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[FM23] MorrisseyMuse's Attention To Detail Data Update

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Whenever I play FM, I'm never truly happy with player stats and other little niggles (I blame the OCD :D), so I've decided to start up once again an old project of mine, an 'ongoing update' of sorts, where I will be updating player and manager stats, CA, PA, positions, etc.

The purpose of my update and what sets it apart from most of the others here, is a focus purely on the key areas listed above - a true 'attention to detail' throughout - to give the most updated and realistic representation of each individual player and club's own personalities and skill sets.

My update will NOT include any transfers or loans.  There are already many utterly amazing, multi-person, transfer update-focused updates released (and I'm sure will continue on in to FM23 :)).  I do this update (as well as a fantasy video games one and an update for FM 2008! - threads to follow very soon, check my profile/posts for links!), all by myself in my spare time and could not possibly hope to compete, nor would I want to!

I instead hope to see this update as something long term that will be the perfect compliment to the other transfer updates, as the separate focus I have on clubs and player data will hopefully lead to improved compatibility and the ability to run my updates alongside any others. :)  The level of success of this will vary from update to update and game to game I'm sure, but I will at least be using FM23 to experiment with this being more of a possibility!

However you choose to experience my update in FM23 though, I just sincerely hope that you - as ever - enjoy! :D

NB: I have full admiration and respect for the scouts that work on FM and no disrespect is intended with this project; it's just an alternative that I plan on rolling out weekly or bi-weekly (hopefully! lol), to give the community an alternative database with more regular updates on players and teams as they happen throughout the season; one that can also hopefully be influenced with input from the community itself. :)

So I've waffled on long enough...!


  • The ONLY update with regular player and staff updating!
  • Player and manager stat updates - constantly updated stats as the season progresses!
  • Player and manager personality updates - favoured/hated personnel, hidden character attributes, etc. - Managers fall out with a player?  Friendships forming off the pitch?  Staff leave a club under less than mutual circumstances?  A player has a burst of form, a brush with the law off the pitch, a sudden transfer request or a drop in consistency? all be addressed in player stats!
  • Player altered/updated appearances - for the 3D engine.
  • Teams - club rep, stadiums, correct names, finances, morale, new kits, etc.. plus Juventus FC and Mancheser United's real names and details added in!
  • Leagues - All of the promotions and relegations and tournament/cup winers for the 22/23 season updated as and when results come in, complete with the correct/more accurate league/cup names added!
  • Player form - an emphasis on big game performances and consistency as player develop reputations for reliability or perhaps 'big game bottlers'..?
  • Injuries - added/removed as and when they happen!
  • New players/youth/wonderkids - added when they are discovered!
  • Compatibility with transfer updates - allowing for transfers and my own stat updates together in your game! (WIP)


  1. Download the .fmf file from the link below.
  2. Copy/paste it into your 'Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > editor data' folder
  3. When you start a new game, select the '23.0.0 Update' database in the top right
  4. Tick the 'MorrisseyMuse's Attention To Detail Stat Update' option under the 'File' section, if not already ticked.
  5. Enjoy!


Coming very soon! :)

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  • MorrisseyMuse changed the title to [FM23] MorrisseyMuse's Attention To Detail Data Update
  • 2 weeks later...

A quick update:

  • All teams in the Brazilian Brasileirão Assaí league have now been updated with correct names and team colours and kits!
  • Also the recent shock departure of Ronaldo from United has been updated!

I'm now working my way through the main world leagues, especially the Premier League, updating teams, players and competition details - expect more info on a release soon! :)

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  • 2 months later...

Howdy folks!

I'm very sorry for the lack of update; both of my parents very sadly passed away before Xmas, so I've not had the time nor mindset to begin editing again until now.

I'm back now however, but I'm going to wait for the official SI winter update to drop with all of the latest transfer window deals, before I'll then hop straight back on to editing all the latest data tweaks and get the first version of this update out to you all ASAP! :)

I'm also going to be back working on an update for FM 2008, which will have its own thread in the old FM section too for anyone interested. :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hola folks!

With today's patch release, my update is finally back in production! :)

Thank you for your patience and I hope to deliver the most accurate (and first!), truly player-centric update for FM!

More details and release date of version 1 to follow soon! :)

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  • 3 months later...

Hola folks!

I hope everyone is well?

The update is finally approaching release!  Expect:

Players - 1000's of players updated; attributes, preferences, positions and more!

Club updates - reputations, rivalries, stadia and fake names updated!

Leagues - Correct and updated league names and reputations!

Key transfers updated - Free agents, Saudi influx

This is primarily an 'attention to detail' tweaks update for players and clubs, so not all transfers will be included.  However, it should be compatible with the many transfer updates already available! :)

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