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  1. I noticed this too when holidaying the first season. Over 3 different saves, not a single player in any of the leagues from PL to Vanarama had scored a free kick. This was also in addition to there being very few penalties, which was 1/3 what you see from real life stats.
  2. Having holidayed 3 seasons (across 3 different saves), I have noticed the number of penalties awarded is very low. Using the premier league as the example, but the same was found in all other leagues loaded. Season A: 33 total - Liverpool most with 4 Season B: 26 total - Liverpool most with 4 Season C: 29 total - Aston Villa & Brighton tied on 4 Statistics from the PL in real life generally show 80-100 penalties awarded per season. This might explain why players like Harry Kane rarely manage to hit 20+ goals in the league, due to the fact these chances
  3. How many have you had so far? And the rest of the league? I have holidayed through 2 seasons and Liverpool lead the league with 4 penalties taken. Seems far too low.
  4. Yeah, the same thing has been posted in the Brexit thread. Maybe keep your eye on that thread as they are trying to come up with solutions. Hopefully there will be a fix at some point.
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