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  1. So the link keeps sending me back here.......I presume it must be Groundhogs Day arriving 2 months early, so I'll try again another day....looks great !!
  2. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    You may have to clear the caches (or deleting the skin caches that shows up in the caches folder) each time you exit....I'm doing that now just in case..... since the ads didn't show up one time when opened the game......
  3. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Yes...I took the SD folder out and have had success as well....YAY !!!
  4. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    I'll give this a try as well... as for your previous post, yes, I delete "fm2019flutskin_dark@1_25x.skc" before I open every the game.........and the ad pack your linked is correct
  5. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    OK...this isn't perfect.....Te next time I opened the game the static boards were not working........but I remember some other issue like this in the past............it appears I'll need to clear my cache before exiting the game (or delete the saved skin file from the caches folder before opening the game again....file name looks like this since I use the Flut skin - "fm2019flutskin_dark@1_25x.skc"). It's annoying, but it's a work around for now.....hopefully a better solution will arise from someone. You can find the caches file here: Macintosh HD - Users - "User Name" - Library - Application - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2019 - Caches I use the Sortitoutsi ad board project pack......I've been using it for a decade probably and have made many updates to it myself. I use the Dynamic Adboards from FM Scout for the video ads...with some personal changes as well.
  6. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    I did not delete anything. "Overwritten the fm.xml file that was already in the ads folder, with the one that came with the adboard pack (and which is also in the 'normal' location)" - This is what I did as well and it worked for me.....
  7. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    I put it in the "simatchviewer" folder, not the "simatchviewer_uncompressed" folder.....looks like you'll have to un-archive the simatchviewer.fmf to get the folder.
  8. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    Rivanov - I was able to get the static ads to work by putting the "fm.xml" file in: macintosh HD - Users - "user name" - Library - Application Support - Steam - Steam Apps - common - Football Manager 2019 - data - simatchviewer - ads - "fm.xml" I left the "fm.xml" file in it's original place as well, since I was unsure where the game is reading this from now. (macintosh HD - Users - "user name" - documents - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2019 - ads - "fm.xml") whatever makes it work....
  9. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/36764/the-fm18-adboard-patch?page=28#comment_454487 Hey friends....check over on sortitoutsi.....appears to have a solution
  10. Similar fate here (on an iMac)....static adboards don't work.....we cultivate some graphics for years and then FM sabotage's you. Let's hope someone can explain how we can get them to work again. As for the video boards...I don't now where to begin....yes , the default overrides the club video ads when I play....a few club ads are sprinkled in throughout a game. I may rename my team video ads the same as the default ads and at least I should see more of my team ads during a game. Here's to better days my friends!! UPDATE: trying several work around's that have found success....for now anyway
  11. Onyewu

    Bidstack Advertising Board

    “With an average of 120,000 people playing Football Manager every day, the in-game pitchside advertising offers a perfect route to reach out to football fans in a completely authentic environment,” says Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive. I don't know how we get out from under this? Maybe we shouldn't sign the EULA ? Should we march the streets and protest? It feels very invasive. I'd pay double the price for the game if they would just leave us alone. Sorry for the rant fella's
  12. I noticed with the Spain fixtures that Friendlies infringe on the opening weekend..........some teams have Friendlies on Sat Aug 17 or Sun 18 forcing the opening game to Tues 8/20 - Wed 8/21....even a Friendly in between week 1 and week 2...........after the first 2 weeks of funky scheduling the schedule is normal. Not the worst thing in the world, but wanted you to know. Oh...and by the way...thank you very much for offering this to us !!!
  13. I'll give this a whirl as well even if I get lost in the Editor when I go in there (a fear of ruining the game as well).....I've been used to changing the colors of the kits with the IGE to change the titlebar / text colors......I guess every year we get a new test of our abilities.....hopefully a patch can revert to allowing the IGE to change the colors......as always, thanks for your skinning wisdom.
  14. To answer the question of this thread: No thank you.....but if enough people want it, why not.....