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  1. Using American English in game: Play-by Play stating there were "Ironic Cheers".......I know this is a mistake in language that British announcers will admit to after they say it, but must it be in the game? It should be "sarcastic cheers" or if you want to get real American it can be called a "Bronx Cheer" (The New York Yankees play in the Bronx Borough of New York City and their fans have been known to be very sarcastic throughout history - hence the term). I could give a laundry list of Brit-isms that sportscasters use ad-naseam, but I'll keep it to this for now :-)
  2. Here's an odd one.......I just played at Luton Town and the adboards defaulted to the generic League One adboards. I cleared the cache, reloaded the skin, double checked my fm.xml file and ads folder. Same result. I wonder why it wouldn't at least default to the Championship generic adboards rather than League One....hmmmm..... All other adboards (static or video) have worked per usual. This adboard pack has worked for years, so this anomaly must be something embedded in the game code?? Or the FLUT skin blocks this one teams adboards from working this year? Has anyone else noticed th
  3. "Turns out it is possible to get the Team Names to Recolour whilst using the normal names, you just need to fudge it by using a class that can be recoloured such as the team name when it's part of the incidents file;" Thanks Mr. Murray !!!! And - to clarify....we would then need a match incidents right score for the away team? Or does the one panel handle both teams? I guess I'll find out when I try it.... Ok - I now have this (see below).... trying to fix the logos so that they are both next to the score rather than both being to the left of the team name
  4. In case anyone cares.....I was just in mid-game with the usual jitteriness of the match play..... so out of frustration I came to the forums again and noticed in the "match jitter" thread that Huesey1974 mentions changing his computer display. I didn't really understand the refresh rate, etc that was being espoused, but the word "display" got me thinking. So I went to my System Preferences (I'm on an iMac 27") and clicked on Displays to see what options I had.....I was presently on the default setting for my display and had 4 other options (to increase or decrease my screen display size)
  5. I just wanted to log in as another person with a jittery match engine since the update....I've attempted all the tricks of lowering the graphic quality and reducing the zoom down from 125% that I had been using. So I now have a jittery match engine and a crowd of mannequins/Blue Man Group impersonators. I wonder what was in that latest update that caused this? I'm not sure there's anything that can be done, so 'll just soldier on and enjoy best I can. Maybe the next update will snap things back to normal for reasons unknown.
  6. Hey Gaboo - I agree it's frustrating....SI does not seem to have the staffing to ensure team colors are proper for all teams in all countries (sometimes, not the legal rights). So the default is black quite often. May I suggest before you start a new save, go into the editor where it is possible to change the color of seating for each stadium. I've done this for several years (along with other incorrect colors for kits, team primary & secondary colors, competition colors, team names {short & long} etc..)....it takes me a lot of hours to get through most Euro leagues, USA & Brazil,
  7. My iMac updated to Big Sur a few weeks ago and I do not have any further software updates available, so the drivers should be up to date. (The website for AMD graphics only allows for Windows, Ubuntu or Linux manual updates). Still the same.......I even tried to create a new save without any added editor data, 3D Kits or 3rd party skin and the issue still occurs....weird.
  8. Hi Jack - I have uploaded the save game to the Own cloud "1 ARSENAL - NOTTINGHAM FOREST" - under Anonymous as the sender. I have 2 other saves as well and the same crowd issue....... for the games already played or for a new game. All other graphics within the game are normal. Thanks
  9. Good Evening, See attached screen shots of the crowds since the update today......man of them take on the team color, but do not have the human detail. Any ides how to correct or what could have happened (have tested with original skin and 3rd party skin with same results.......I have verified game files and cleared cache to see if that helped as well.. ......it's like Blue Man Group came to the game :-) Thanks
  10. @a31632 - and if you can figure out how to get the text as the team secondary colour when using the team long names, you'll be a hero to many (or at at least me, anyway) :-)
  11. Take a look at my post above from a few days ago......you'll need to change the paper file to blue from red as instructed. Then, in the "match title bar" panel, make the following change in the very first line: FROM: <panel colour_team_names="false" colour_team_scores="false">.....................TO THIS: <panel colour_team_names="true" colour_team_scores="false"> Basically change the colour_team_names from false to true The problem that has not been solved is the text color when using the full team name........I'm not going to get into this again as it's ridiculous
  12. ...and Jeffs72....to help a little more, here's a screen shot of where you can find it in your skins graphics folder.......I found a blue wallpaper online and matched the size of it to the red paper already in this folder.....voila !....actually just added a copy of blue paper below But we still need to resolve the colored text with the long team name issue
  13. We have been fighting to get a fix for this for over a week, but no one can figure it out....very frustrating......some of the great skinners have given up on it......I can't believe there isn't a way to fix this.........you have to decide if you want the the correct team colors with the 6-letter name (which looks like an eye chart in most cases) or the full team name with the wrong text color.
  14. Very odd........as one that watches the game in full, the scoreboard was always an important part of the experience. Skin Masters have come up with some good ones over the years, so it's a shame this is constricted. So I'll either manipulate the color in the "match score area panel" before each game I play or see if I can stomach the disjointed 6 letter team names for the sake of proper team colors {How do I cut Borussia Monchengladbach down to 6 letters :-) } Thanks for confirming bluestillidie00
  15. Same here....which is why I'm sort of at a dead end after a lot of trial and error.....hopefully one of the masters will crack the code.
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