagues and divisions. Let me know which other leagues or divisions you would like? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1560240281&searchtext=
  10. If I want to change a teams level of pressing what do I edit? Team pressing? Manager tactical pressing? Manager Tendency pressing? Which takes precedent? Do all 3 have to be same?
  11. Bundesliga 3 https://mega.nz/#!vscxnKoK!Qz6VbFHjCNGP-VkmUtnt4TOVMH62fFl9eWBDbrTj6ms
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