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  1. You are any company's wet dream with that kind of thinking, but clearly you are in the minority. Most of us don't want to/choose not to pay any more than we have to. Now I'm off to go and be embarrassed about my shameful £9 saving.
  2. You will be pushing for the title soon. I would like to try something similar where I win a title in a UK league/cup that isn't England, but it seems tough!
  3. Hmm it didn't really say much apart from "the player is said tone hopeful of a successful spell with Spurs." I have the in-game editor and checked the reputations of the managers. Their manager is Hannes Wolf, who has considerably lower current and home reputation than me, but very slightly higher world reputation. There's only 150 points in it though - would seem a bit excessive if that was the reason.
  4. I'm playing as Arsenal. I have higher reputation than Spurs aswell. This is in 2030 so money has gone crazy(er) in the Premier League. Every bonus that is possible to view, I have outdone Spurs on. The promise was to play him in his favoured position (AMC). Regarding preferred personnel - no he has no friends at either club. Both clubs have 2 fellow Italian players. I cannot see any reason why he would choose Spurs other than the AI advantage. I've seen this happen a few times where AI teams have been able to get players cheaper in both transfer offer and on weekly contract. Makes no sense.
  5. I matched Spurs' offer for this player, was accepted, offered the contract and he chose their offer instead. I would accept that but I am current champions (2 seasons running), runners up in the CL (won it 2 seasons before), offered key status, a much better contract (300k a week, 12m loyalty bonus, 10m agent bonus, 50k appearance fee, 35k goal bonus + other team of the year incentives). Their offer pales in comparison yet he chose to join them? Why does the AI get this preferential treatment so often in transfers?
  6. Agreed to disagree. As with last year, there was no fix for it...it was just a part of the ME that was completely overpowered. This year it's less so, but I have yet to find a way to stop it despite trying multiple formations (3 at the back with defensive wing backs included). Nothing has stopped it.
  7. I don't think there is a way tbh. It has improved since last years crossing fest but it's still pretty obvious. I have tried everything too and nothing has worked. Genuinely just think that's how the game is and there's nothing you can do in the long term to prevent it.
  8. They've just come off a 65 game unbeaten streak in my game. Won the league with ease conceding just 15 goals (3rd title in a row). They were set to win their 2nd CL in a row against Barcelona, so out of curiosity I copied my game and replayed it to see how many times it would take Barcelona to beat them. 22 times I had to reload until Barcelona beat them, and even that was only a 1-0 win due to an own goal from Van Dijk. Crazy.
  9. You've had some bad luck there. His injury proneness rating is
  10. I could understand that, but Silva left sunny Spain to go to cloudy Manchester.
  11. This is so annoying. I was playing as Arsenal and David Silva fell out with City so was transfer listed by request. I had an offer accepted but he wouldn't take anything less than a large pay rise, despite him wanting to leave. Just a week later he signed for Fiorentina on a 50% wage cut. Unbelievable.
  12. Man Utd bought Henriksen for £19.5 million and have not played him once over the entire season. He's had no injuries except for a cold and finds himself in the reserves on the transfer list. This has to change.
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