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  1. Got everything working perfectly now thanks mate.
  2. Yep. Here's the skin screen so definitely remembered to change it haha
  3. Here's the club folder in panels with the files from earlier in the thread Here's the broader base skin folder
  4. I downloaded the files posted above by Loda (club overview files) and put them where you say but it still looks like this: I just want it to look like this:
  5. Can anyone screenshot what my folders should look like in order to have this exact layout? I have the base skin installed and have copy and pasted the files posted above but still doesn't look like the screenshots posted above. The profile page is just the teams league history panel.
  6. The board blocking sales because they feel you're not getting enough back is extremely frustrating. Not least because it's the AI that refuses to offer you fair sums for your players in comparison to when we want to buy players. That and the fact that 18 million for Jesse Lingard who isn't in my plans is better than shelling out 75k p/w for him to sit in the stands and watch.
  7. Liverpool signing Tavernier for 25 million
  8. How many days before international matches do the squads have to be selected? I don't have a game for 50 days but want to go on holiday until I need to pick the squad, just don't know how long that should be.
  9. Did the latest update change hair colours of the managers appearance/appearance screen? I no longer have any black hair option.
  10. Nobody in their right mind would pay 90 quid for it
  11. Thanks for the reply. Messed around a little and got this which I'm quite happy with: Would you know if it's possible to add a panel to show city pictures to that and if so how? As simple as looking for a skin that has that and copying the file over into the panels folder in the base skin?
  12. Do you know how I can get that screen to look like this: That was my setup on 16 but I can't for the life of me remember how I done it. Basically I'd prefer the stadium image/panel to be larger and more central as opposed to bottom right like in your image. All help appreciated.
  13. If it isn't possible then they need to fix the fact that even when you 'create new profile' it reverts back to the original profile regardless of how you edit your appearance in the new profile.
  14. Having serious issues with injuries (mostly in training). Anybody else?
  15. http://imgur.com/a/JwCbN I'm Spurs and have won back to back titles so why would the player demand so much more from me compared to City (I mention the titles because clearly I'm the better team atm and don't necessarily need to tempt him with money to come to me) and then why would he also choose to accept so much less from them? Everton accepted a bid of 27.5m for him from City and I had to pay 39m before they'd accept. Why is the AI so clearly favoured when it comes to contracts and transfer fees? Posted the link instead of the images because I wasn't sure if they'd take up the entire page or if it's acceptable. Apologies if you can't view the link.
  16. Congratulations on the most patronising and arrogant post I've ever seen on these forums (believe me, that takes some doing). I don't care what the SI developers say. It is simply unrealistic for players to miss matches and up to a week at a time because they have a cold or they have a bruised head or any of the other silly little niggling injuries within the game. To deny that much only serves to back up my initial claim. Would this be the same SI developers who think every conversation (no matter how friendly and good natured it may be) ends with a player insulting his manager? Or, perhaps the same SI developers who were too lazy to program a winter world cup into the game? They get it wrong from time to time.
  17. He said he feels it does. His opinion which he's entitled to... Only the most ardent of SI stans would argue that the injuries on this game are realistic. As pointed out, players don't miss matches because they have a runny nose. Players dont miss a week of football because they have a bruise on their head.
  18. I have. Majority of people who complain either get completely shot down or the tired answer of "you must be doing something wrong with your tactics". I'd wager that back in the days of FM09 people were still saying "it's your tactics" when let's be honest, that is well known as probably the worst FM game ever.
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