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  1. I usually do 3 saves as I usually manage 5 or 6 teams as I like to experience as many leagues as possible. If I was retired I'd play 20 teams :-) !!! I create different saves due not wanting to have to play 5 or 6 games at one sitting if the games we all scheduled for 15:00 (I would never have the time). I find 2 games in a sitting takes almost 2 hours to prepare and play. I usually do a Greta Britain save with all the leagues loaded from those countries and usually play a PL or Championship team along with a lower division team (FM20 was Nott. Forest & Blackpool). My 2nd save is usually a French & German team with all divisions load.....with several other Euro leagues loaded in case I am fired and want to coach in a different country (FM20 was Nantes & Borussia Monchengladbach). My third save is Spain and whichever other league I'm in the mood for that year...Turkey, Portugal, Italy etc. (FM20 was Granada only). I only ever play the present season as it usually takes me until the next release to complete all 5 or 6 seasons. (yes, I plan and watch in full each game). I also use the pre-game editor to give all teams a transfer ban. I then use the in-game editor to change the rosters as transfers occur in real life.....to make the season as similar to real life as possible. I play a week of fixtures in one save and move on to the next save...week by week to keep each save at the same stage of the season. So give it a try and enjoy
  2. You may still call it soccer. It shouldn't offend our Brit friends.......Supposedly the British came up with the term Association Football (shortened to soccer) to differentiate it from Rugby Football.
  3. Begin a new save as Manager of both teams and schedule a friendly....then you could update the rosters and set both lineups then enter the subs as occurred in real life. I hope PSG wins this time !!!
  4. I've been doing it for 15 years I would guess. I had 2 saves the 19-20 season....one with Nottingham Forest & Blackpool and another save as Nantes & Granada. Nothing tricky.......the only note would be that if both teams play at 15:00 then you have to play both games in the same sitting. The out of town scoreboard will not give updates of your other team, so at least it doesn't spoil the other result for you before playing it. The reason I have 2 saves is that if all 4 teams had to play at 15:00 on the same day I would have to play all 4 games at that time.....I wouldn't have the free time for that as I manage each game.
  5. That's not the point.....These are more mental type of organizations.........but I may give my money to a local New York City charity, hospital, BLM organization or wherever and there are plenty of marketing ways to get the word out for a certain charity or special need.......... My game is not the place. And why do I want a Jimmy Dean sausage breakfast bowl advertised in my game?
  6. Thanks for your suggestions gentlemen, but I understand all of that. XaW - we're are referring to the video adboards, not the static adboards you have pictured, Brother Ben - I have all the video adboards for many teams (mainly from the adboard patches since their inception a few years ago). My adboards still work........it's just that for every couple of my adboards, one of these outside adboards pop up (OCD clinic, Humen, Movember & Jimmy Dean). Indran1412 - I always disable the option for advertising infiltration of video adboards. Something has overwritten my disabling of these video adboards. I'll survive, but it's odd that these are now in my game and I'd rather not see them.
  7. So we're still getting these OCD - COVID 19 ads......and then came along a "HUMEN" video ad .....now this week....a "Jimmy Dean" sausages video ad. Is there any way to get rid of these ? Are there more coming and we just can't avoid them?? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the information Bitrock. I hope anyone with OCD & anxiety find it useful. I presume we should expect adboards for unemployment, PPE needs for the medical community and domestic abuse ......or any other fall out from our new reality. I find it invading and inappropriate in this setting, but it's Miles' game and he can do what he wants.
  9. Has anyone else seen this adboard pop up? Can we get rid of it? I chose "no" for targeted advertising. FM is an escape from this terrible onslaught of bad news we deal with every day. Now it is staring at me from a place of refuge. Thanks and stay safe everyone !!
  10. Thanks wkdsoul.....by leading me to the right place, I noticed the "professional" skinner had updated some items in the tabs folder........not sure what to fix, I just replaced the entire folder with the tabs folder from the 2019 skin I used and it brought my tab text back to life.......it seems I know just enough to be dangerous. Thanks again for your quick response!
  11. Hello Gents, I'm fiddling/merging panels with new skins and I cannot recall what controls the text on the header beneath the titlebar to see the tabs. Please review photo of the titlebar/header ...I have the primary color (white) set for the titlebar with the secondary colored text (green). The header has the secondary color and should have the primary color as the text. I cannot find where I can change the text to primary....I looked in the client object browser (where the control for the header color is)....as well as the header.xml & titlebar.xml. I couldn't find an answer in searching this forum, so I'm breaking to ask for help. Thanks !!
  12. So the link keeps sending me back here.......I presume it must be Groundhogs Day arriving 2 months early, so I'll try again another day....looks great !!
  13. You may have to clear the caches (or deleting the skin caches that shows up in the caches folder) each time you exit....I'm doing that now just in case..... since the ads didn't show up one time when opened the game......
  14. Yes...I took the SD folder out and have had success as well....YAY !!!
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