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  1. Basically when i try to load last game or choose to load the same game, from the load game option i get this message. I saved the game and excited like normal so not sure what has happened? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Really sorry but I wasn't sure where to post this. I've downloaded the editor for the 2020 beta. Every time I try to launch it, it comes up with an error something along the lines of platform not supported. Anybody any ideas what I've to do? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi i have a list of players current ability and potential ability for all the best players ranked as wonderkids, this is from the original version/patch though and not the latest update (the games own not a summer transfer one.) Does anybody know of a list of somewhere showing the updated CA/PA, of players as of the latest patch . Thank you.
  4. chiesa, barella, cutrone, gedson fernandes, riccardi, zaniolo, bastoni, melegoin and luca pellegrini please
  5. EDIT. Sorry just read its available tomorrow (19th). I always start in Italy usually so may have a look at one the teams on the cusp of challenging Juve. Will have a long hard lok then decide between the likes of lazio, roma, napoli or inter.
  6. Second game in and I'm in love already. 4-1 down away at Nantes until the 78th miute. We go on to win 5-4 thanks to mainly Ocampos, who looks a real player in place of the injured Payet.
  7. Really enjoying my save as leverkusen so far, only half way through Oct but so far so good. Unbeaten in both the bundesliga and champs league so far, drawing only against Bayern and Barcelona. Done quite a bit of transfer business even though I wasn't really looking to do so. Bayern bid 28 mil for bender couldnt say no. Toprak had a release clause of 10.75 mil and City bid before I could give him a new deal. Kampl went to PSG for 23 mil and managed to flog Mehmedi and Kruse. Brought in Rugani, Correa and Origi all looking class so far. Also added Thiago Maia, Afonso Sousa and Zeca Carlos Soler all getting sub appearances coming along well. Bundesliga is such a competitive league now with so many decent to good teams, hope I don't get bored too soon and win the title for the first time!
  8. What leagues are loaded on that palace save mate?
  9. Slightly off topic, but does anybody know the exact date of the beta being available? Just got back off holiday last night and got the rest of the week off so hoping this week sometime. Cheers
  10. finally managed to get into a save and surprisingly its man city. as a supporter i usually avoid them but the ffp ruling has made it more appealing. just wondering as theirs no team thread for them (shocking) what sort of budget are you given going into the second season?
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