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  1. "Turns out it is possible to get the Team Names to Recolour whilst using the normal names, you just need to fudge it by using a class that can be recoloured such as the team name when it's part of the incidents file;" Thanks Mr. Murray !!!! And - to clarify....we would then need a match incidents right score for the away team? Or does the one panel handle both teams? I guess I'll find out when I try it.... Ok - I now have this (see below).... trying to fix the logos so that they are both next to the score rather than both being to the left of the team name
  2. @a31632 - and if you can figure out how to get the text as the team secondary colour when using the team long names, you'll be a hero to many (or at at least me, anyway) :-)
  3. Take a look at my post above from a few days ago......you'll need to change the paper file to blue from red as instructed. Then, in the "match title bar" panel, make the following change in the very first line: FROM: <panel colour_team_names="false" colour_team_scores="false">.....................TO THIS: <panel colour_team_names="true" colour_team_scores="false"> Basically change the colour_team_names from false to true The problem that has not been solved is the text color when using the full team name........I'm not going to get into this again as it's ridiculous there's no way to make it the team secondary color.........I've made my statements in posts above. Presently I manually change the color of the text in the file before each game (although only about 10 basic colours are available).
  4. ...and Jeffs72....to help a little more, here's a screen shot of where you can find it in your skins graphics folder.......I found a blue wallpaper online and matched the size of it to the red paper already in this folder.....voila !....actually just added a copy of blue paper below But we still need to resolve the colored text with the long team name issue
  5. We have been fighting to get a fix for this for over a week, but no one can figure it out....very frustrating......some of the great skinners have given up on it......I can't believe there isn't a way to fix this.........you have to decide if you want the the correct team colors with the 6-letter name (which looks like an eye chart in most cases) or the full team name with the wrong text color.
  6. Very odd........as one that watches the game in full, the scoreboard was always an important part of the experience. Skin Masters have come up with some good ones over the years, so it's a shame this is constricted. So I'll either manipulate the color in the "match score area panel" before each game I play or see if I can stomach the disjointed 6 letter team names for the sake of proper team colors {How do I cut Borussia Monchengladbach down to 6 letters :-) } Thanks for confirming bluestillidie00
  7. Same here....which is why I'm sort of at a dead end after a lot of trial and error.....hopefully one of the masters will crack the code.
  8. You may slap my hand if this is a wrong question.....but can up to Level 10 be released :-)......I know I'm being impatient :-) Thanks
  9. So far, no one has been able to answer how we can have the long names in the scoreboard while having the team background primary color and the team text the secondary color. The best I've seen or came up with myself after fiddling with the FLUT skin "match score area panel" is to get the long team name with the text being the secondary color of the competition. If I resort to using the 6-letter name for the team, then the it will work properly........for some reason the code that gives us the long team name does not allow for the text to be the secondary color of the team. What I did last night while playing my first friendly with Sevilla, is change the text color to "red" instead of "secondary" and it worked....so it will accept specific color commands....so I had the white background and the red text rather than white on white (since Friendly Competitions secondary color is white).....but I don't want to have to do that for both teams every game I play !!! One of the mysteries of FM21....
  10. BluestilIidie or michaeltmurrayuk - I see some of the master skinners around are having difficulty figuring out the scoreboard colour scheme.......the best we've seen is the team long name, with the team primary colour as the background......then the text can either be black, white or the secondary colour of the competition. As mentioned before....if you use the 6-letter name of the team, the secondary colour for the text does work .....just not with the full team name. The little things that you keep you up at night :-) Would you have any wisdom to share in resolving this? Thanks !!
  11. Playing on 27" iMAC Windowed 2560x1440 with 110% or 125% zoom
  12. Thanks!!! ....I don't think I saw that.....or did I try it, maybe not....I'll try it out again later....will let you know how it goes......much appreciated! UPDATE: That worked....thanks again !! Next trick....yo get the team full name on the scoreboard.....attempting to use another skins code , but it would not keep the text color we just corrected......so back to 6-letter for now.
  13. Hi BluestilIdie00 - I did change the paper.xml from re to blue.......then went into the "match score area panel" and changed the 2 lines for T1Co & T2Co red replacement to primary which did change the background to the team primary color. ( <container class="main_box_no_margin" red_replacement="primary" appearance="boxes/custom/match/tv captions/si tv/score/home team/paper"id="T1Co"> Then I changed the 2 lines T1nm & T2nm to to secondary .{<widget class="text_button" id="T1nm" font="title" size="30" alignment="left,centre" click_event="htac" navigation_focus_target="false" colour="secondary"/> ).......this changed the team names to the secondary color of the competition and not the team....in the case below....the secondary color of the Premier League is teal green. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks
  14. I see where the Dog Skin 1.9 was able to make a different scoreboard......with a slight to change to the background team color...not sure what they did yet.
  15. Hi magicmastermind124 - I converted to a .fmf file as KeegBCFC suggested and it works fine now......I couldn't get it to enable as a .xml file. Thanks again
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