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  1. He was only on like 10k iirc. Even if that's deemed too much for some teams it's offset by the fact that they're virtually getting him for free. I agree with the majority of people that wages need toned down but it's really important that transfer fee's are dealt with too, imo. First season. Come on, man!
  2. Like I've said before, I don't like the transfer system at all. I have a player (Matmour) valued at 2M. This is first season. I offered him to clubs for that. No takers. 1.5, no takers. 1M... no takers. So I offer him out in frustration for 1k. 1 thousand pounds. The only offer I get is a loan deal from Energie Cottbus. Absolute joke. He's a decent player and nobody's interested for him at 1k? The teams who said 1.5/1M wasn't viable suddenly aren't interested any more. Guarantee if I start up a new game and try and buy him Frankfurt would want about 3 to 5 times what he's actually valued at. So frustrating. I'll offer him out for a pound next. If someone thinks he's worth that maybe I'll buy a creme egg and a can of pepsi max with the funds.
  3. There's a clear improvement in the ME but it's still poor by FM's standards imo. There's just nothing you can do about stopping crosses which is pretty much all I concede from. It's either crossed in for a tap in far post or crossed near post, my defender stupidly controls it, gets tackled and it gets blasted into the net. I've been setting my players to man mark the opponents main threats but all that does is leave absolutely massive gaps for other players to exploit. I'm really struggling here.
  4. How do I change an individual players workload? Only two players in my team are unhappy with high general training but can't see how to change it for just them.
  5. I never passed the regen comment off as fact. It was clear exaggeration to highlight how unrealistic I feel the transfer fee's are. You don't think 56m for Alexis is ridiculous? I guarantee you Barcelona offload him in the summer for less than 25 million and that's being extremely generous. Do you genuinely think anyone will pay Leverkusen a minimum of 35 million for Schurrle? Every transfer fee I listed there was "unreasonable" when you factor in realism.
  6. Both transfer fee's and wages/contract demands need toned down. You're having to pay some 4th division team from Kazakhstan 80m for their average 14 year old regen. Alexis Sanchez's agent keeps approaching me and offering his services... for 56m. 56 million... for Alexis Sanchez? Steve Rowley in his scout reports thinks I'll need to pay 47m for both Hamsik and Witsel. Lucas Moura 61m. 35m for Schurrle? Dortmund wanting about 80m for Gozte and Hummels. It definitely needs toned down. At the same time it's a massive struggle to get decent fee's for your own players. Keep finding myself having to sell them for less than what they're actually valued at yet pay 3 times as much as a player's valuation with incoming transfers.
  7. No because I'd be required to post the pkm which I don't think I can do. I quit without saving so I'll just wait until they release a fix and start a new save. How much more in depth can I be than explaining in no uncertain terms why I'm coming across as "bitter" after being called "sad & pathetic"? Seriously man...
  8. Bitter and getting called "sad & pathetic"? Aye, imagine that... If I was bitter about the goal in the OP I'd have ranted in my OP or ranted in the bugs forum. I'm well aware they're working on remedying it which is why I never.
  9. Yes, the implication that this goal is a further example along with the countless complaints to date that the ME is in dire need of fixing. That's correct. If you read through my previous posts you'll see my thoughts on the ME. I've been very vocal on this subject for months now which, last time I checked, is longer than a few hours ago when that goal was scored. You may have never seen a goal like that but I'm sure you've spotted the complete lack of through balls and constant long shots even when informed to the contrary? Repetitive crossed goals? If you're in December 2017 and haven't come across any of the countless issues that many users are complaining about then good for you. If we're being literal here who's and which words did I "twist"? In actual fact it's you who's twisting and reaching reading into apparent "implications" rather than dealing with the facts of what I actually said and have said for the past few months. Nice try though, Cougar. Go back to the pub looking for young meat now, there's a good girl.
  10. "This level" being me asking you to provide quotes or some form of proof of where I stated that this ME was "unplayable" because of that one "fluke" goal? I don't blame you for backing down. It was a ludicrous post borne out of desperation to be noticed and loved by the mods on here, I would guess.
