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  1. Having serious issues with injuries (mostly in training). Anybody else?
  2. I'm Spurs and have won back to back titles so why would the player demand so much more from me compared to City (I mention the titles because clearly I'm the better team atm and don't necessarily need to tempt him with money to come to me) and then why would he also choose to accept so much less from them? Everton accepted a bid of 27.5m for him from City and I had to pay 39m before they'd accept. Why is the AI so clearly favoured when it comes to contracts and transfer fees? Posted the link instead of the images because I wasn't sure if they'd take up the entire page or if it's acceptable. Apologies if you can't view the link.
  3. I'd like to see a stronger AI in terms of squad-building.
  4. Congratulations on the most patronising and arrogant post I've ever seen on these forums (believe me, that takes some doing). I don't care what the SI developers say. It is simply unrealistic for players to miss matches and up to a week at a time because they have a cold or they have a bruised head or any of the other silly little niggling injuries within the game. To deny that much only serves to back up my initial claim. Would this be the same SI developers who think every conversation (no matter how friendly and good natured it may be) ends with a player insulting his manager? Or, perhaps the same SI developers who were too lazy to program a winter world cup into the game? They get it wrong from time to time.
  5. He said he feels it does. His opinion which he's entitled to... Only the most ardent of SI stans would argue that the injuries on this game are realistic. As pointed out, players don't miss matches because they have a runny nose. Players dont miss a week of football because they have a bruise on their head.