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  1. The "clear all" option at the bottom of the scouting tab doesn't work. Not sure if this has already been reported.
  2. Got everything working perfectly now thanks mate.
  3. Yep. Here's the skin screen so definitely remembered to change it haha
  4. Here's the club folder in panels with the files from earlier in the thread Here's the broader base skin folder
  5. I downloaded the files posted above by Loda (club overview files) and put them where you say but it still looks like this: I just want it to look like this:
  6. Can anyone screenshot what my folders should look like in order to have this exact layout? I have the base skin installed and have copy and pasted the files posted above but still doesn't look like the screenshots posted above. The profile page is just the teams league history panel.
  7. The board blocking sales because they feel you're not getting enough back is extremely frustrating. Not least because it's the AI that refuses to offer you fair sums for your players in comparison to when we want to buy players. That and the fact that 18 million for Jesse Lingard who isn't in my plans is better than shelling out 75k p/w for him to sit in the stands and watch.
  8. Liverpool signing Tavernier for 25 million
  9. Did the latest update change hair colours of the managers appearance/appearance screen? I no longer have any black hair option.
  10. How do I change an individual players workload? Only two players in my team are unhappy with high general training but can't see how to change it for just them.
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