  11. Don't embarrass yourself, pal. Even the guys at SI would admit the ME isn't to the standard they'd like it to be. 95% of the people on this forum would agree that the ME is seriously flawed which is why SI will be fixing it shortly. Show me where I stated that the ME is unplayable because of that one "fluke" goal. Don't back down now. Quote me where I said that. If you can't then shut up.
  12. Under no pressure from Stoke players. Not in danger of it being a pass back. Easy to just bend over and pick it up, right? Wrong. Watch it in HD to see it clearer if need be. It is recommended for ultimate lolz. Please fix your ME guys. It's January 2013 and it's still unplayable. [video=youtube;uaLaxK4oycw]
  13. Further proof that the ME in this game is seriously, seriously flawed. The defending is non-existent, man. [video=youtube;SdvP1rBe1Ic] Look at that! Just let's him get the cross in, the own goal and inability to actually save it from the goalkeeper which is baffling. 90th minute by the way, seems every goal is extremely late on when it's against you. When you're chasing a game though you'll be lucky if there's one highlight. It's depressing because when it's good, FM is undoubtedly one of the greatest and easily most rewarding games in the world.
  14. None taken. You really don't need 20 in tackling to take the ball off of him in the situation in my video. He literally just stood off him when he was standing still. No pressure, no tackle, no nothing, despite my tactics telling him otherwise. You also don't need 20 anticipation to track the run of a striker. It's basic stuff here. Guy on the wing running into the box, you don't stand and watch as a striker streams past you waiting for a tap in. My biggest gripe however was with the through ball to the winger. It was literally right at my full back who'd tracked the run the whole way and then decided not to intercept. Just really strange and while people will always dismiss it because it could happen in real life football, they never ever mention the fact that for the majority of the 90 minutes in real life football everything that I was expecting of my players they would have done. Obviously FM had just decided that they were going to score and that was that
  15. [video=youtube;-W6FN_jSEjI] My tackling is on hard and closing down is press more so I'm dumbstruck as to why my midfielder (white team) closed their man down at the start of the video and then just stood there admiring the Lille player. That is infuriating moment #1. The through ball to the winger who crosses it could easily have cut that pass out but instead just ignored it completely and even stopped running just enough to allow the through ball to be completed. Infuriating moment #2. My marking is set to man and offside trap is unticked so I'm confused as to why my centre back's just watch their striker run past them for an easy square ball resulting in a goal. Infuriating moment #3. I know people will dismiss this because it'll be viewed as needless nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking but it's 3 instances that ultimately led to a goal where in each of the 3 instances my tactical choices beforehand (pre-match) had been set up in such a way to avoid exactly those situations, so where did it go wrong? My complaints about the lack of action in the 3 instances are actually basic facets of a football match. This is the best football game out there so it's not nitpicking to highlight things like this. It's just striving for that little bit more which isn't too much to ask.
  16. It's nonsensical to try and downplay that video in any way. For starters, it was a fairly easy pass to either his right back or centre back for the goalkeeper. He passed to neither. Subotic could have blocked the shot, but didn't and finally the keeper could easily have gotten back to that and saved it. Yes, it happens once in a blue moon, so does a goalkeeper scoring a goal but I've never saw that in FM.
  17. People who fork out their hard earned cash are perfectly entitled to complain at a product they feel isn't up to scratch or in this case, a series that has regressed.
  18. It's really annoying when you have a corner and it gets headed clear and your guy at the edge of the area chases after it for ages then just headers it into the air and they counter attack. It also happens when they head it clear back to the corner taker who just heads it out for a goal kick/throw in instead of either letting it go out of play and giving us possession again or controlling it properly. That, and goal kick's being won by their centre back's in the air and it leads to an easy attack for them. Two of my biggest complaints so far as far as the match engine goes.
  19. Happening to me too. Defender's just standing or running away from through balls. Can't deal with crosses. Absolutely crap teams/minnows in my league dominating etc.
  20. The worst FM yet. Last year's after an update that suddenly crippled every player and made sure that even the fittest players wouldn't dare play 2 matches in 1 week was pretty bad. But this takes the biscuit. The mind-numbingly, tediously boring "highlight" at kick off. Why do we need to see an utterly irrelevant "passage of play" for about 30 seconds? Same again at the end before the final whistle. It's incredibly infuriating then because you'll inevitably be drawing or losing after absolutely dominating a match and you'll think you've got a chance, but nah, that's just FM taking the mickey out of you. Why do you need to play counter attack to create CCC's? It's increasingly obvious that FM's ME can't comprehend possession based play and CCC's because it can only exploit space because it's clearly outdated. Cross to the far post = goal. Ridiculous. Not nearly as ridiculous as the seemingly weekly long ball/cross from about 80 yards which will fly into the net. Every few games that happens. Even Abu Hamza wouldn't be that inept at catching a bloody football. Strikers can't score in this game, it seems. Only AML's or AMR's who're the recipients of a far post cross from the other winger. We never saw Messi, Ronaldo, Falcao, van Persie et al score for fun last season did we? One thing's for sure, we won't be seeing it in this FM. Biggest complaint is with the complete lack of action. Going a full half with like 1 highlight is just unacceptable. More so when you're playing against 10 men and the commentary is flashing "AND THEY'RE PILING THE PRESSURE ON!!!!!!!". The only pressure that's rising is my blood pressure at the dross on display. Previous FM's would've seen lots of actions. There were games where you'd be all over an opponent for the full match and you may not have broken through but you were still dominant and that was evident. The past few weeks of playing this FM has only proven that that isn't the case any more. Bad move. Whoever decides the SPL players' ratings ought to resign from their role immediately. Dundee United overpowered once more. Jon Daly the Irish Lionel Messi bizarrely. Jon Daly is ridiculously overrated with 16 finishing and 15 CREATIVITY?!?! 14 passing too LOL. 15 first touch. 12 technique HAHAHAHA. Jon Daly, world class trequartista folks. Oh wait, he's absolutely crap and is just a stereotypical target man but obviously was kind enough to take a picture in Lidl's with the SPL researcher which earned him mega brownie points. Sickening, shameful, cringeoworthy, urgh, I can taste it in my mouth and it's vile. All the while, Thomas Muller has once again been totally disrespected with a measly 14 finishing and no other technical attributes of note, but that's fine, because you can always patronise him and bump up his mental stats and basically say "you're crap mate, but you try really hard. Good for you xx". Speaking of SPL ratings, Samaras' rating is an utter joke compared to that man Jon Daly once again. A striker so unbelievably good he gets put at centre back because he's rather tall and cumbersome. Honestly, is the SPL researcher a Dundee United fan and completely biased or just completely incompetent? It's actually laughable. Anyone who watches the SPL go look at Jon Daly's attributes. Put a nappy on beforehand though because you will have an accident. I look forward to updates/patches. Although, maybe not, with SI's previous of updates and their impact. Or lack of. Regressing. If ever a word was apt it was that. Can't wait for FM14 already. NOT. Jon Daly: Football Manager 2012 Jon Daly: Football Manager 2013: Apparently he's gotten stronger and faster pace wise in the past year. His positioning and off the ball have gone up by 2 and influence 3!?!?!?!His creativity has went up by 2. I'm gobsmacked by that. He now concentrates more. He's far more composed. He anticipates better and the most galling of all - his aggression has came significantly down. How convenient that the poster boy who would've been a risk of red cards regularly has suddenly hit the prozac and can continue on to rival Lionel Messi for the Ballon d'Or and the title of the greatest footballer of all time. Honestly, SPL watchers, go look at Samaras and Hooper's attributes then Daly's. Both far, far greater players than Daly is on the bloody Playstation yet he so massively outshines both of them and many others. I just don't get it, SI.
  21. Cleared cache and reloaded and it seems to have worked, cheers
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